Anti Aging Diet Plan

An anti aging diet requires you to make smart choices as far as what you eat. Of course the simple answer to having an anti aging diet is to eat healthy and keep yourself lean. The right diet can keep your cholesterol low and blood pressure low, preserve lean muscle mass, and give you more energy. On this page we make suggestions about how to put together an anti aging diet that is simple yet effective.

Anti Aging Diet core foods

Any anti aging diet must be built around some core foods that deliver certain nutrients. For example, colorful fruits and vegetables deliver high doses of important antioxidants. Look for leafy greens, peppers, citrus, tomatoes, spinach, blueberries, strawberries, and carrots. Fill up on these natural sources of antioxidants so that you eat fewer unhealthy foods. Stay away from starchy vegetables and high sugar fruits like green grapes.

Anti Aging Diet Proteins

When you are looking for sources of protein, stay away from high calorie dishes and of course do not eat meat that is prepared with a lot of sauce or fried. Fish is an excellent source of protein for any anti aging diet, and in particular fatty fish that are high in omega 3 fatty acids such as salmon or tuna. Nuts are another great source of protein for an anti aging diet. Yogurt is a great choice as well for its help preventing GI problems, its calcium, and the fact that it has fewer calories than many other proteins.

Anti Aging Diet Nutrients

Eating foods high in Vitamin C may provide anti aging benefits, and therefore we consider these foods central for an anti aging diet. With reports that the intake of vitamin C can help prevent wrinkles and generally rejuvenate the skin, in addition to the fact that vitamin C is a strong fighter of free radicals, we could not help but list this nutrient high on our list of any anti aging diet. Your goal should be to get at least 50, and if possible closer to 100 mg of vitamin C per day in any anti aging diet. Foods high in vitamin C Include Citrus fruits, red peppers, tomatoes, and many kinds of melon are great sources.

Fatty fish, like salmon and tuna bring high doses of omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients are thought to prevent sun damage, which can be a cause of skin problems as we age. It’s not easy to get enough omega-3 since many people do not consume a lot of these foods regularly, but add a little salmon and tuna as well as perhaps trying other fatty fish like mackerel and lake trout. There are alternatives if you don’t like fish or eating this food is not easy in your busy schedule, such as walnuts, flax seeds, and pumpkin seeds.

Anti Aging Diet Grains

Whole grains help in two ways in your anti aging diet. First, they replace simple grains that can cause a reaction that increases the chances of skin damage. Second, they work in a positive way as a source of selenium which helps protect your skin against the sun. Whole grains include the foods you are familiar with such as oatmeal, barley, and whole wheat.

Anti Aging Diet choices

Besides the foods you choose there are other choices you can make to create an anti-aging diet.  Some examples include:

  • Using olive oil when cooking and when garnishing vegetables since it is now widely believed that the polyphenols in healthy oils may help prevent age-related issues.  Do not overdo it of course, but when choosing how a food will be prepared you can choose olive oil over less healthy sauces.
  • Don’t skip meals – it’s better to eat a small healthy meal than to skip them.  In fact, some would suggest that it is healthy to eat five smaller meals each day
  • Go easy on dessert.  Of course the obvious reason is to keep the pounds off and you’re your best by being slim, but there are other reasons as well.  His calorie/high sugar desserts can potentially make you lose important chemicals such as collagen and elastin.  In other words, not only will you have the direct effect of adding pounds, you might also have an indirect effect of losing the potency of some important chemicals.
  • Choose your workout wisely.  The best way to approach an anti aging workout that will pair with you anti aging diet is to initially get ideas from a trainer who knows anti aging workouts well.  S/he may suggest less strenuous approaches such as yoga and light weight lifting in addition to the normal cardio workouts you might be doing.
  • You don’t necessarily have to cut our caffeine in your anti aging diet, but instead choose your source of caffeine wisely.  Instead of a diet soda with caffeine or a cup of coffee, you might instead choose green tea which has been reported to have anti aging effects
  • Be careful about the diet you choose.  For example, many people dramatically cut their intake of fat, or they go on dramatically calorie-reduced diets.  By limiting your diet or cutting back too far you may not get certain nutrients that are important.  The saying “everything in moderation” makes sense, or perhaps “everything healthy in moderation”

