Best Anti-Aging Foods

Anti aging foods have gathered a lot of attention over time given the promise of its rejuvenation effects.  Of course as we’ve said here many times, there is nothing that can really turn back the clock but only products and services that can help you feel, perform, and look younger.  Even the best anti-aging foods are no exception, but it truly can have a rejuvenation effect.  And the good thing is that starting an rejuvenation diet is not difficult at all, and of course can have other benefits to your health and well-being.  On this page and the other pages in this section we will provide information about anti-aging foods, vitamins, and supplements that can add up to a perfect anti-aging diet.  You can follow some but not all of the suggestions, and try new things out depending on what works for you.  There may be differences in the path you choose depending on whether you are looking for a younger look, better performance, or better feeling.

Best anti-aging foods categories

We start with a listing of the best anti-aging foods in broad categories.  These food categories form a cornerstone of any rejuvenation diet.  You can keep things simple by having an equal amount of anti-aging foods from each of the following three categories, though it is always okay to have as many non-starchy vegetables as you want.

Core Anti-Aging Foods: Fruits and vegetables:

Choose bright and colorful fruits and green vegetables to ensure you are getting the natural vitamins that are a cornerstone of any anti-aging diet.  For example, darker leafy vegetables can have positive effects on your sight, keeping it sharp.   Many fruits, especially berries, have anti-oxidants that fight the chronic inflammation that can cause aging effects.  Similarly, citrus fruits are high in vitamin C which among many positive benefits targets free radicals that can affect the quality of your skin, and therefore should be a part of any list of the best anti-aging foods.  There are some fruits and vegetables that have less of an effect, such as starchy vegetables like corn and potatoes and high calorie fruits such as green grapes.  Bottom line: you should have as many green and red vegetables as you care to eat in as big a variety as you want, and 3-4 servings of low sugar, high nutrient fruits such as berries and citrus.

Lean Protein for retaining muscle mass:

There is conflicting information about the role of protein in today’s anti-aging foods list.  The bottom line is that you need to make sure you are differentiating between fatty protein and lean protein.  You need the latter on your list of the best anti-aging foods to get the protein that keeps your muscles toned and strong, but high calorie and fat content protein may instead work to make you gain weight and have trouble maintaining your energy level.  Concentrate on baked, grilled, and broiled chicken and fish as far as anti-aging foods in the protein category, and if you want “red” meat look toward lean cuts of beef.  A few servings of meat that is not lean each week will not be a problem but it will be less efficient at keeping you toned.  We also recommend lower fat cheese and eggs as far as your protein intake as part of an anti-aging diet, as these choices can be rich in nutrients and have fewer calories than many meats.  Don’t overdo your protein intake, especially as you age and do not need so much of this building block.  Our advice is to have a plate where the vegetables take up twice as much room on your plate as the protein so your meal is filling, satisfying, and healthy.

Anti-Aging Carbs: Whole Grains:

Carbohydrates are needed to help you maintain youthful energy, but this is also where people often go wrong when they design a rejuvenation diet.  Processed carbohydrates including simple sugar and white flour can lead to uneven energy levels and a spike in appetite that can lead you to gain weight.  These types of ingredients also tend to have positive nutrients processed out of them.  Therefore you should choose only complex carbohydrates that include fully whole grain ingredients and potatoes.  Not only will these anti-aging foods contain helpful nutritional value, but they   will also be harder to digest and will generally make you feel more full.  It is particularly helpful to start your day with whole grains as your anti-aging food choice, for example in a breakfast cereal.  This can help you maintain positive energy and not eat as much throughout the day.  Be careful of those cereals and breads and other products that are labeled as “whole grain” yet all that means is that some whole grains were used in their production even if the final product has a good amount of processed grains as well.  Look for 100% whole grain products to put on your best anti aging foods list.

Non Anti-Aging Foods to Avoid

A complete best anti-aging foods listing does not just suggest the best anti-aging foods to eat, but also suggests what you should avoid or limit your intake of.  In this section we help you understand which types of foods to limit if you can as you put together your anti-aging foods list.

Non-lean protein and dairy

Higher fat meats such as bacon, some cuts of beef, pastrami, and others do not give many benefits and the fat they contain can make you gain weight and clog your arteries.  You want protein in order to maintain lean muscle mass and get certain nutrients, but higher fat meats and cuts of meat will not help much.  This is also true of higher-fat dairy products such as certain cheeses and whole milk.  Read the labels carefully when it comes to dairy and avoid those products that are higher in fat and calories.  When buying meat look for products that are less processed and where you can determine how lean they are.  Do not hesitate to ask the staff people at the meat counter or the butcher him or herself how lean each cut of meat is.

Added sugar and salt

If you want to stay lean as you age, stay away from foods that have a lot of added sugar.  This added sugar only adds empty calories to your diet that can lead to weight gain, increased appetite, and insufficient intake of needed nutrients.  In addition, too much salt can cause a variety of medical problems as you age.  Be particularly aware of packaged and processed foods that tend to have a lot of added sodium.  Read labels carefully and compare different products for their sodium and sugar content.  For a truly effective rejuvenation diet you may even want to make your own meals as opposed to buying anything pre-made.

Specific Anti-Aging Foods

The specific list that you could choose from would include the following foods, each of which has been linked to a rejuvenation property of one kind or the other and therefore deserves a place on any best anti-aging foods list:

  • Blueberries are packed with antioxidants and have been linked to the effect of lessening the look of wrinkles so they head our best anti-aging food list
  • Beans are generally known as a healthy food, and as part of a best anti-aging food list they may help with the health of your hair and nails.  Carrots are also known to have this effect
  • Blood oranges are particularly packed with antioxidants that can combat free radicals
  • Olive oil is well thought of as part of an anti-aging diet due to ingredients called polyphenols that have a rejuvenative effect.
  • Of all the types of nuts, many of which are quite healthy but can be high in calories, Brazil nuts are packed with Selenium which has been linked to skin health and rejuvenation.  Almonds are excellent as well.  Walnuts are great sources of omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Red wine and 100% pure grape juice contains polyphenols which contain resveratrol, a popular anti-aging ingredient.
  • Pomegranate seeds are high in antioxidants that have general rejuvenation effects and can specifically help your skin tone
  • Of all the types of lettuce, Romaine leaves are particularly high in vitamin A which can help rejuvenate skin
  • Many types of seeds are healthy, but as part of an anti-aging diet sunflower seeds may be particularly good for healthy and rejuvenated skin
  • Fish is an excellent source of protein for any anti-aging diet, and in particular fatty fish that are high in omega 3 fatty acids such as salmon or tuna. These nutrients are thought to prevent sun damage, which can be a cause of skin problems as we age
  • Yogurt is a great choice as well for its help preventing GI problems, its calcium content, and the fact that it has fewer calories than many other proteins.
  • Specific whole grains include the foods containing oatmeal, barley, and whole wheat.

Best Anti-Aging Foods, Conclusion

One of the main goals of any best anti-aging food list is to keep you lean and active, so our general advice is to eat healthy and keep your overall weight within the limits prescribed by your doctor.  If you want to more specifically address the issue of aging, you can look to the anti-aging food categories above, or the specific best anti-aging foods on our list.  As you can see, many of the tips and ideas presented here as part of our anti aging product reviews are not just for those who are specifically looking to feel, look, or perform like a younger person, but rather anti-aging foods are good for everyone!

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