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Whole Body Vibration Machines provide a low impact way to engage muscles throughout your entire body, including your abs, back, legs, and rear.  The whole body vibration machine plate moves slightly as it engages a new muscle group, and you can also move your body in ways that focus the workout.  Then, the rapid movement builds bone density and muscle mass, and improves circulation.  Some have also reported that vibration training can decrease chronic joint pain and reduce the chances for injury.

Most whole body vibration machines allow you to stand, sit, or lean during your workout.  Standing is the most common position however.  Similar to other workout machines, a good vibration training machine offers many workout options, with multiple speed settings as well as preset and manual programs.  The movement of the vibration plate is key, and there are differences between different models in how the plate moves and the resulting type of workout you will receive.

Whole Body Vibration Machines: A Brief History

You may be wondering where the idea behind whole body vibration came from, and how long its been around. While there have been reports of the ancient Greeks using vibration for medical purposes, the generally accepted “father of the modern vibration training machine” was Dr. John Harvey Kellogg who in the late 1800s was using vibrating platforms in Michigan given their health benefits. The technology did not go anywhere for some time, until scientists in East Germany began to experiment with the benefits of vibration training in the 1960s.  Soon thereafter, a Russian scientist named Nazarov was beginning to develop some of the specific exercises and workouts we still see today, designed for increased strength, muscle tone, flexibility, and balance. At that point the vibration was being administered directly to different parts of the body. But soon vibration platforms would emerge that would translate the benefits to the whole body.
Since these initial experiments, which were behind the then “iron curtain”, revealed the potential benefits in vibration training, the technology has slowly developed a more mainstream following. A lot of research being done on the effect of this exciting innovation as more people have become excited about it and those who have used it have started to notice increasing effects. Initial studies merely covered the more obvious physical effects related to athletic performance, while more recent studies have looked into everything from cellulite reduction and bone density.
At this pont there are highly effective vibration training machines on the market, yet the technology has probably not been perfected and all the benefits are likely not known. Newer models continue to come out with reported improvements, though some in the industry are skeptical about the idea that major improvements can take place on a technology that at its core is so simple.

Whole Body Vibration Machine Benefits

Most whole body vibration machines produce worthwhile and noticeable benefits in just 15-20 minutes a day, several times each week including:

– Increased muscle strength through the process of resisting the vibration and stabilizing your body.  With the right vibration training workouts you can work on gaining strength without building bulk if you want.

– Increased power and muscle quickness can be achieved through whole body vibration training, which can target “quick twitch” muscles.

– Improved ligament strength is achieved naturally and easily through the use of a vibration training, and by using certain setting as far as plate movement or your own position, you can target certain ligaments.

– Reduction in knee and back pain through specific vibration training exercises that increase blood flow and improve muscle strength around weak joints.

– Weight loss through the calorie burning effects of a whole body vibration machine.  Again, choosing the right kind of machine and vibration training workout is important to maximise the calorie burn.

– Increased flexibility and range of motion again through specific exercises, though it is always vital to stretch before and after doing whole body vibration training workouts.

– Relaxation and improved mood through the excellent workout you get – just like any great workout

Whole body vibration machines have been known to have the above benefits and more.  Soon we will be providing information and advice about specific workouts and exercises.  Good luck as you embark on a whole body vibration training program – and again, you should be able to try a machine in your home for a certain period of time for a trial period.  We guarantee you’ll be hooked!

