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Bacopa Benefits Guide

Bacopa benefits start with the fact that this supplement has proven to be effective for a wide variety of people experiencing a wide variety of symptoms.  That does not guarantee or even suggest that Brahmi benefits will occur for you and cure or even lessen your symptoms, but the good news is that it generally has a low side effect profile and therefore besides the expense involved in buying this supplement it is often okay to try it to see if it works.  The expense of buying this herbal remedy, the fact that you may be able to choose an alternative that will work better, and the fact that you may have some urgency in feeling some positive effects suggests that you do need to do your due diligence to make sure that this is the herbal supplement choice for you.  We want to help you in that potential choice, and go over the potential benefits of Bacopa.

Should this be the next supplement you buy for either relief from what is ailing you, or for a positive effect on an area you think is weak?  We cannot give personal advice to each visitor, but we can compile knowledge about Bacopa benefits for others and under what circumstances.  And we can do so based on sound science, not just anecdotal evidence.  We go over what has been reported as far as the reduction in symptoms and increase in abilities with those who have taken this herbal supplement.  When possible we back our information with results from scientific studies, and we stick with the main benefits of bacopa that have been repeatedly reported.  Sometimes people have unique and positive experiences, but we stay with the more common ones.

One aspect of this powerful home remedy that you should keep in mind when choosing whether or not to take it is that it tends to have a wide variety of effects given that it works on a complicated system.  Our memories and our learning potential involve many parts and many skills.  Bacopa benefits tend to be slightly different effects on different people, for some improving short-term memory, for others memorization abilities, and for others medium term memory.  As such, you may have a slightly different experience but the overall effect of improving memory may be the same as someone else.

Our website provides independent and unbiased information and advice about a natural remedy that we are excited about for many reasons.  This page covers the Bacopa benefits that have either been postulated, reported anecdotally, or even scientifically studied.  There are actually other bacopa benefits you may hear about from those who have taken this herbal remedy and experienced other improvements, but we choose to focus on those that are more widely known.  As time goes on if we find that other brahmi benefits begin to be widely reported we will add them here.

Once again, please make sure that you see a doctor if your memory symptoms worsen quickly or do not respond at all.  For any sudden onset symptoms that affect memory or learning you should also consult with a doctor.  Bacopa benefits are never meant to be a substitute for medical intervention when it is necessary.  It can never hurt to check with a medical professional when symptoms appear.

Bacopa Benefits Top Ten

The benefits of Bacopa Monnieri include relief for those suffering from a wide variety of ailments and symptoms.  Here we discuss just a few of the potential Bacopa benefits that have been either studied or reported extensively.  Some people have reported less common Brahmi benefits as well, but for our purposes we will only be covering those that have garnered widespread attention.  As you will see, this particular plant extract can help a wide range of people with both acute and chronic issues, and could even be something that you add to your daily routine as a protective and preventative agent.  By no means is this an exhaustive listing, but it provides a well-rounded start!

1. Of course the number one studied of the Bacopa benefits is memory boosting, both retaining and then recalling information that is presented in a variety of ways.  This effect seems to hold for those who have mild memory issues, as well as those whose memories are fine but who just want a boost.  It seems to work best as a memory booster when taken every day, and it may have an additive effect when done so.  Of all of the Bacopa benefits, this one clearly has the most scientific research behind it.  Most of you probably arrived at this site because this is what you were hoping for, but we hope you will dig deeper and see how many other things this exciting herbal remedy can do.

2. Bacopa does not take long to work.  Some notice a positive effect in just a few days, and it still increases in power and effects over time after that.  Of course it may depend on the reason you are taking this supplement, but in general you will know it is working relatively quickly.  You may want to keep a journal or other means of tracking your progress.  While some would say that this does not belong on a list of Brahmi benefits, we feel that its quick action is a selling point, especially when two or more supplements are being compared.  Many herbal remedies take a while to work, but you should not have top wait too long to feel the positive effects of this one!

3. The second most reported and studied of the Bacopa benefits is how it seems to boost learning more generally, aiding people’s ability to learn complex and/or novel new information.  This benefit may be due to its positive effects on concentration and also its proven efficacy in increasing memory.  We expect more studies of the top two of the Brahmi benefits – this one and the one we listed at #1.  In many cases this positive finding is not noted right away by the person taking this supplement.  Yet suddenly grades go up or the ability to learn new things gets better and over time the person – or those around him or her – see the strong differences.  If you are an adult learner you might even tell your teachers of instructors that you are taking this supplement in order to get the benefits of bacopa.

4. An up-and-coming set of Bacopa benefits include its potential as a “Neuroprotective“, meaning that it may help protect  certain highly important cells from damage.  This important positive is often overlooked and may be one of the more potent of the potential Bacopa benefits.  This may also be one of the reasons why those who take it regularly seem to feel an additive effect.  It might be hard to study the positive that occurs with this home remedy since before and after is hard to measure and this effect can take a while to have any measurable results.  Thus this may not be the main reason people start to take it, but it could be a very positive result for those who so.

