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There are many anti aging vitamins available that can help you look, feel, or perform like you did when you were younger.  We want to be cautious in this category however, given that too many companies make unrealistic claims about their anti aging vitamins as far as what they can do.  Our advice is that these products can help augment other products and procedures and give a little boost to your rejuvenation hopes.  We do not suggest that you turn to anti aging vitamins alone and expect significant rejuvenation effects.  What follows is a description of some of the best anti aging vitamins that you can take and what the effects will be.  We have not covered all of the potential anti aging vitamins since the specific effects you may be looking for may call for a unique mix of supplements.  What we have chosen to do is choose some of the better known representative supplements to show what the potential can be of products in this category.

Anti Aging Vitamins to Help You Feel Better

One of the strongest and most studied anti aging vitamins as far as helping improve your mood is Vitamin D.  Vitamin D is found in some foods, and is also produced by your body when you are out in the sun.  Many people also take vitamin D supplements because they are concerned that they are not getting enough of this nutrient either because they live where the days get shorter in certain times of year, or because they are not able to get outside as much as they’d like.  One quick note: There are serious health risks if you take too much vitamin D in a day because it is not water-soluble. Read the container they come in carefully and also consult with your doctor or a pharmacist. Many vitamin D supplements are very clear about the usual adult dose.

Anti Aging Vitamins for mood: Vitamin D

Vitamin D supplements have many reported positive effects, such as fighting anxiety and depression.  It has also been reported to help preserve and maintain smooth skin and a clear complexion.  These effects put this supplement squarely in the anti aging vitamins category.  Look at any number of anti aging skin creams and you will see Vitamin D featured as one of the main ingredients.  The addition of this ingredient is thought to maintain important moisture, and preserve elasticity.  And vitamin D may have a protective property when it comes to helping the skin avoid damage from free radicals that can cause more wrinkling than would otherwise occur.

Vitamin D also has some internal rejuvenating properties such as reducing inflammation in the body, some of which has been tied to aging effects.  This supplement may also prevent some diseases that get more common as we age, such as diabetes and high blood pressure.  Finally, Vitamin D may help preserve cognitive functioning and may help keep the muscles functioning at their best.  A side benefit of Vitamin D taken internally that relates to anti-aging is that it helps other important nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous do their jobs.

An indirect way that Vitamin D supplements produce anti-aging effects is by allowing you to get this important nutrient that can do the above without having to be out in the sun.  The sun may help you naturally produce Vitamin D, but at the same time it can have the effect of aging the skin and producing wrinkles.   (If you do want to get some natural production of Vitamin D going, try to get your sun exposure before 11am and after 3pm.)

Vitamin D and SAD

As the days get shorter and darker, and the sun does not rise as high, we don’t get nearly as much exposure to the sun as we do in the summer months. Of course this effect is much more pronounced in the northern part of the northern hemisphere and southern part of the southern part of the southern hemisphere. This may be depressing in itself, or course, because when the sun is out and making it warm or even hot, there are many things to do and a lot of fun to be had. But for many people the lack of sun leads to a chemical reaction that magnifies that sense of depression and makes it more intense and longer lasting, and the reason has been tied to the fact that they are not getting enough natural vitamin D production that comes with being in the sunlight.

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a result of the above, commonly known as SAD.  While not directly related to aging, SAD can lead to people not following their anti aging exercise or diet regimens, which in turn leads to anti-aging.  Supplementation with Vitamin D can be highly effective in combating SAD, and you may notice the positive effects of vitamin D supplementation in a short number of days!  This will allow you to resume your anti aging plans.  All of the above suggests that vitamin D falls into the category of anti aging vitamins that can help you feel and look rejuvenated.  More comprehensive coverage of vitamin D and SAD is found in Psychology Today

Vitamin E for Anti Aging Skin Care

Vitamin E is one of the fat-soluble anti aging vitamins that is often used topically for its skin rejuvenation effects.  On the surface of the skin, this anti aging vitamin helps the skin retain moisture and can protect against the damage caused by the sun’s rays.  Internally, vitamin E is an antioxidant that can protect you from the effects of free radicals and oxidation.  We put this nutrient in the category of anti aging vitamins also because it may help lower cholesterol and may help with cognition.  Then again, it is this anti aging vitamin’s rejuvenation effect on skin that is why it is so commonly known.

In order to get enough Vitamin E each day you either need to supplement with it or make sure you eat plenty of nuts and seeds, dark green leafy vegetables, and oil;s such as canola and corn.  Of course be careful because many of the foods that contain this nutrient are also fattening and you don’t want to trade the rejuvenation effects for weight gain.  For topical use you would need to buy Vitamin E oil, and compare products as far as their content.

Vitamin C for free radicals

Another of the anti aging vitamins that helps take care of free radicals is Vitamin C.  Many say that not only is this nutrient something that can help target free radicals, but it also may help other antioxidants work well, including the Vitamin E listed above.  Vitamin C can help protect skin from the effects of UV rays from the sun as well.   Also topically, Vitamin C helps your skin stay firm by stimulating the production of collagen.

The best way to get enough Vitamin C naturally is to eat fruits, especially citrus, and potatoes.  Because this nutrient is water-soluble you can also supplement freely.  For other uses you will find Vitamin C in many forms – in creams it can be a gentle acid that helps to reduce the look of age spots and improve collagen production as we mentioned above.  It can also boost the power of the spf in many creams.  Vitamin C can also of course be taken as a supplement for its antioxidant effects.  And of course you can just change your diet and add more citrus and other foods for some of the same effects as the supplements.

Vitamin A: King of Anti Aging Vitamins

Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes the effects of oxidation caused by free radicals.  The oxidation process is linked to many of the signs of aging.  As with the other anti aging vitamins on this page, vitamin A can be found in many different forms depending on your needs.  Topical creams that contain vitamin A, often called retinol in these formulas, can be a powerful exfoliant that can reduce the look of some fine lines. Vitamin A supplements have also been known to have positive effects, including possible reducing the look of circles under the eyes.

Choosing to take supplements of vitamin A is more complicated than using it topically, and if you do choose the former make sure to check with your doctor first to ensure you take the right amount, and not too much.

Best Anti Aging Vitamins

Anti aging vitamins are a great way to augment your rejuvenation routine, and they will have the most significant effect for those who are either deficient in these nutrients or have a specific issue that has been shown to respond to them.  We have not covered all of the possible choices in this area, but instead we chose the ones that are better known and more fully studied, with the goal of demonstrating the potential of these types of supplements.  Make sure you take only the recommended dose of these supplements, and that any major change in your diet is known to your doctor.

Please feel free to share your results with these or any other anti aging vitamin supplements in the comments section below, and best of luck if you choose to augment you rejuvenation routine with Anti Aging Vitamins.

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