Whole Body Vibration Machines and Cellulite Loss

Many people struggle with cellulite as they get older, as even in their 20s they begin to notice this unwanted skin formation appear on their legs, buttocks, or stomach. Most people do not like the look of cellulite and there have been many proposed cures and reducers on the market, many of which make questionable claims.  Whole body vibration machines, however, have actually been proven scientifically to reduce cellulite, something that many people who begin whole body vibration for other reasons were not expected but of course were pleasantly surprised by.
A study by two MDs, Horst Frank and Birgit Moos spent six months looking into the effects of Vibration Training on Cellulite. Over the course of the study, the group who was pursuing whole body vibration machines – exercising on one of the most popular body vibration machines out there – saw a 26% reduction in cellulite on their thighs and buttocks, two very common target areas. This group had only done their whole body vibration machine workouts two to three times per week, in approximately ten minute sessions. They also had a group who did whole body vibration plus cardio work, and these participants achieved a 33% reduction in cellulite on their thighs and buttocks. As with the first group, this new group only exercised two to three times each week for approximately ten minutes each time, but they added 24-48 minutes of cardiovascular training as well.

Whole body vibration machines may be an excellent way to reduce cellulite while at the same time improving your tone and strength. Once again, while many other exercise and fitness claim to reduce cellulite, body vibration machine professionals actually have the research to prove their claim. And as you can see from the above, the amount of time necessary for a whole body vibration machine to do its thing is not prohibitive and when mixed with cardio the results can be even more pronounced.

Total Body Exercise Machines for Health

Most of the time we discuss the benefits of body vibration machines for exercise, fitness, and sports performance. These are perhaps the most obvious areas where body vibration machines provide benefits, and the reasons why many people pursue them. That said, there are also health reasons why body vibration machines are popular, including:

– Whole body vibration machine workouts increase bone density. It was, in fact, originally designed by space programs because there was a worry that astronauts would lose bone density during their long trips in space. These exercises using whole body vibration stop the loss of bone density and may also stimulate the production of new cells.
– Whole body vibration machine workouts increase circulation and lymphatic drainage which has been known to help clean toxins from the bloodstream. This effect may also help with symptoms of diseases such as fibromyalgia and arthritis. This effect may also increase oxygenation in the bloodstream which is known to have positive effects
– Like many exercises, whole body vibration increases the release of endorphins and serotonin which have been known to improve mood, while decreasing cortisol which is released when we are stressed. Decreasing cortisol may also have the positive effect of making it easier to get rid of belly fat.

These are just three ways that body vibration machines may have health benefits beyond their ability to help you improve your athletic performance, lose weight, and increase your muscle tone. Many people overlook these health benefits and see whole body vibration as a niche product for athletes. They may feel that it looks too hard or is too expensive when if fact it is relatively easy to learn, is not just for athletes, and is not expensive. And most of all, whole body vibration machines can help a wide range of people with a wide range of health issues, well beyond merely just improving sports performance.

Total Body Vibration Machine Tips

When you stand on a total body vibration machine platform, knees bent and ready to go, you are prepared to withstand a vibrating plate that will move as fast as 30 times per second. This experience will not hurt, and the benefits have been described elsewhere here.  But what is the secret to vibration training – why and how does it work so well.

It all starts with the fact that we are programmed to keep our body at a certain stability and equilibrium when we are standing still.  From when we first stand or walk, we are constantly trying to keep steady and straight.  But the whole body vibration machine throws that off a bit, creating an unsteadiness and need to balance things out.  That’s the job of your muscles, and that becomes key to the benefits of vibration training. The machine is not doing the work – in fact the machine is throwing you off so that you will do the work, or more specifically your muscles and tendons.

In some ways you feel like you are falling when you first use a total body vibration machine, not necessarily forward or backwards, but just generally falling and unsteady.  You will compensate by trying to steady yourself, and the result is certain muscle contractions that are at the core of the benefits of vibration training.  Basically your muscles are contracting to try to keep yourself steady, and since so many muscles groups are involved, you can workout quite effectively in this manner.  No matter how “good” you get at this type of workout you can never overcome the way it throws you off, so there is no outperforming the machine.

Given that very little actual movement, at least very little perceptible movement, is involved in keeping yourself steady, whole body vibration machine training is considered low impact.  As great an all over workout as you are getting, you are not dramatically moving sensitive joints.  In addition, you don’t have to memorize or follow complicated movements in this kind of workout since your body is merely doing what comes naturally.  By using lower levels of vibration or allowing yourself to steady yourself with handrails you can take some of the pressure off.  Again, unlike many popular exercise programs, whole body vibration training allows you to fully control the amount of stress and pressure put on your muscles.

