Bacopa Side Effects and Risks

Bacopa side effects are generally rare. Bacopa extract is generally safe and well tolerated, yet very few supplements that have a powerful mechanism of action do not have some side effects in some people. This herbal remedy is no exception. What we present here are the known Bacopa side effects here. In some cases you should stop taking this supplement if you have these side effects, or if they are mild at least consult with your medical practitioner. Bacopa side effects may be relatively low compared to other herbal home remedies, but that does not mean they do not exist or should be ignored if they do happen.


Like many herbal remedies, Bacopa has not been widely studied, and therefore any long-term side effects or potential idiosyncratic Bacopa side effects you might experience may not be covered here or many other places as well. On the other hand, many people have taken this herbal remedy for a long-term and have not reported any problems. Keep in mind that any active ingredient, whether the bacopasides we cover here, synthetic chemicals that come with prescribed medicine, or other natural home remedies, can interact with your unique make-up in a variety of ways. Our point is that any time you start taking any new supplement or medication do not rule out any new issues as potentially being caused by that chemical, whether it is listed here or anywhere else. Having a herbal practitioner who can give you advice and guidance along the way can be quite helpful, but for anything more than mild make sure you check in with your primary care doctor.

Bacopa Side Effects Profile

When used as an herbal home remedy is generally considered safe. Most people who take this healing herb do not experience side effects of any kind, and are able to enjoy the benefits with no problem. This herbal home remedy has been used for years and is not considered to be in the class of medications that frequently cause problems. That said, there are some people who do not tolerate this herbal remedy, and they report the following Bacopa side effects:

  • Dry mouth is a side effect of Bacopa that may go away with repeated use. This side effect may or may not be severe enough to prompt someone to stop taking this home remedy
  • Nausea is another of the Bacopa side effects, and also might go away after repeated use. Like any other healing herb that is new to then system, Bacopa can lead to stomach upset.
  • Muscle fatigue is a less common but concerning side effect of Bacopa. many people do stop taking this home remedy if they get this effect.

Of course whether you get any of these bacopa side effects depends on many factors, including your overall sensitivity to new herbals, other medications or home remedies you are taking, health conditions you have, and the quality of the Bacopa preparation you are taking. Should any of these effects become severe or not go away over a short time, we suggest that you see a healthcare professional. This is very unlikely. The following is more detailed information and advice about Bacopa side effects.

Bacopa Side Effects Listing

The known and reported Bacopa side effects include the following

Fertility Bacopa side effects

This particular Bacopa side effect has not been either reported or studied in human subjects, but results from animal studies may give some men who are hoping to help their partner conceive some pause before supplementation. Of course one should not assume that a man could take this herbal remedy on purpose in order to have this “problem” in order to not get his partner pregnant either!


This herbal remedy decreases anxiety and reduces the amount of stress a person feels. This is because it is a central nervous system depressant. Yet for some people the CNS effects can actually be too strong, leading to unwanted degree or tiredness and fatigue. Dose reduction sometimes is enough to reduce these Bacopa side effects, and some have wondered if these are Bacopa side effects at all, or instead whether they may be perhaps a positive effect – something that happens for a short time when anxiety and stress is lifted.

GI Bacopa Side Effects

One of the active ingredients in this herbal remedy is called “hersaponin”. For some people this chemical triggers small spasms in the digestive tract. While many people do not feel these symptoms at all, and for others they are quite easy to get used to, a small fraction of people taking it find side effects such as abdominal cramps and nausea too hard to overcome. If you can tolerate this category of bacopa side effects for a little while, and they are not severe, you might want to see whether you can make it through.

Bacopa Side Effects: Other

Dry mouth is also experienced by some people who take this herbal remedy. For many who experience this side effect, the problem goes away, but for some it persists and leads to a decision about whether to keep taking it. Again, if this problem is not severe you may want to see whether you can stick it out and wait for this problem to go away.

Some other Bacopa side effects that have been reported include mild skin rashes, mild dizziness, and restlessness. And people should be aware that with any powerful home remedy anyone can have an idiosyncratic reaction at any time, so just because we don’t list your reaction in our list of Bacopa side effects, this does not mean that it was not caused by this herbal remedy nor does it necessarily mean you can keep take it without worry.

As you can see, the side effects of Bacopa remain rare and mild when they do occur, but that dos not mean they should be taken lightly. And as an aside, you can see why we recommend only starting one herbal remedy at a time, even if one of the adjunctive treatments seems like it might help you – should you experience unwanted effects you need to know which supplement caused them.

As with any natural remedy you may experience other side effects of Bacopa not listed here, and you should make sure to check in with your doctor before taking it so that you can tell her or him if you do experience side effects of Bacopa and then get guidance if you are wondering if they are severe enough to stop. And of course if you are on any medication or have any medical disorder it is even more important to discuss any herbal remedy and most importantly any Bacopa side effects you experience.

This NIH study is an example of how Bacopa issues are measured and reported, and WebMD goes over some of the more serious problems from Bacopa.  LiveStrong goes over some Bacopa studies.