5. This herbal remedy has antioxidant properties, seemingly able to rid the body of harmful “free radicals” as well as protecting DNA.  Free radicals are known to speed the aging process and cause many problems.  Antioxidants are very popular right now, for good reason, but this herbal is not generally thought of by those on antioxidant routines.  This is another of the Bacopa benefits that may be hard to measure accurately but is certainly worth wondering about whether or not you are taking this herbal for something else.  There are many home remedies that claim to be antioxidants but we list this solidly as one of the benefits to look in to.

6. The benefits of Bacopa supplement also seems to have anti inflammatory potential, reducing inflammation that can cause problems and damage in the body.  Inflammation can cause acute problems such as arthritis or more benign problems such as decreased abilities in athletics.  It may both protect the body against inflammation and also address any mild inflammation that already exists.  This home remedy is not meant to treat anything serious that causes inflammation, but rather it can address more mild issues that are longstanding.

7. Antidepressant effects have recently been reported among Bacopa benefits that people have reported often after taking this herbal home remedy for something else.  It may be as potent as some prescription medication against depression.  It also seems to have related anti-anxiety effects, similar to what antidepressants are able to do.  Again, if your symptoms of either depression or anxiety are severe, you should see a professional first, but if things are mild and you want to try a natural approach before turning to a prescription, this is one of the benefits of Bacopa supplement you may want to look in to.

8. This herbal remedy seems to play a significant role in stress reduction. Some have postulated that this herbal remedy actually helps prepare the brain for potentially stressful events in advance.  It also seemed to help with chronic stress in animal models.  It may be that since you are able to learn and remember thing more clearly, two of the core Bacopa benefits listed above, that your stress reduction may actually in some ways be secondary, or this could be a primary effect.  One way or another if you have mild and chronic stress it may be worth trying this natural approach and potential remedy.

9 . A lesser known benefit of is its potential protection against ulcers, even beyond the fact that it lowers stress levels.  It also seems to speed the healing of existing ulcers or those that do form.  This is an area where there is likely to be new research about this home remedy.  If you have current symptoms of an ulcer you should see a medical professional first, but if they run in the family or you’ve had them before, it may be worth trying to see if the Brahmi benefits will include addressing the potential for future ulcers.

10. Brahmi benefits have been known for centuries.  Its safety has been confirmed, if used properly, and it is readily available from most herbalists and also online.  It is completely natural, coming from a plant that is relatively common in some parts of the world.  While again some would not list this among Bacopa benefits because it does not describe a particular cure, we feel this is still an important quality, even if it may be secondary to the positive effects.

Brahmi Benefits Limitations

Bacopa benefits include a variety of positive uses, and most people who have done their homework as far as whether this herbal remedy will likely work for them are often quite pleased.  Bacopa benefits include the fact that it works quickly and can be quite effective, and that has been scientifically proven.  But is this home remedy for everyone and every symptom?  Of course not.

The mistakes people make in choosing or administering Bacopa fall into three general categories:

Expecting Too Much of Bacopa benefits

While the range of benefits of Bacopa Extract can be quite broad, from memory and learning enhancement, to anxiety and stress relief, to mental clarity, it cannot do everything for everyone.  Some people expand the definition of one of the positives too far and expect too much, while others make assumption that this supplement can do others things as well.  Both reasons for choosing Bacopa can lead to disappointment.  Make sure you are realistic about what this supplement can and can’t do.

Benefits of Bacopa can be limited

Of course more serious medical issues, or even some that are not serious but have an underlying cause that Brahmi benefits will not touch, will not respond to the supplement.  If you do not check things out with your regular primary care physician first and merely jump right into trying this supplement, you could not only be disappointed but also put of necessary treatments.  Whenever this extract will be used for symptoms that are new or worsening, a trip to your doctor is important first.

Brahmi Preparations can be limited

Problems with either the quality of the preparation or with the added supplements involved.  Some people are disappointed with the actual benefits of Bacopa Monnieri because the supplement did not effectively do what they hoped, but sometimes that is because the quality of that particular preparation is low.  You may want to try another product first.  And if you are buying a product that may provide the benefits of Bacopa supplement Extract and other ingredients, it may be that one of the other chemicals in the preparation is causing a side effect or reversing the Bacopa benefits.

Most people that choose to choose Bacopa benefits for the right reasons, dose it correctly, and buy a quality product will not be disappointed.  But if this supplement is expected to do more than it can, the problem is not one that Bacopa benefits do not include, or the quality of the product is low, the table is set for problems.

Of course there are also drawbacks for some people who make none of the above mistakes.  This home remedy is powerful and effective, but for some people can cause side effects.  Be aware of any changes such as stomach issues, headaches, trouble sleeping, and any worsening of symptoms.  You may be having side effects despite the benefits of Bacopa  because of a unique sensitivity.  Stop the preparation after a few days if the symptoms persist, shorter if they are severe.  Unfortunately this is one reason why some people never do find out if this home remedy would have helped.

There are also possibilities that despite the benefits of Bacopa supplement, it may interfere with or interact with medications you are taking.  This is why we strongly suggest you talk to your doctor before starting this home remedy if you are on any medications, and also keep aware of any worsening of symptoms that are related to the reason you take the other medication.  You might even want to get an opinion from an herbalist as well, in case your doctor does not know too much about this supplement or its chemistry.

