Birthmark Removal Cream

Birthmark Removal Cream is an alternative for some people that can help fade some marks.  While for many birthmark removal cream does not provide a complete removal, it can help lighten a mark that is less visible to begin with, or that would look okay of it was a little less noticeable.  Of course even if it does work, birthmark removal cream also takes longer than a laser approach or other cosmetic surgery, but again for some this is okay.  The cots is much lower, and of course there is no downtime.

Before we begin reviewing the types of birthmark removal cream you might choose from, we need to provide an important disclaimer: Many types of birthmarks do not respond completely to any topical approach, and some will not change much at all.  The first step you need to pursue when it come to birthmark removal is an assessment of your mark that includes an opinion about whether it will respond to a topical treatment.  There may be surgical and laser options that will work better.  That said, some marks will respond to birthmark removal cream, and particularly if your goal is merely lightening the birthmark this is a potential choice.

Birthmark Removal Cream Ingredients

Here are some of the ingredients you might find in birthmark removal cream.  We do not judge each one as far as its likely effectiveness because that may depend on your particular mark and also the complete formula that it is in.  That said, this listing may help you determine which formula may work best for your needs:

  • Niacinamide is a well-known and readily availablee form of vitamin B.  It is a popular skin lightener which actually has some research behind its effectiveness.  Like any skin lightener nicotinamide is going to fade the pigment in some birthmarks, but it is not likely to truly remove the blemish.  This ingredient is particularly popular because there is actually some decent research behind its effectiveness.
  • Sodium lactate is derived from lactic acid and is a common active ingredient in formulas because some say it not only does its own work but also boosts the effectiveness of other ingredients.  This ingredient is actually the salt derived from lactic acid which is present in milk, so some people like how natural it is.
  • Alpha-Arbutin is very popular and may reduce the coloring of birthmarks.  It basically can reduce pigmentation in some marks leaving them lighter and less noticeable.
  • Bloodroot is common in the more popular birthmark removal creams and may be the ingredient with the longest history of being used for skin blemishes.  Bloodroot does seem to reduce the look of some skin blemishes and depending on your mark it may be helpful.
  • Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate is the specific form of Vitamin C that is often found in birthmark removal cream.  This one is particularly good at preserving the skin’s health and specifically the moisture level while the other ingredients do their thing.
  • Whitonyl is an ingredient that is commonly used in birthmark removal cream because it seems to control the pigmentation process of the skin.

There are other ingredients that may be used as well whether to actually lighten the skin or reduce the melanin (see the net section below for an explanation). You will likely not find a birthmark removal cream that has all of these ingredients so you will need to pick and choose among products to find the one with the right combination for your skin and your mark.  A dermatologist may be able to provide some assistance based on his or her assessment.

In some cases you will be using ingredients that you’ve never exposed your skin to, so you should use any birthmark removal cream lightly at first, and if it is a larger area you are trying to address you may want to use it on just a part the first few times.  As part of the assessment we mentioned in the first section you may want to ask the doctor which ingredients would work best on your blemish.

How Birthmark Removal Creams Work

In order to choose the right product to fade your mark you need to understand the two major ways that these products work.  Birthmark removal creams actually work in two different ways, with some products doing both and some doing just one or the other:

1. Some products reduce melanin production which increases pigmentation on the skin resulting in surface blemishes.  By doing this, and reducing what is often called hyper pigmentation your skin tone can be evened out.  Of course this method does not work on all types of mark.

2. Some products are even stronger, working to literally bleach the skin in order to lighten it, or to destroy top layers of skin so that newer skin can emerge.

Be very careful about your research as far as the approach you will choose and the ingredients involved in the birthmark removal cream you use regardless of the approach.  There can be problems for some people such as discoloration, and some creams will not work for certain blemishes.  Again, your assessment should point you in the direction of which of these two approaches will work best, and then you can choose a product that focuses on that particular approach.

Birthmark removal cream side effects

Even though birthmark removal cream is generally safe, you could experience some skin irritation and redness.  Should that side effects not going away, or should the level or irritation become worse, you should check in with your doctor or a dermatologist.  If you have sensitive skin or have other skin issues to begin with you should check with your doctor or a dermatologist before using even an over-the-counter birthmark removal cream in order to be sure you will not experience side effects.

There are also some herbal remedies and DIY solutions that work to produce natural birthmark removal.  These natural birthmark removal approaches ma be effective for some, and could be worth trying before you spend your money on an over-the counter product.  These creams may be particularly good for those who experience harsh side effects of the creams available by prescription or even over-the-counter.

Birthmark Removal Cream Cost

The best way to measure the cost of birthmark removal cream is to judge how much it will cost per week or month.  In other words, we could estimate the cost per tube or container, but that will not tell you the whole story.  Instead try to determine how long the tube or container will last and see what that means for your cost of its use.  In general you should not have to pay more than $40 per month.  Factors that will affect the cost of birthmark removal include how quickly it is supposed to work and in a related way how concentrated the ingredients are – so you may pay more if the formula will work more quickly.  Be sure to look for independent online testimonials or other reviews that are not biased so that you know where to spend your money.  Forums are also a good place to get information, as are user-powered review sites like RealSelf.  Effectiveness may trump cost, at least to some degree.  That said, it is not always the most costly product that will work best, and you need to choose the type of product that is the best fit for your birthmark with the ingredients that will specifically help you the most.

Birthmark removal cream is not usually expensive, with some very good products available fro $50-100.  As with laser therapy, you need to be sure that a birthmark removal cream will effectively address your mark, and you should get a realistic time frame so you know what to expect.

A dermatologist may be able to prescribe you a birthmark removal cream that has prescription levels of the active ingredients, but you may be able to be an effective product over the counter.  The ways that birthmark removal cream works is usually twofold.  First, then reduce what is called hyper pigmentation of the skin by lowering your melanin production.  This can even our your skin and reduce some marks.  These creams also bleach the skin with lighteners.

Birthmark Removal Cream Summary

If you have had a birthmark you may be looking for a cream to reduce how noticeable it is.  You may have looked into surgical or laser approaches and decided that they are too expensive, to risky, or will not work as well as you want.  Birthmark removal cream may be just the thing to give you the effect you are looking for, though you have to be realistic about your expectations.

See also Laser Birthmark Removal.

Birthmark removal cream is not for everyone, and you should carefully assess your particular mark and whether the ingredients in your potential product has been known to be effective.  Beware of promises made by manufacturers and distributors, and instead see if you can find independent reviews and reviews at larger stores that tend to publish all viable reviews even if negative.  Some people can certainly get a positive effect, and we wish you the best of luck if you do choose a birthmark removal cream!


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