Yagara: Natural supplements for men and women

Yagara is an herb whose potential has been talked about for centuries in the far East. More recently, Yagara has become more popular around the world. Known for its effects related to improving intimate relations and particularly erectile dysfunction, Yagara is relatively cheap and easy to order online. Yagara has effects for intimate functioning for both women and men, increasing potency, stamina, and overall pleasure. Interestingly, unlike many other herbal remedies and medicinal plants, yagara seems to have an additive effect – getting more potent the longer it is taken.  Yagara has few if any side effects for most men, and works both as a one-time remedy and a daily herbal routine.

While Yagara is a powerful yet not well-known herbal home remedy for erectile dysfunction (ED) and potency issues in men, it is also an herbal home remedy for similar dysfunctions and low libido in women as well. Thus many men and women alike have turned to yagara not only because it is such an effective herbal home remedy, but also because it is inexpensive and does not require an embarrassing visit to the doctor. That said, if you have other medical conditions or are taking other meds, you may want to speak to a medical provider before trying herbal remedy yagara for your ED, potency, or low libido issue.

Sometimes people who use herbal cures can be fooled into thinking they are doing more than they really are – and this is usually a great thing!  Yagara provides one such reaction.  Yagara is an herb known to increase the overall experience of intimacy, and to generally help couples who are experiencing and physical or psychological barriers in this area.  More recently, however, people have reported increased overall mood and decreased anxiety when taking Yagara.  Now, the possibility that these aren’t truly the benefits of this herb cannot be ruled out, but it’s also very possible that the benefits to intimacy are really the primary effect, and this by itself increases mood!

Choline Citrate – OTC Home Remedy with many uses

Choline citrate is a powerful medicinal herbal supplement available over the counter.  We start with this natural herbal remedy due to its wide variety of curative effects and its easy availability over the counter.  Choline Citrate supplements have been been said to:

  • Help you metabolize fat when taken as a supplement with meals
  • Help you reduce your cholesterol also as an supplement with meals
  • Improve your overall mood when taken as a daily remedy in the morning
  • Improve your ability to learn when taken as a daily medicinal alternative at night
  • Improve your memory also when taken daily

Choline citrate is a powerful alternative home remedy, and new research is happening on its potential and effects.

Bacopa: Natural Memory and Brain Booster

Bacopa plant extracts have recently grown in popularity as a memory and learning booster that may also have significant positive effects on anxiety and depression.  Positive findings have been reported from solid and scientifically sound studies including the enhancement of learning skills, improvements in overall mood, memory boosts, and even a lowering of the symptoms of ADHD in adults.

One example of a recent study that is gaining significant attention was a double blind randomized placebo-controlled experiment – the most powerful and sound experimental setup there is – that found the home remedy Bacopa Monniera to increase short term memory significantly.  Another study found after one year of Bacopa supplementation people saw a significant increase in their ability to concentrate, remember things, and generally learn.

Recent animal studies have found new and exciting benefits of this natural home remedy.  Bacopa had a significant positive effect on stress and anxiety in animals, and human studies are sure to follow.  Anecdotal evidence from people who have taken this natural remedy suggests that these effects are real, but solid and well-designed studies are still needed.

The side effect profile of Bacopa is mild compared to many home remedies and supplements.  Some people do report stomach issues (including having to go to the bathroom more often), mild cramping, nausea, and dry mouth.  For most these symptoms are not enough to stop taking the supplement as a home remedy, and plenty of people have no side effects at all.

Omega Three Fish Oil and Cardiovascular Health

While the reported benefits of omega 3s in general, and omega three fish oil specifically are wide ranging, there is one area where scientists seem to agree that fish oil truly makes a difference, and that is with heart health.  Fish oil contains both DHA and EPA, two natural fatty acids know to be helpful as natural remedies in this area.  Specifically, DHA and EPA in omega three fish oil has been known to:

  • Lowers triglycerides, especially in those that have a high level and stay with an omega three fish oil regimen faithfully
  • Reduces the risk of a heart attack, again in those who either take omega three supplements or stay with a diet regimen that provides plenty of this nutrient
  • Help produce a normal heart rhythm in those experiencing problems
  • Reduce the risk of strokes in people who may be prone
  • Reduce the pace of hardening of the arteries, whether taken as a supplement or just by having a high omega three rich diet
  • Possibly lower blood pressure, though this is unclear

Of course you absolutely must see your healthcare provider if you suspect you have any problems with heart health, or you have a family history of problems.  Omega three fatty acids cannot substitute for medications when they are necessary, though they could augment them and be helpful before meds are necessary.  Only your physician should make that call if there is any question about your heart health.

Omega three fatty acids from fish oil are clearly a great addition, at the correct doses, to any supplement routine.

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