Everyone wants anti aging products that work, but it is so hard to see through the hype and claims to know which ones fall into that category.  How do you know that any anti aging product or service will work for you?  This website is meant to be fully independent and unbiased, and we are not afraid to say that many products and services will not work, and that the whole question of “anti aging products that work” actually revolves around your own expectations and hopes more than the products themselves.  You need to define what you mean when you are using the word “work” – if your expectations are too high then you will be disappointed.  But assuming that you are truly being realistic, how can you wade through all of the possibilities and choose the anti aging products that work for your particular issue.  This post should help.

How to Find Anti Aging Products that Work

Here are some hints as to how to find anti aging products that work:

1. Look for truly independent reviews.  Some websites publish reviews but it is unclear whether they filter them and only publish the positive ones (or even possibly make them up).  One way to tell is to look for the negative reviews – if there are enough posted there should be some negative ones for any product, even the best ones.  Alternately you might return to a site where you bought something before and were asked to provide a review, because in that case you likely know they publish everything.  Aggregate websites are more likely than specific company/store sites to do this.

2. Ask your doctor or a dermatologist about the ingredients.  Once you break things down to the core ingredients you can vet a product with a professional.  She or he may not be able to recommend specific anti aging products that work, but may be able to tell you what ingredients you should look for.  Then it’s just a case of finding a product that contains them at a store that seems reputable.

3. Use before and after pictures, though cautiously.  These may be especially helpful when you find them at independent sites as opposed to when a website has an interest in impressing you with the results.  Of course knowing someone who has used one of these products can be the most powerful route, since you can have your own before and after pictures of that person in mind.  Your prospective practitioner may also show you before and after pictures before selling you a product, and these can be helpful but of course keep in mind that you are likely seeing a “best of” set of pictures.

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Examples of Anti Aging products that Work

We start out list of potential anti aging products that work with two strong disclaimers.  First, you need to keep your goals realistic and modest.  The definition of “work” is that they create the improvements they claim to, not that they go beyond what is possible.  Second, each person reading this may react differently to any of these products so no one can say for sure whether they will work for you.  With both of these disclaimers in mind we offer this list of anti aging products that work:

  1. Skin creams that contain sun protectant work to reduce your exposure to the harmful effects of the sun’s rays.  We cannot say enough that one of the best ways to prevent further aging is to keep your skin protected from the sun, and many daily anti aging creams contain a gentle spf to keep you protected.  These anti aging face creams also have other ingredients that we have covered elsewhere that may also help.
  2. Another example of anti aging products that work are creams and serums designed to reduce the look of dark spots (aka age spots).  These creams may not work right away but they do eventually fade these obvious signs of aging.  You have to be diligent and stick to it, but you can eventually make these spots less noticeable.
  3. Over the counter chemical peels can help you rejuvenate your skin.  Once again, while they certainly belong on any list of anti aging products that work, you need to keep your goals realistic.  Any product that says it will rid you of all wrinkles, for example, is overstating.  But for general rejuvenation these products can work well.
  4. Most exercise machines are also anti aging products that work!  When most people lose weight, tone their bodies, and generally get in shape they look younger.  So while exercise machines may not be quite as literal an answer as the above three, they certainly should be included in the category of anti aging products that work.
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Anti Aging Products that Don’t Work

So which are the anti aging products that don’t work?  This can be a helpful discussion because it may guide you toward the ones that do.  In brief, those products for which there seem to be exaggerated claims, or that have ingredients that do not seem to be listed anywhere else, or are not clear about their mechanism of action are the ones that you should be suspicious of.  More specifically:

  1. Anti aging products should be clear about what the active ingredients are.  And you should be able to find out, even if you have to turn to you own internet search, what the mechanism of action is for those active ingredients.  You may want to be suspicious if this is not possible or is unclear.
  2. Anti aging products that have a new ingredient that you cannot find ion any other product and is not mentioned online should generate suspicion.  Of course it is always possible that a new and effective active ingredient can be found, but this is rare and usually there is at least some mention beyond just its use in one formula.
  3. The company making the product you are looking in to should be well established and have some experience with these or related products.  In other words, a company that pops up seemingly to just sell one product is one to be suspicious of.  Sometimes they are on the level but others are an attempt to quickly make money off of hype.
  4. You should be able to run any anti aging product by a professional who can tell you whether the ingredients, mechanism of action, proposed benefits, etc. make sense to them.  They may not have heard of the specific product but the idea that the product would be effective should be something they sign off on.

These are just a few examples meant to illustrate the types of effective anti aging products that are out there, and how to assess whether they might be likely to work or not.  We welcome any unbiased input about your own experience with anti aging products that work.

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