Butt Lift Exercises

Butt lifts through exercise can provide a powerful anti aging effect.  You could design a butt lift workout to tone that area.  Always keep in mind that there is no exercise that can spot reduce fat, but exercise can take an area where muscle tone is weak and improve it, or where muscle could be built that changes the shape of the area.  The buttocks area is ripe for both of these improvements.  So if you are already relatively lean you are an excellent candidate for a butt lift workout that will attempt to firm the muscles in the area, or perhaps build the muscles in a way that enhances your shape.

Butt Lift Workout Guidelines

There are several things you should keep in mind before doing butt lift workouts:

Butt Lifts in Combination

Butt Lifts should be combined with other exercises.  This is true of almost any exercise designed to strengthen just one area.  You need to be sure that the muscles surrounding this area are also being developed or you could have uneven strength in your midsection.  You will also want to be sure that your toned look extends beyond this one particular area.

Stretching Before a Butt Lift Workout

Before any workout you should stretch.  In the case of butt lift workouts you should concentrate on the areas around the butt.  Stretching not only will help your butt lifts provide the optimal effect, it will also help make the butt lift exercises easier to do.  Make sure you find an excellent stretching routine.  WebMD does a nice job with their overview of stretching with a full body example

Butt Lifts Workout

Here are some examples of butt lifts that are relatively easy to do at home:

Butt Lift Workout: The Pile

The Pile is one of the most popular and well-known of the butt lifts exercises you can do.  The nice thing about this butt lift routine is that you can do it slow or fast, and with only a little or a lot of effort.  Thus this is one of the butt lift workouts that many people can do.

  1. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and your feet turned just slightly outwards
  2. With your back as straight as possible and parallel to the wall, lower your body straight down into a squat
  3. At the same time raise your arms out straight in front of you
  4. Stop when your butt is even with your knees
  5. Do 10-15 reps at a time.  For an increased workout pause at the bottom of the squat for up to 5 seconds each time.

Butt Lift Workout Two: The Lunge

The lunge is one of the butt lifts that takes a little more effort but it is great in combination with the Pile. 

  1. Stand with your feet together and arms loosely by your side
  2. Lunge forward with one leg until your knee is bent roughly at a 90 degree angle
  3. Your knee should be almost directly over your foot
  4. Switch legs either by jumping into a new lunge or coming back to a standing position first
  5. Do 10-14 reps at a time, again holding the lunge for an increased workout

These are just two examples of the types of butt lifts you can do that will make the area firmer and rejuvenated, and may provide an anti aging effect.  We hope you will share your own experience with butt lift exercises as well!

Butt Lifts Summary

Butt lift exercises are a great way to tone and strengthen that part of your body.  Butt lifts are most often done as part of a whole body rejuvenation program.  You should always stretch before starting your butt lift exercises, and it is a good idea to make sure you are also strengthening other areas.

Best of luck with your butt lift exercises, and please feel free to come back and let everyone know how you did with your butt lifts.


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