Bacopa (AKA Brahmi) is a natural and gentle alternative herbal remedy known to benefit people with a wide variety of symptoms from memory and learning issues to allergies to anxiety and depression. Studies have specifically focused on its beneficial mechanisms on brain function.  Positive findings about Bacopa benefits have been reported recently in areas such as the enhancement of learning skills, improvement in mood and memory, and reduction in adult ADHD symptoms when people use herbal bacopa monnieri extract supplements.

Bacopa has distinguished itself from many others on the market because of the wealth of well-done research studies that back its effects.  That of course does not guarantee that you will experience the same effects but it should give you confidence in this particular approach.  This website is designed to help you learn how to take Brahmi optimally and give yourself the best chance for the strong effect you are looking for.  We also discuss Bacopa side effects and interactions.

Bacopa Studies:

  • In a double-blind randomized placebo-controlled study in Australia Bacopa benefits included improvement in short-term memory and longer term retention of information. The dose of Brahmi was 300 mg per day.
  • In another study herbal Brahmi benefits included reducing the time needed for adult subjects to learn a complex task by 40%.
  • In a third study herbal Brahmi extract was tested on men who had already showed some memory issues and at the end of one year there was significant improvement in concentration, memory span, and overall mental performance.
  • In animal studies Bacopa benefits have been found to include positive effects on stress, and clinical models have shown it to be possibly as effective but much safer than commonly prescribed anti-anxiety medications

Bacopa Benefits:

    1. Memory and retention are what it is primarily used for a studied about, often from middle age onward, but this does not mean it does not work for younger people
    2. Learning boosts have been found to be among bacopa benefits, but this may require further study – it could be just the memory increase that produces this
    3. Stress and Anxiety have been reported to go down with the use of this herbal remedy
    4. Depression may also be lessened with this supplement
    5. Adult ADHD may be tamed by the regular use of this herbal remedy


How Does Bacopa Monnieri Work?

For many, the idea that a home herbal remedy works is not enough.  They want to rule out the possibility that they are experiencing a placebo effect, or they want to make sure that there isn’t some other explanation for their positive changes.  They also want to understand why a remedy like Bacopa Monnieri is working so they know there are not going to be long-term effects of its use.  These are all important considerations for any supplement, including Bacopa.  One of the reasons we are so enthusiastic about this particular home remedy is that it easily proves what it is doing from a scientific perspective, and therefore gives confidence to those taking it that it is the true reason for their reduction in symptoms.

Bacopa reduces anxiety

Reduction in anxiety is achieved because Brahmi is known to modulate serotonin, increasing it in those who have a deficit of some sort.  Low serotonin levels have been linked with raised anxiety.  This is also likely the reason why some people feel that they get a mild anti-depressive effect from Bacopa Monnieri, given that low serotonin has also been linked with depression.  We used the word “modulate” on purpose since Bacopa does not in itself produce serotonin or directly raise serotonin, but rather it helps those with a deficiency create more.  This is a very safe approach.

Brahmi also meditates the GABA-ergic system in the body.  GABA is an “inhibitory” neurotransmitter that has been found to prevent pain and help with relaxation, thus Bacopa’s positive effect on these systems may be due to this mechanism.  This mechanism of action of Bacopa Monnieri may be the least studies but it is incredibly promising in widening the list of what this natural home remedy can do.

Brahmi reduces memory loss

Bacopa extract inhibits “lipid peroxidation”, which is a harmful reaction that is initiated by free radicals.  The fact that it can do this, and thereby reduce the formation of plaque in the arteries, suggests that Bacopa is a free radical eliminator and can specifically slows the progression of plaque build-up.  It is not completely clear how this powerful effect is helping people, but it stands to reason that this may help reduce the symptoms of aging including memory loss, and perhaps generally help people learn more effectively as adults.

Brahmi also modulates the levels of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.  This chemical is widely known to be closely involved in memory and other cognitive functions, and the fact that Bacopa Extract can help ensure that you have the correct amount flowing in your brain suggests that this may be the mechanism behind its memory and learning boosting properties.  Researchers have specifically focused on this mechanism when trying to describe Bacopa’s most widely known positive effects.

Other Brahmi effects

These are just a few of the known mechanisms of actions of Bacopa Extract.  As more of the chemistry behind this increasingly popular herbal remedy is uncovered, we will list it here.  W e want to give those who have a healthy skepticism about Bacopa Monnieri and other herbal home remedies the information they are looking for about why it works.  Of course we also respect those who have decided that they are sure that Brahmi is working and don;t need to know the science behind it’s mechanism – of course in those cases it may be a skeptical family member or doctor – or perhaps an excited one of the same – who wants to be sure the effect will last!

Bacopa and Brahmi Side effects

Brahmi is generally considered a very safe and low risk supplement to take.  For most the Bacopa side effects will be minimal or non-existent.  The manufacturers of these supplements can be fairly confident about this assessment since so many studies have been done about the effects, and in each case the bacopa side effects and numbers of people who had to drop out because of them is published.  Of course with any supplement as powerful as this natural supplement, there will certainly be some who will experience side effects, and even a few who will experience side effects that are sever enough to warrant stopping the supplement.