Bacopa Interaction Effects

We cannot provide a comprehensive listing of all the prescription medications that may interact with this herbal remedy, and thus we suggest that if you are on any prescription medication you check with your healthcare provider before starting to take this herbal remedy if you are on medication to treat or prevent any medical issue. That said, here are some of the better known interaction effects of Bacopa extract:

  •  It may interact with many antidepressants causing them to work less effectively. It’s also been reported that this herbal remedy may give some antidepressants a boost, so again, talk to your doctor first to see if she or he is okay with you taking Bacopa with your antidepressant.
  • Bacopa has been known to interfere with the mechanism of action of thyroid medications, so if you are on one of these you should be very cautious about taking this herbal remedy. You may mistake problems afterwards as merely Bacopa side effects that will go away, but if they are in fact interactions you could have more serious problems..
  • Bacopa has been said to interfere with some sedatives, many in the class called benzodiazepines or benzos, though all you may need to do is lower the dose of one or the other in order to make them go away.

Other Bacopa Risks

Aside from interaction effects and Bacopa side effects, there are other risks you should be aware of if you are going to begin a routine involving bacopa monnieri. This herbal remedy has a strong and proven mechanism of action, and while that is a great thing overall it also opens the door to problems, including:

  • Women who are pregnant or nursing should avoid this herbal remedy unless specifically given permission by their healthcare provider. While this supplement has not proven to be harmful to these groups, and the Bacopa side effects don’t tend to list anything specific regarding them, it has not been proven safe either and lacking specific studies of safety these groups should avoid any powerful home remedy.
  • Bacopa can be harmful if taken in large quantities, so make sure you are following the recommended dose information, and if you are making preparations yourself, do so st first under the guidance of an herbalist. Just because you do not have bacopa side effects or interaction effects you do not know the long-term problems that could be associated with large doses.

These are the better known Bacopa risks, but as with any powerful herbal medicine there can be idiosyncratic effects as well. Make sure you keep track of all the symptoms you notice after starting to take this herbal supplement, and even if your healthcare provider gave you initial permission you should still check in if anything changes. If you have any existing medical condition or are on any medications you are obviously at greater risk of some sort of reaction or interaction, and in these cases you should definitely make sure your doctor who is treating you or prescribing for you is open to your supplementation.

Bacopa Side Effects and Indications

Aside from the above, there are times when herbal home remedies like Bacopa are not indicated, and you should be equally aware of this when considering this choice:

– When your symptoms are new – something you’ve never experienced before, it’s always good to check with a doctor to make sure there is nothing serious going on. IF you don;t normally get headaches but suddenly you are experiencing them, get checked out.

– When your problem is severe, again its good to make sure your doctor rules out a medical cause that herbal home remedies will not address.

– When you have symptoms that seem to change or move, like a headache that turns into pain somewhere else or insomnia followed by nausea, it is good to rule out a more serious issue.

– Any time your problem involves a fever, even a mild fever, you should have your doctor check you out.

– Whenever blood is involved in any way, whether from coughing, urinating, or nosebleeds, you should be checked out.

These are just five simple examples of when you should let your primary care doctor have a first look before you pursue an herbal home remedy like Bacopa Extract for what ails you.  This is not an exhaustive listing, and usually common sense is needed with the goal of leaning toward being conservative and getting checked out.  Your doctor needs to tell you that its okay to take the remedy you are considering – keep in mind that many doctors do not believe that Bacopa Extract will help but at least make sure she or he is sure it won;t do any harm.


Bacopa plant has been known to have herbal remedy and natural medicinal powers for centuries, but like any active medical ingredient this natural remedy is known to have some side effects. Of course this is not surprising and in a strange way shows that this herbal remedy is quite powerful and capable of being quite active. The good news is that there are few reported or known side effects of Bacopa Monnieri – this is not an herbal remedy that people would classify as carrying a high risk of side effects. One positive finding that helps back the idea that there are limited side effects of Bacopa Monnieri is that the mechanism of action is known, so there is no mystery about how and why it is working.

Our coverage of Bacopa Side Effects

When you decide to take any medication, herbal remedy, or natural cure you need to be aware of the potential reactions you will have that are unwanted. Anything that you have never taken before requires the most attention. Thus we have tried to cover the Bacopa side effects and interactions you might experience, but this is not necessarily an exhaustive list. Make sure that your health care provider knows you are considering this herbal remedy, and keep close track of any changes unrelated to the reason you are taking it that you experience. Of course in many instances the Bacopa side effects will either be mild or will go away fairly quickly, but you need to be sure you are well aware of them and reporting anything that is more than mild to your healthcare practitioner.

Of course, as always we welcome the input of our readers who have taken this herbal remedy. have you experienced Bacopa side effects, either the ones listed above or others, and did it mean you had to stop taking it? We will always be looking for new scientific studies of this powerful herbal remedy, and if it seems that new Bacopa side effects are being found or found with more frequency, we will update this page. In addition, we will also update things if we hear from enough readers – perhaps some that do not want to directly publish their comments – about problems they encountered. Remember, we have no stake in whether you choose to use Bacopa, and while we are excited about its potential we can remain fully independent and unbiased. This review of Bacopa side effects is just that.

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