Anti Aging Exercise and Workouts

Anti aging exercise routines are designed to help you look, feel and perform like a younger person.  In some ways almost any exercise will do if you have gained weight or lost muscle tone, but there are specific anti aging workout routines that may be a little better than most.  We cover exercise as part of our anti aging product reviews both because there are products you can buy to enhance your workouts, and also because exercise can augment the effectiveness of them.  The types of anti aging exercises that we cover as part of our anti aging product reviews include three categories.

Anti Aging Exercise Machines

Anti aging exercise machines that are designed to have a positive effect without being overly taxing on your body as you age.  This includes equipment such as the whole body vibration machine that tons while not putting stress on your joints.  While the research behind whole body vibration and anti aging is still emerging, we feel that it is worth describing this type of potential anti aging workout as an example of what you can do to combine toning with a low impact workout.

Machine-less Anti Aging Exercises

This form of anti aging workout does not require any machinery, such as butt lifts that tone and strengthen that core area that many complain about as they age.  Anti aging workouts need to firm areas that have become either too large or too saggy, and butt lifts are a great example.  Again, we cannot cover all possible anti aging workout ideas, but we’ll cover a few to give you an idea of what to look for.

Anti Aging Exercise Activities

Anti aging exercises can be easy to fit into your daily routine.  Habits such as walking and biking that can give you the effects you are looking for during your daily routine.  These activities are a great choice for those who cannot afford an anti aging exercise machine and do not have time to set aside to do a specific anti aging workout.  Instead these activities can be worked into your daily routine.  Changing your daily habits can be a form of anti aging exercise, including decisions such as taking the stairs instead of riding an elevator, and walking short distances instead of driving.  These decisions can compliment the above, or may provide moderate effects on their own.

Anti Aging Workout

Anti aging workout routines are designed to accomplish a variety of goals during just one workout.  These routines often can be done at home, though they may involve tools such as flexible rubber bands, small weights, or a small step.  These workouts are ideal for those who want an overall rejuvenation effect.  These workouts could be done individually or in a group class.

As we cover anti aging exercise routines and machinery we hope you will let other readers know what you have tried and how well it worked, since we cannot cover all the possibilities.

You can certainly combine different types of anti aging exercise to meet your specific goal.  You may want to get the advice of a trainer or related professional who can help you decide on the length and intensity of each choice, and also how to combine them to meet your unique goals.  You should combine these exercises with a solid rejuvenation diet.

Anti Aging Exercises and Goals

Anti aging exercises can help you lose weight, get toned, and make you feel better. The first two are in themselves anti-aging effects so in some ways it may not matter exactly which anti aging exercises you choose as long as you do something. The simple solution, then, is to choose a low impact option that is within your capabilities and stay with it, whether it is walking, jogging, or playing tennis.  Perhaps choose something you will do with a partner since that can make things more enjoyable and can help you stay motivated.  You might also want to join an online forum where people share their accomplishments and goals and help motivate each other.

Anti aging exercises can both address current signs of aging such as loss of muscle tone and increased weight, and prevent some problems that occur such as arthritis. How much exercise is necessary to get these positive effects? Most experts agree that anything from 15-25 minutes per day at least five-day per week is enough if you stay consistent. And of course the definition of “exercise” includes activities that go beyond jogging and doing aerobics. Shoveling snow, raking leaves, walking your dog, and playing tag with your children or grandchildren all count.

There are also smaller choices you can make to add a little exercise into your life. Take the stairs instead of an elevator, for example, and if there are too many flights just get off the elevator three floors before your stop and take the stairs the rest of the way. Tense and release your muscles when you have to sit for long periods of time. Walk to see that person who has an office down the hall instead of calling. Look for these and other ways to add more activity into your life and you’ll feel better too.

Anti-Aging Exercise Techniques

The following tips can help you design the most effective anti-aging exercise techniques for your needs. Depending on your goals, and what your doctor says, you may do all of the tips below or just some. One way or another you want to set a goal of doing something active each day, and something that is specifically an exercise routine every other day. Here are our suggestions for anti-aging exercise techniques:

  • Raise your pulse. As long as you choose a low impact exercise that is within your comfort zone it does not matter too much what you choose. In fact, we suggest that you make sure that this activity is something you like and will enjoy doing, and if that changes you might choose something else. In some cases you can even choose something that serves a purpose, like walking to a store or the post office, or listening to a book while you exercise or doing yard work.
  • Tone your muscles. As we age we lose both muscle tone and mass, but doing some light muscle toning workouts can help. You may want to get the help of an experienced trainer who can design a muscle toning workout for you, and you’ll want to choose among group classes, videos at home, individual training sessions, or just following a prescribed workout at home.
  • Work on balance and flexibility. These last goals are not as obvious and may not be as important for those of you who are younger, but as we age it is important to both prevent falls and ensure continued range of motion. Again working with a trainer, at least at first, can get you the balance and flexibility anti-aging exercise techniques that are a fit for you. You can also use equipment such as balance boards and elastic bands.

Anti Aging Workout Cautions

It is important to understand the cautions that are involved with any exercise program, particularly for aging.  If you are older and embarking on a workout routine, or you have any medical issue at all, make sure you check with your medical practitioner before trying any of the activities listed in this section.  You need to be sure that what you choose is both safe and optimal for you – this involves not only assessing the exercises themselves, but also the time you will spend, the intensity you will choose, and how long you will exercise each time.  It is very likely that there will be a routine that you can choose that can be very effective, but your doctor may suggest modifications or certain parameters.

Here are some of the potential cautions you may receive from your doctor:

  • There are some anti aging exercises that put stress on the joints.  These are sometimes referred to as either high impact or medium impact exercises.  You should be aware that for some people these types of anti aging exercises should be avoided, and your doctor can tell you if you fall into that category.
  • Some anti aging exercises involve lifting weights, and again you should be clear with your doctor about what you will be trying.  S/he may want to tell you what exercises to avoid, how to ease into these routines, and what limits as far as weight you should at least initially adhere to.
  • With any aerobic exercise you need to be sure your doctor can guide you so that you do not overdo it and you know when to slow down.  Your doctor may tell you how to ease into your routines at the beginning.
  • Finally, your doctor may want to tell you how to read your body and know, no matter what exercise you choose, when to slow down, when to stop, and when to call him or her.  It is important to know your own specific cautions based on your practitioners knowledge of your unique makeup.

All of the above is unlikely to mean that you will not be able to choose an anti aging exercise workout routine, but rather it just suggests that you enter with caution.  We hope you will also browse other areas of our site to get anti aging product reviews that can increase the effectiveness of your anti aging workout.

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