Research into the Benefits of Bacopa

There have been many studies involving the Bacopa benefits, most focused on this supplement’s effects as a brain booster and memory aid.  After animal studies showed incredible promise regarding this herbal remedy, researchers are now testing this natural home remedy on humans, and the results have also been impressive.

In some cases the research has focused on those benefits of Bacopa that are well-known, such as its reported memory-boosting and general brain enhancing powers.  In other cases the research has investigated effects that are less well-known, and often the result of reports of those taking the supplement as a home remedy for something else, but get an additional benefit.

We will focus on those studies that are scientifically sound and well done.  This means that their conclusions would hold up if the study was replicated, and that they followed procedures likely to make any conclusions an accurate reflection on the herbal supplement itself and not some other factor.  Many research studies do not meet these expectations, but the following do.  Here is a roundup of the scientific studies involving benefits of Bacopa that are better known and both valid and reliable:

Benefits of Bacopa on memory

In a 90 day double-blind placebo-controlled randomized trial, which is the most solid type of scientific experiment, a group or researchers (Stough C, Downey LA, Lloyd J, Silber B, Redman S, Hutchison C, Wesnes K, Nathan PJ) performed neuropsychological testing before and after participants had taken Bacopa Monnieiri for 90 days.  Again, this type of study has one group taking the actual home remedy and another who is taking an identical looking placebo.  Even the experimenters have no idea which group is which so that they might not mistakenly give anything away with body language.  The benefits of brahmi including the test group later having significantly better scores on working memory tasks and visual information processing.

Bacopa benefits on learning

Researchers in Australia had adults aged 40-65 take Bacopa and then perform a wide variety of memory tasks.  Their focus was on short-term memory and retention of new information.  Of course the effects on longer term memory are harder to measure in a time-limited study.  Again this study used the powerful double-blind randomized, placebo controlled set up.  They found that Bacopa benenfits included improved memory, especially the retention of new information in this adult group.  The benefits of brahmi again included a memory-boost.

Brahmi benefits and stress

An animal study that was conducted after people anecdotally reported that they felt more capable of managing stress and anxiety, found that rats seemed to respond better under periods of stress as one of the benefits of Bacopa.  The researchers hypothesized that the stress hormone called Hsp70 was suppressed due to administration of this herbal home remedy.  This study suggested that this home remedy did not help people respond to stress at the time, but rather seemed to insulate them in general against stress.  Benefits of bacopa, taken every day, may be a protective factor in helping people respond better to stress – a brain booster.

Bacopa benefits on stress insulation

Another animal study suggested that rats experienced benefits of Bacopa Extract including being insulated against stress, more capable of responding when faced with a stressful situation just like the above study.  They hypothesized that the helpful hormone called ”P450? was more available to these animals after taking this herbal supplement.  Again, this study suggested that taking this supplement every day may have positive effects on unexpected stress.  Each of these animal studies will likely be followed by a human subject study at some point, as is often the case.

All of these studies were solidly done from a scientific standpoint, and each showed strong Bacopa benefits including an improvement in symptoms and/or performance.  Each of them suggested that this home remedy should be taken regularly as opposed to merely when symptoms arise since the symptoms they were treating are those that are or could be experienced every day.  They also had a secondary benefit as well, which is that very few people or animals has to discontinue the use of this home remedy due to side effects.

These are just some of the Bacopa benefits, and we will continue to post new scientific findings both here and on the Bacopa Monniera Homepage.  Please feel free to share your own benefits of Bacopa in the comments section – while not as scientific as a research study, personal feedback can help show the power of this healing and memory-boosting herb.  Also, if you have heard of (or even been a part of!) a study involving this herbal home remedy, we’d love to hear about it.  If it was scientifically solid, we will publish the results.

Here is a report on one study of benefits from the journal Neuropsychopharacology


These are the top Bacopa benefits and cautions.  This herbal remedy has wide-ranging abilities and works relatively quickly.  Some use it daily just to let it do any number of positive things, while others use it intermittently when certain problems arise.  Either way, this natural home remedy is worth getting to know!  We welcome your feedback and input as far as any of the Brahmi benefits we list, or any that you feel we’ve left out.  We know that this is an up-and-coming herbal that may see significant attention over the next few years as more and more people use it and report its positives.  We’ll be careful not to report anything as one of the Bacopa benefits we feel strongly about until there seems to be a groundswell of information or some solid scientific study behind it.

Here is an external page from trusted WebMD about the benefits of Bacopa and this US Government site shows where Bacopa Monnieri grows.  You should try to get information about the benefits of bacopa from as many reputable places as possible.  These and other Brahmi benefits sites also provide independent information about Bacopa benefits.

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  • June 23, 2014 at 4:20 pm

    Another benefit from longterm, daily regular use: “consciousness-raising”–i.e. a subtle and focused peace of mind; a “natural” euphoric, clarity of intellect; more specifically, equanimity.
    Though this is purely subjective, nonetheless it is a very real effect for me. Thanks.


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