Correct Bacopa Dosage for Maximum Results

Bacopa dosage information is vital if you are considering this herbal remedy.  Like most herbal remedies you might consider that have powerful natural mechanisms of action the Bacopa dosage you decide to take will go a long way in determining how quickly the supplement works and how effective it is.  That said, don’t make the mistake of assuming that a higher Bacopa dosage is necessarily better, given that a higher one will make side effects more likely, interactions more concerning, and will be more expensive to maintain.  And besides that, philosophically you probably don’t want to take more of a foreign chemical, even a natural one like this herbal remedy, more than you need to.  What we provide below is general information about the amount that seems to work, or whenever possible was used in scientific studies.  Ultimately, however, your Bacopa dosage may have more to do with your unique metabolism and tolerance.

Bacopa Dosage Disclaimer

As always we start with a disclaimer: We are not her to prescribe this natural supplement and cannot give you information about the unique Bacopa dosage that would be perfect for you, since there are many other factors at work.  It is always best to talk to a doctor experienced with herbal remedies and who also knows your unique history as well as any other supplements and prescriptions you are on.  In addition, you may want to consult about the method by which you will be taking the supplement and the form that it will be in.  All of the information we offer here is meant to be general and not to specifically diagnose, treat, or prescribe.

WebMD covers Bacopa doses, and Nootriment has a lot of information on dosing Bacopa.

Starting Bacopa Dosage

Most people start with a Bacopa dosage, taken in pill form, of around 300 mg, assuming that the bacoside makeup is at 55%.  What the latter statement means is that this Bacopa dosage is based on a supplement where the active ingredient makes up 55 % of the weight or 165 of the 300 mg.  In fact, in determining your Bacopa dose you could actually focus almost solely on the bacoside content, since extract formulas may contain as little as 10 to 15% of bacoside.  The math remains easy, however.  If your supplement only has 10% bacoside, then you may need up to 1,650 mg.  This need for an additional dose may be particularly true of using the whole plant, such as the actual leaves, since this does not create a concentrate from which to draw your Bacopa dosage.

Like many herbal remedies your unique metabolism, chemistry, and other aspects of your makeup will determine your optimal amount.  For some just a small amount will do the trick, while for others a lot will be needed.  we want to be cautious with even the recommendation in the paragraph above, since that recommended Bacopa dose may not be needed by everyone – be careful not to overspend.  Keep in mind that if your condition is severe you should be seeing your doctor first anyway, so there should be no rush to get this herbal remedy into your system and you should be able to take the time to get things right.

Maintenance Bacopa Dosage

It is recommended that you stay with this initial Bacopa dosage of 300mg for at least a few weeks.  While this supplement is known to work relatively fast, it still could be a few weeks before you notice much difference.  Try to notice changes yourself, and also ask those around you whether you seem to be remembering things more effectively and learning more easily – often with initial symptoms such as these it is the people around us who notice positive changes first.  You could even do a standardized memory or learning task of some type, one that can be repeated a month after you start taking this herbal remedy so you can see improvement.

After a while you may be able to lower your Bacopa dosage to a maintenance level.  The key to this is to move slowly and measure the changes you feel as best you can.  Some people may be able to take a lower Bacopa dose every day, while others may take the same Bacopa dosage but every other or only two out of three days.  A common question, of course, is whether this herbal remedy can be discontinued altogether and the gains maintained, but we cannot answer that question since there is no solid research.  Given that it generally does not take too long for this herbal remedy to work, and that there is a possibility that after you go off it for a short while it may work even more quickly the next time, it might not hurt to try going off of it for a short while.

One caveat about your Bacopa dose is that there are few long-term studies of the effects of this herbal remedy so we cannot accurately predict how you might need to change things over time in order to possibly lose the effects you initially get.  We’re not even sure that this will happen, and its possible that on a maintenance amount you can maintain the positive effects you initially got.  As time goes on, given how popular this herbal remedy is getting, we expect to at least have anecdotal evidence and information about the long-term effects.

Long-Term Bacopa Dosage

As mentioned above, there are no long-term studies of Bacopa use, so it is very hard to give information and advice about the Bacopa dose you might use if you use this herbal remedy for a very long time.  We caution you against raising the Bacopa dosage too far if you find the effects waning at all, and it may even be prudent to stop using this herbal remedy for a month or more if you find that the higher recommended amounts are no longer working.  While it may be perfectly safe and effective to use this herbal over the long-term, declining effects may be the sign of a worsening underlying problem and therefore worth looking in to by your regular health care provider.

While it may not be scientific, we’d love to hear from any of you who have used this natural remedy for a long time, especially if you have information about the Bacopa dosage that worked and whether you experienced any unwanted effects over time.  We will also try to find information as it comes out about the long term use of this natural remedy, especially as it relates to dosage.

