The Best Anti Aging Moisturizer You Can Buy

The best anti aging moisturizer may be one that is not as complicated or expensive as you might think.  In fact the best anti aging face cream may be one that you’ve overlooked in your search for something with complicated ingredients or a mix of expensive ingredients.  Our advice for those who want to find the best anti aging moisturizer is to follow some simple rules and not get caught up in the elaborate marketing that some products do, and not try to find a product that tries to do too much.  As with all of the rejuvenation products we follow and explore here, our overall suggestion is to get away from the general “anti-aging” label and look for specifically for something that addresses a specific need you have.

Best Anti Aging Moisturizer Definition

For the purposes of this page, we differentiate “Best anti aging moisturizer” from other creams and serums by following those products that you would use routinely whether you are looking for rejuvenation properties or not.  In other words, you would use a product anyway, but now you are looking for one that can bring rejuvenation.   As with the rest of our site we do not specifically promote any particular anti aging face cream here, but rather give you the information and advice you need to choose among the ones you find available.  This also gives you the option to buy a generic product.

Ingredients in the Best Anti Aging Moisturizer

We start with the most important part of our review of the best anti aging moisturizer: The ingredients.  This is what you want to know when choosing a product, and you may even want to overlook those products that do not make this clear.  In fact, the best anti aging moisturizer products may be so proud of their ingredients that they show them off and even tell you how much of them are in their formula.  Just be careful not to fall for any hype that surrounds ingredients in the potential best anti aging moisturizer that seem too good to be true or unlikely to work as well as advertised.  There is too much hype when it comes to the anti-aging niche, and we caution you about falling for it.

You may find as you read the information below that you do not necessarily need a formula with all of these ingredients, and this may help you decide exactly which anti aging moisturizer to buy.  You can also do some experimentation yourself, seeing how different combinations work for you before deciding on a formula.  This is not an exhaustive listing, and there may be other chemicals that work well.  Feel free to use our comments section if you have ideas for other readers, or let us know if you’d like us to look into something and potentially add it.

The ingredients in a potential best anti aging moisturizer to look for include:

1. Sunscreen that is waterproof.  A major contributor to the look of aging is the sun.  Everything from age spots to premature fine lines can occur when you get too much sun exposure.  One way to make sure that you are habitually putting on sunblock is to have it be one of the ingredients in a daily anti aging moisturizer.  Often products that are for daily use and contain sunscreen use ingredients that are comfortable and mild on the skin, as opposed to the feel of more traditional sunscreen.

2. Vitamin C.  This particular nutrient is quite common in the best anti aging moisturizer products because it helps heal the skin.  Whether you have particular blemishes or just want overall healing that promotes a rejuvenated look, this is an ingredient to look for when shopping for the best anti aging moisturizer.

3.  Resveratrol.  This ingredient has received a lot of attention and many people find that it deserves the hype.  Resveratrol may provide rejuvenation effects in a number of ways, and this is why the manufacturers of anti aging moisturizers are including it.  As always we hope you will let us and other visitors know whether this ingredient meets the hype, but it is certainly becoming a widely used nutrient.

4. Glutathione.  This ingredient is often paired with Vitamin C in the best anti aging moisturizer products.  Of course this is because it has reported rejuvenation effects, and the degree to which it is used in formulas that many people say are quite effective suggest that at least for some people it does seem to work.  It is primarily known as an antioxidant.

5. Retinol. This ingredient is a derivitive of Vitamin A and is a popular part of many products for good reason.  Retinol is thought to promote cellular  turnover and stimulate cellular repair.  These two processes can help make skin look and feel rejuvenated and younger, as well as looking healthier.

6. Hydroquinone.  This specific ingredient is one that you’ll want to look for if for you the best anti aging moisurizer needs to address age spots or any temporary discoloration.  Hydroquinone lightens any hyperpigmentation and thereby bleaches the skin, taking away the look of dark spots.  Not everyone needs this ingredient.

7. Other antioxidants.  Ingredients such as CoffeeBerry, pomegranate and idebenone are antioxidants that help eliminate free radicals that can be damaging to important elastin and collagen.  These ingredients in some of the best anti aging moisturizers are important and can be helpful.

Using the Best Anti Aging Moisturizer

The reason why this page about the best anti aging moisturizer is separate from the pages where we describe serums and face creams is that we consider a moisturizer something that you will use every day.  In other words, whether you were looking for rejuvenation effects or not, you would likely look for a product similar to those that we are writing about here in order to keep your skin smooth and healthy.  Instead you are looking for something that provides anti aging effects, but that is almost secondary.  Thus these products must be reasonably gentle and must do what other products generally do in addition to their rejuvenation effects.  This way you get all the benefits of a regular moisturizer with the added effects you are looking for – it may be that results take a little while to appear, but you will likely not mind waiting because you are getting the overall benefits from the product.

All of the above points to the use of the best anti aging moisturizer product that you do choose.  You will want to use it at least once and perhaps more times each day.  When you will be exposing your skin to dry conditions or moisture sapping wind, you will want to have it with you to apply even more.  These are the types of products you should not be limited with as far as their use and application.  If you are not someone who faithfully uses a moisturizer, you’ll want to get in that habit, and even beyond the anti aging effects you may enjoy the feel of constantly moisturized and smooth skin.

Combining the best anti aging moisturizer with other products

You can likely use other products as well, such as serums and other types of creams as long as you carefully read the labels – make sure that there are no interaction effects listed and be sure that you carefully use them at different times so that one is not blocking the effects of the other.  And of course if you are going to use anti aging supplements, diet, or exercise you not only can combine these approaches but it may even be helpful just in case you are slightly robbing your skin of moisture during exercise or nutrients with an altered diet.

Best Anti Aging Moisturizer Summary

There are many possibilities for daily creams or moisturizers that can produce rejuvenating effects giving you many choices for the best anti aging moisturizer for you.  You certainly want to pick a product that you could use every day, and one that provides the core effect of moisturizing your skin and making it feel smooth.  Getting in the habit of using one of the best anti aging moisturizers can also help you ensure that you are getting healthy ingredients regularly, and also that you protecting your skin from sun damage.  These products will work best of you are also pursuing other approaches such as diet, exercise, supplements, and other skin products, though even on their own they will help a bit.

Oprah’s website covers anti aging creams and moisturizers, and the American Academy of Dermatology shares some information about these anti aging skin care products as well.  Of course we also cover anti aging facial creams and anti aging products that really work elsewhere.

There are of course many products out there and many claims made, and we hope that the information on this page was helpful as you try to choose among them.  You may find that going with a reputable brand that is clear and concise about which ingredients have been used and in what quantities works well, and spending a lot of time choosing among several products is not worthwhile.  In fact, some may find that they discover a brand that seems to be most effective for all of their rejuvenation needs, and that that brand can narrow the choices as far as an anti-aging moisturizer.

As always, please feel free to share any information and advice you have from your own experience with a potential best anti aging moisturizer product.

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