Specific Anti Aging Diets

The information above is about general anti aging diet plan choices you can make to get rejuvenation and anti aging effects. Those food choices may be a great choice and could bring you the relief you are looking for. However, sometimes people want an anti aging diet plan that specifically addresses some aspect of their appearance. For example, if you are developing fine lines or minor wrinkles, there may be foods that can help slow the process or address your issue. Here are five ideas regarding foods to fight wrinkles and dull skin:

  1. If you cut out processed foods and high sugar foods you may find that your skin becomes rejuvenated. These foods, especially super processed foods like fast food, can really create problems as you age.
  2. Replace those processed foods with foods high in Omega fatty acids.  Use healthy oils, eat more fish, and eat certain nuts like walnuts and you may find that your skin benefits.
  3. Also eat more amino acids that can repair existing problems, including low-fat meat, eggs, and many kinds of seeds.
  4. Make sure you are naturally getting antioxidants. You can take supplements but you are better off eating colorful veggies that can help repair some problems including issues caused by too much sun exposure. Green tea and berries are also an option.
  5. Substitute natural sweeteners for honey for double effect: You don’t get all the negative effects or simple sugar, and in some cases, such as with honey, you actually get a dose of antioxidants at the same time.

The above is just one example of how you can design an anti aging diet to address a specific problem. Of course in many cases the same foods and food groups will be listed in a specific diet as well as a general one.  The best approach may e to choose an overall diet and then supplement it with some specific food choices.

Cheat Days

Many people, when they start a new anti aging diet quickly begin to miss certain foods and/or more generally the freedom of eating whatever they want.  There are varying opinions about how you should correctly handle this, with the most practical being that you should allow yourself to have planned “cheat” days or meals that allow you to not feel permanently restricted, but that you make sure to factor these breaks in to your goals.  In other words, if your goals is to lose 10 pounds you may want to plan to lose 1.5 pounds instead of 2 pounds per week if you are going to have a free meal every week.

This concept of “cheat” days is also relevant with anti aging diets, but it is easier to manage.  One meal, or dessert, or day is not likely to dramatically change your pursuit of rejuvenation.  If having an exception every once in a while keeps you motivated to stick with the diet for longer, then it may even be recommended.

There are a few tips we want to suggest when it comes to carving out these exceptions.  First, use a journal to keep track of them and be sure that you keep them reasonably spread out.  Second, do not go overboard in trying to make up for these exceptions – don’t restrict your diet too much to make things somehow average out.  That kind of restriction may negatively affect your anti aging goals in the long run.  Finally, use a delay tactic to make sure you really want the exception as opposed to getting in the habit of doing this impulsively.

The Perfect Anti Aging Diet

Is there a perfect anti aging diet?  How about anti aging foods that can slow or reverse aging?  The short answer is that if you are setting your sights unrealistically high then you are bound to be disappointed, but there are certain diet tips and food ideas we can give that can help give you some rejuvantive effects.  Here are some anti aging diet tips and tricks:

  •  Stay lean by eating less simple sugar and simple carbs.  It is easier to gain weight as you age and when you do you may find yourself being less active and having less energy.  Eating right, and particularly avoiding processed carbs and sugars can keep your energy level up and make it easier to stay active.
  • Choose colorful fruits and vegetables.  While a baked potato is healthy it does not have an many of the enriching antioxidants and other powerful rejuvenative ingredients that berries and colorful vegatables have.
  • Eat lots of fish, especially freshwater fish such as salmon.  These foods have excellent health benefits in a wide variuety of areas.
  • Use healthy oils, such as olive oil, when cooking or looking for dressings and other additives.  These healthy oils have been found to provide health benefits, and are especially important if you would otherwise have saturated fats.
  • Look for foods with specific nutrients.  For example, Vitamin C is thought to have excellent health benefits as we age, so look for foods that are high in vitamin C to add to your diet.
  • There are other specific food choices you can make, including adding nuts and beans to your diet due to their health benefits and their ability to help you feel full and eat less.  Seeds are also a good choice, and especially good if you are choosing to have them for a snack or dessert instead of a less healthy choice.

These are just a few tips as far as an anti aging diet and the anti aging foods that will make it up.  In general these tips are obvious, all designed to keep you lean, get you nutrients you need, and generally avoid problematic choices.

Please feel free to share your own tips about anti aging diets and anti aging foods.

As you can see, an anti aging diet plan does not have to be complicated or expensive.  Choosing the best anti aging foods and making some changes to your daily routine may be the most effective approach.  Please feel free to use the comments section if you have advice or want to ask questions about an anti aging diet.

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