Butt augmentation is increasingly popular now because the price has come down yet the effectiveness has risen.  The buttocks and hips are a popular target for plastic and cosmetic surgery given that corrections in these areas can change the overall appearance and shape of the body.  Cosmetic surgery such as Buttock Augmentation has also become much less expensive, safer, and with a much faster recovery time recently, adding to the popularity of these procedures. In fact, while Buttocks Augmentation used to be performed only on those who truly required it due to injury or deformity, cosmetic clinics are now more commonly doing them for people who just want to change their overall shape and look.

Butt Augmentation Overview

Butt Implants and Butt Augmentation itself is generally simple, fast, and uncomplicated. Most plastic surgery practices do it as day surgery.  These procedures are unlikely to be covered by standard insurance, though, unless it is being done to correct a birth defect or injury, but even then you should consult with your insurance provider first.

Types of buttock augmentation

There are two basic common types of buttock augmentation:

1. Butt implant surgery where an actual synthetic implant is added that changes the shape and outline of the area, and

2. Butt augmentation or butt injections of substances such as silicone and fat that also change the fullness or shape.

Both of these procedures can also smooth areas of cellulite, however one or the other may be more fitting for your unique needs and desired outcome. Butt implant surgery involves the surgical insertion of artificial implants into the buttocks with the end result being a change in size, shape, and proportion. The butt implants can give definition where there once was none or just improve the appearance of the area overall.  The most famous type of butt injections are Brazilian Butt Lifts, also called butt injections, fat transfer, or fat grafting. In these Brazilian butt lift cosmetic procedures, fat is removed from one of more areas, and redeposited in others to change the shape of the buttocks.

People who go through butt augmentation surgery enhance not only their appearance, but also their self-esteem and self-confidence. However, as with any surgery, you should consider many factors, such as your overall health going in, the long-term consequences, and the costs before pursuing buttocks augmentation. It is vital that you discuss the potential of butt augmentation surgery with your primary physician, a qualified plastic surgeon, and your family.

Reasons for Buttock Augmentation

In general, any Buttocks Augmentation procedure will add substance to the butt, making the area more full and shapely.  In some cases the hips will be affected.  You will then fit into clothing better, and look like you have perfectly even curves and a more noticeable buttocks.  Your confidence will go up, and people will tend to notice something different and more attractive about you even if they are unsure why!

Here are your three specific options for buttocks augmentation:

Butt Augmentation: Injections

• Correct buttocks “shape flaws” through butt injections where fat is strategically deposited in the buttocks area to give the area a lift and fill in where substance is missing

• The perfect placement of the butt injection is key, so an experienced cosmetic surgeon is important

• Perfect body contours and shape by having the shape of this area, and perhaps the hips as well, modified through buttocks injections

• Improve overall body proportionality by having the butt augmented with a Brazilian fat lift

• Recover more quickly and resume normal activities faster with buttocks injections

Buttock Augmentation: Implants

• Design your perfect buttocks shape with a custom-made buttocks implant

• Correct buttocks “shape flaws” and unevenness with butt implants

• Fit into clothing better such as jeans by redefining your shape with a butt implant

• While more expensive and harder to recover from, butt implant surgery is unquestionably permanent and predictable

• Butt implants are safe despite being an invasive surgery, but the skill and experience of the plastic surgeon is still key

Buttocks Augmentation: Enlargement

• Enlargement is designed to just add fullness in general with butt injections

• Enlargement will not correct specific flaws, but rather will just make the whole buttocks area larger

• Those who describe themselves as having a flat area often pursue buttocks enlargement

• May be a little less expensive because it takes a bit less fine tuning than other lift surgeries

• Safe and effective and less likely to wear off than a more specific Brazilian butt lifts or other buttocks injections that are designed to correct a flaw.

Buttocks implants, buttocks injections, and butt enlargement are the three major types of buttock augmentation surgery available today, with each having both positives and drawbacks.  One or the other may be right for you for your buttocks augmentation, though in some cases you may be able to choose equally to get similar results.  One of the most effective ways to know which one is for you is to use software that takes a picture of you and creates images of what you will look like after each type of butt lift cosmetic surgery.  Similarly, your cosmetic surgeon may have before and after pictures of people who have a similar body type as you.

Buttock Augmentation Benefits

There are many reasons people choose to have Butt Implants and Butt Augmentation cosmetic procedures.  We are listing out top ten benefits of these cosmetic procedures in no particular order.  Your own reasons may vary – perhaps being some of these and perhaps being others – but these are the major reason why cosmetic surgery in the buttocks region is increasingly popular.