Side effects listing

The usual Bacopa Side Effects, if a person has any, include:

  • Gastrointestinal difficulties such as increased need to go to the bathroom, cramping, and nausea.  These symptoms are usually quite mild and tolerable, and may go away after a short while.  Of course again we should mention that if you experience any brahmi side effects at all, this should be something you run by your doctor unless they are quite mild and go away quickly.
  • Dry mouth was one of the brahmi side effects that was also reported, and also not usually enough to warrant stopping the supplement.  This may lead to a case of knowing what you can tolerate as far as this discomfort until it goes away.
  • Muscle fatigue was seen as one of bacopa side effects as well, and again not usually severe enough to cause people to drop out of the studies and often went away after a short period of time.

Overall, brahmi was well tolerated and those in the research studies who experienced bacopa side effects usually did not drop out.  That said, what makes this more complicated is when a person has any pre-existing medical condition and/or is on medications.  The research studies may have screened them out because of these issues and so it is harder to assess whether you may be at some risk if you have a health condition or take medications.  In this case it is recommended that you check in with your healthcare provider before starting brahmi.


Bacopa and Brahmi Website

We look forward to bringing you the latest information and advice about bacopa monnieri, and hope you will check back often. We do not sell bacopa monnieri and are not directly affiliated with anyone who does sell it or any other alternative medicine or product, so we aim to be fully independent and unbiased in our presentation of information.

As with any herbal supplement or alternative healing plant, you should check with your medical practitioner before using Bacopa monnieri. Natural remedies and cures can be powerful and positive, but they can also interfere with your current prescriptions or symptoms.

Page navigation

Aside from this front page where we will bring you the latest news and information about Bacopa benefits and the effect of related supplements, we have the following pages:

  • Brahmi Preparations discusses the various forms of administration from capsules to wines, and everything in between.  Different preparations may work slightly differently for you and may help differently depending on your presenting concern.  It is good to know all the possibilities so that you know your options and can try to choose the optimal approach.
  • Brahmi Research explores all the scientifically sound studies of this natural herbal home remedy.  Brahmi has the advantage over many other home remedies in that there has actually been significant well done research into its effects and potential.  As a consumer this can be quite important.
  • Brahmi Benefits gives you a listing of the great things that bacopa can do all on one page.  Know what it has been proven to do and other benefits that have been widely reported.  You may or may not experience exactly the same results, but it is helpful to know the possibilities.
  • Using Bacopa gives specific tips and tricks to helping this supplement be most affective.  There may be ways you can take this home remedies such as different ways to dose it and additives that may boost its effectiveness.  Learn all of that here.
  • Bacopa Monnieri Blog will be updated often with the very latest information and advice about brahmi.  We post whenever there is new information that you might want to know, tips that are relevant, and related supplements that you might be interest in.

Your input about Bacopa and Brahmi

We welcome the input from those who have taken this herbal remedy, and given our independent nature we will publish both positive and negative information and reactions.  We are curious about the bacopa side effects and benefits you experienced, and what your overall reaction was to the supplement.  If you were on a related supplement we’d publish your reaction to that as well.



The information presented here is unbiased and independent, and we are not a distributor of bacopa monnieri or affiliated with a distributor of any home remedy.  At the same time it always important for you to discuss your potential use of an herbal home remedy with your medical practitioner to be sure that it will not affect any current medications you are taking or interact with any conditions you have.

The information contained here is general and not meant to either diagnose or treat your specific issue.  Any new symptom or concern should always be checked out by your doctor first.

All information here about herbal remedies is independent and original and therefore protected by copyright.  In some cases we do allow information to be used by others covering either bacopa benefits or home remedies in general, but only with prior approval and proper attribution.  Thank you!

Here is the Wikipedia entry about this herbal remedy if you want more unbiased info and here is a longer summary of the benefits and side effects.

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Bacopa Update 2017

Bacopa benefits appear to be gaining PR recently as the herbal remedy community responds to news about other supplements not working or having disappointing results by turning more heavily to those supplements that have solid scientific evidence behind them.  While many home remedies certainly work despite a general lack of scientific inquiry, there is a new doubt or at least scrutiny toward those that have no studies that have been formally done.  Thus this home remedy, with its stable of solid scientific research behind it has gained a following and some positive press.

We have always been quite excited about the potential of this home remedy as a learning and memory booster and much of our energy and motivation to share this information id derived from the fact that there is science behind it.  Anecdotal reports can be powerful and can also often be true, but as the home remedy field knows too well there can also be false positives, placebo effects, and exaggerated claims whether on purpose or just made out of excitement.  Brahmi benefits have solid research behind them and in today’s skeptical market, that is paying off.

Our coverage of Bacopa going forward

We will continue to bring updates as far as trends in the field of home remedies and regarding Bacopa benefits specifically as they come up.  And of course our Blog will always carry the very latest news and advice about this powerful home remedy.  For now we hope you might look at the research that is driving this new popularity of bacopa (again which may be named Brahmi as well), and appreciate the direction the field is taking with regard to appreciating – perhaps even requiring – that kind of evidence.

Thank you for visiting our website.  We welcome your input and any feedback you have.  If we seem to be missing a topic that would be helpful, please let us know, and if you have your own experience with bacopa monnieri we’d be happy to learn about it and post your contribution – it does not have to be positive, only honest.  If you have not taken it yet, best of luck with your Brahmi or Bacopa!


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