Vibration training can be done frequently, as much as every other day, and the benefits tend to be universal and noticeable.  Doing it more often may put too much strain on certain muscle groups.  You can vary things a bit by using certain movements, postures, or speeds on your whole body vibration machine.  You may have to augment your total body vibration machine workout with a few other things.  For example, your arms may not get as much benefit from this type of workout as other areas.

The science behind vibration training workouts, and specifically the work of whole body vibration machines is quite simple, elegant, and solid.  You are basically tapping into a tendency of your body that is natural and strong.  The related improvements in areas such as balance, tendon strength, and bone density remain to be proven through more advanced scientific study, but given how body vibration training works, they seem predictable.

Whole Body Vibration Machine Choices

What is the best vibration exercise machine for you?  While we do not promote specific products here, we can help you choose the best vibration esxercise machine for your needs and preferences.  There are basically two types of whole body vibration machines available today, and the choice between them is actually more a matter of preference than a matter of which one works better.  If you are in the market to buy or lease a whole body vibration machine, the first thing you should know is the difference in type of machine:

An oscillating platform whole body vibration machine has a fulcrum point in the center of the plate you stand on.  The plate then lowers and raises side to side – not a lot, but just enough to give the muscles a bit of an extra push, especially in the legs, hips, and back.   This type of machine gives more of an aerobic vibration training workout than a muscle-building one, and so it may be better for those who are either looking to lose weight or stay lean.  The kinds of athletes who may be interested in the oscillating platform whole body vibration machine include swimmers, long distance runners, and players on team sports who play a position that relies on speed and agility.

Tri-phasic whole body vibration machines move up and down and side to side very slowly.  While the movement of the vibration plate may be slow, the actual vibration is much faster than an oscillating platform so these models tend to build more muscle and bone density.  The tri-phasic vibration training machines are both more popular and more expensive than oscillating machines.  The kinds of athletes who may be interested in a tri-phasic whole body vibration machine include those on team sports where strength is a primary issue, and anyone who is relying on other types of workout to get the aerobic side of their exercise.

As far as which machine to put within the major category, let’s start with the caveat that you almost always get what you pay for when it comes to whole body vibration machines.  Higher prices get you more durable machines.  That said, the following may help you make your best choice:

Stability of the Whole Body Vibration Training Machine

You likely will want to buy a heavy vibration training machine, since lightweight models can move when you are using them and even tip over if you are not careful.  While a little movement beyond the regular vibration may not seem too bad, it can actually put strains on various parts of the machine, leading to it breaking down too quickly.

Maximum weight of the user

It may seem like you should be able to buy a whole body vibration machine that merely meets the specifications of your own weight.  However, the higher the maximum user weight, the better built your machine is.  Even if you weigh much less than the maximum weight, your machine will last longer.  There may be cost differences you have to weigh however, so it may be that you have to buy one that does not have a maximum rating but still a high one.

Frequency Range

The number of times the whole body vibration machine’s platform vibrates per second is important, but not exactly how you might imagine.  You actually don;t want a machine that vibrates too high or too low.  Just right is 18-27 Hertz per second for the perfect vibration training workout for both strength and fitness.  Higher or lower ranges may mean the machine is not of good quality.

Vibration Training Program Selections

You may want to consider a whole body vibration machine that offers a variety of workouts for a variety of lengths of time.  This may seem obvious, but some machines are quite limited in how programmable they are, while other allow for a multitude of choices for your vibration training workout.  There is likely little cost difference between the two choices, so it can be better to give yourself options for your vibration training workout.

WebMD goes over the use of  Whole Body Vibration, and The Mayo Clinic offers a fair and unbiased review of Vibration Training

Best of luck if you do try whole body vibration machine workouts, and please feel free to come back and let our readers know if you would recommend whole body vibration machines.

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