Some notes about Bacopa dosage

Aside from the above there are several caveats you should keep in mind when considering your Bacopa dosage, as follows:

1. If you are growing the plant at home or buying it whole, you really need to be sure that you know exactly how to prepare the supplement to get the right amount.  This of course is particularly true if you are going to take this herbal remedy internally.  It is advisable to get assistance at least the first time you create your formula.

2. There are some idiosyncracies that exist regarding the Bacopa dose that people take.  Some people respond to even a very small Bacopa dosage, while others need a lot.  And many times factors such as the person’s size do not make much of a difference when it comes t this factor.  That is why we suggest starting slow with your Bacopa dosage, you may respond to less than is suggested.

3. Differences in the quality of the active ingredients may cause differences in how much of the herbal remedy you need.  For example, a high quality or perhaps homemade formula may be more potent even at the same listed dosage as a less well-made formula.  It is not just the active ingredient but the quality of the active ingredient that makes a difference.

4. You can not only experiment with how much you take at one time, but also with how often you take it.  For example, some people respond to a split dose where you take half in the morning and half in the evening, and others may not even need to take this herbal remedy every day.

All of the above, including these notes, should help you decide on your approach to getting the right Bacopa dosage for you.

Bacopa Dose Tips

Bacopa Monnieri extract is a powerful home remedy with many proven uses.  This natural supplement can be taken in many forms and for many conditions.  It is also unique in that it not only treats symptoms of something having gone wrong, but also can help improve things that are already okay.  Here are some tips that go beyond your bacopa dosage:

1. Take Bacopa Monnieri in a different form

If this home remedy is not working as well as you’d like, you may want to vary how you take it.  If a capsule of dried powder works but not well enough, you could try an extract in the form of an infusion.  People often underestimate the ways that varying the method of taking herbal supplements like Bacopa can change the potency and overall effect.

2. Be patient while waiting for positive effects of this natural remedy

Bacopa extract can take a while to work if its being used to improve issues that are not problematic – in other words, if you are using it for a memory boost even though your memory is already fair, it will take longer to work.  If you are using it to insulate you against stress and anxiety, again it may take a few weeks to have its maximum effect.  Do not increase your bacopa dosage too quickly.

3. Use a trained herbalist to prepare your herbal home remedy at first

Be careful if you are making your own preparations of Bacopa, since it’s hard to manage the exact amounts of the herb that will end up being in what you take.  Home preparation is possible and can be interesting, but be careful to know what you are doing and perhaps watch someone else first.

4. Consider what time of day you take this home remedy

You may want to vary the time of day you take this herbal home remedy both because it can have slight side effects that make it better taken at a certain time, and also because it can be easier to make a part of your routine at a certain time of day.

5. Do not introduce other herbal home remedies at the same time

There are several other natural supplements that can compliment Bacopa Extract for memory boosting, but if possible its always good to introduce one home remedy at a time so you are sure you know exactly what each one is doing, and also so that if you get side effects you know which one caused them.

6. Make sure you are getting high quality Bacopa Monnieri

The quality of Bacopa Monnieri can differ from provider to provider.  As with any natural home remedy, choose your distributor carefully.  Word of mouth is a great way to get a good name of an online supplement supplier, including at online forums.

7. Be aware of the exact potency of your Bacopa preparation

Know how much Bacopa is in the preparation you are taking.  The potency of this herbal home remedy can differ according to the means by which you take it.  In other words, a powder may not be as potent as a liquid in a capsule form of the herbal.  Also, if certain parts of the plant are mixed in with the more potent flower, it can appear that you are getting more milligrams when you are actually getting less potency.  Your bacopa dosage needs to be dependent on potency.

8. Stay away from preparations of natural remedies that contain many ingredients

Beware of preparation of home remedies that have Bacopa as an ingredient but also have other herbs and supplements as well.  This is common among memory boosters.  It’s very hard to know exactly what is doing what, and it can also mean that there is less of the extract that you are really after because there needed to be room for the other ingredients.  In fact, sometimes a mixture just presents a convenient excuse to actually offer less of the most sought but perhaps most expensive active ingredient.

These are just a few tips that go beyond your bacopa dosage so that you can get a maximum effect.  You can also stay tuned to our home page about Bacopa supplement for the latest information and advice about this exciting herbal home remedy and potential memory and learning booster.  Also see our side effects of Bacopa page.

Bacopa Dosage Conclusion:

This herbal remedy happens to be one that is relatively easy to figure out as far as how much to take.  The active ingredients are clear and measurable, and this helps ensure that you can accurately compare different formulas and know exactly how much of the active ingredient you are getting.  However, like all herbal and synthetic remedies different people may respond differently even at lower doses so we recommend starting slow and seeing what effect you get.  The great thing is that there are relatively few side effects and interaction effects so even if you do take a little too much that is likely going to be okay, though it will cost you more and have you taking more than you actually need.

We hope that people will share their own experiences with a starting and maintenance Bacopa dosage below.

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