  1. Butt Augmentation changes your entire shape, making you look more proportional and evenly built.  The midsection, including the buttock and hip area, is key to your overall shape and body appearance.  The easiest way to change your body type is through a change in your midsection.
  2. Buttocks Augmentation help you fill out clothing and swimwear better, making them look better on you and you better in them.  People are naturally drawn to your middle when looking at your clothes and bathing suits.  They may not even know exactly why you look different, but they’ll certainly know that you look better and more attractive after this cosmetic surgery
  3. Buttock Augmentation may leave slight scars, but only in areas that are hidden anyway, under clothing or even small bikinis.  Unlike other cosmetic surgeries, no one has no know you’ve had your buttocks lifted.  The aftereffects are quite minimal, even of implant cosmetic surgery.
  4. Butt Augmentation cosmetic procedures are safe, having been performed many times over by most skilled and experienced cosmetic and plastic surgeons.  You can trust that this relatively simple surgery will likely go as planned.  This is not a new cosmetic surgery, even though advances are continually being made regarding specific techniques used by plastic surgeons.
  5. Butt implants are permanent – no touch up is required, nor is any expensive follow-up surgery needed.  You choose the unique and specific implant that is designed for you, and that is the one you get.  There should be no surprises with implant plastic surgery.
  6. Buttocks Augmentation can lift your confidence and self-esteem by giving you the look you’ve always wanted and correcting flaws you’ve felt you’ve had min your midsection.  You will feel better about your entire appearance, walking with confidence.
  7. Butt lifts with fat injections can be done in stages so they do not make your appearance change too much all at once.  This way people will only gradually come to see the new and more attractive and shapely you.  You can make sure you don’t overdo it this way.
  8. Buttocks Augmentation will not affect your ability to perform in sports or otherwise to be active in any way.  While right after the procedure you will have to take it easy because so many activities revolve around your core, eventually you will be able to resume any and all sports and activities you did previously.
  9. Buttock Augmentation recovery is simple and usually goes smoothly and as predicted.  Long afterwards you will feel no side effects or long-term pain or changes due to this cosmetic procedure.
  10. Butt Augmentation can be followed by other cosmetic procedures that correct other areas as well, giving a better all around shape and look.  For example, chest augmentation, fat removal in the thighs, lipo, and other cosmetic procedures may be pursued to augment the effects of this plastic surgery.

These are just some of the benefits of butt augmentation procedures.  In general this is a relatively common surgery among plastic and cosmetic surgeons and therefore it is safe, predictable, and simple.  Of course you should always consult with your own primary care physician about any potential plastic or cosmetic procedure to see if any unique medical issues you have might complicate things.

Buttocks Augmentation Drawbacks

For the most part people get what they wanted with butt augmentation and butt implants.  In some cases there is disappointment that the surgery did not do enough to correct whole body shape issues, we would not classify this a s a risk.  There are some true risks, however, that you should be aware of before going through this particular cosmetic procedure, such as:

  1. The risk that weight gain or loss could undo some of the effects of butt augmentation surgery, especially fat injections.  When you gain or lose weight the fat in your body shifts as does your body shape.  Thus, naturally, the buttock area can change in shape as can the surrounding area a time goes on, and these changes may undo or at least lower the effects of the original lift.  This risk is mostly under your control.
  2. No amount of computer simulation and visualization can prepare you for exactly what you shape will be after Butt Augmentation, thus one risk if you go the route having an implant designed is that you cannot easily undo it.  You need to be very sure that you will be happy with the results and chose a cosmetic surgeon who has done enough procedures so that he or she can predict what you will look like afterwards.
  3. While the risk of infection is generally low, there is always the possibility that any area where you have surgery or injections will get infected.  Of course in the case of butt implants and butt lift fat injections such an infection, even if relatively mild, may prevent you from being comfortable at work.
  4. While not a medical risk, Butt Augmentation carries some financial risk, especially when it comes to fat injections.  Sometimes it is not clear exactly how many injection sites will be needed to get the desired effect on the buttocks area, and if you end up wanting more than originally planned to ge the look you wanted, the price may rise.
  5. Recovery time is hard to predict and one risk of Butt Augmentation is that you will not be comfortably back to work as quickly as you originally hoped or planned.  This risk factor may be especially true of butt injections where the cosmetic surgeon may have to perform more injections than originally thought, or in the case of a butt implant when the surrounding area just does not heal fast.
  6. Other areas of your body may be problematic after buttocks injections.  This risk is less common but certainly possible since the cosmetic surgeon in taking fat from other areas and redistributing it to the buttocks area.  The areas where the fat used in the butt injection is taken could become infected.
  7. Pain is hard to predict and this is one area where the cosmetic surgeon may have trouble giving you an accurate measurement of “risk”, since the degree of pain you will be in is hard to calculate.  This is particularly true of butt implants.

These are just a few of the Butt Augmentation risks that are more common.  Of course your unique medical condition plays a huge role, as does the degree of butt augmentation surgery you are pursuing.  The more invasive the surgery, as in the case of butt implants, or the more extensive, as in the case of butt injections used for general buttocks enlargement, the more likely you are to face risks.  The more experienced and qualified your cosmetic surgeon the less likely the risks and the more experience she or he has in predicting the degree of risk you face.

Do not downplay the risks of your butt lift, and do everything you can to mitigate them so that your Butt Augmentation can be successful.

Butt Implants Recovery

Here are the general steps to recovery from a butt implant:

  1. Directly after the butt implant plastic surgical operation, the patient usually wears a loose and light surgical garment. This provides comfort, air flow, and minimal inflammation to the area.  This gown helps ensure that the area will not get infected and also allows healing to be a speedy as possible.
  2. You may have a IV tube inserted that will deliver a local anesthetic over the next 2-4 days (longer for the buttock implant surgery than for the fat injection procedure), or you may prefer a more generalized pain pill. Either way, you will need something to ease the pain after a butt implant.
  3. You will need to choose a method for drainage, which will allow excess fluid to drain if you have butt implant surgery to accomplish your lift.  Having someone else around to help is often suggested, but not required.  It is vital that the fluid drain to prevent infection after this cosmetic surgery procedure.
  4. As with most surgeries, you are likely to be put on an antibiotic to prevent infection after your butt implant. As with any course of antibiotics you will need to keep taking it for about 10 days.  You may also be put on a course of vitamins to help boost your immune system after this plastic surgery
  5. You will have to limit any activity that requires sitting on your buttock for a long period after this cosmetic procedure.  You will also have to avoid exercise – at least any activity that puts strain on the buttocks, which is almost everything.  How long you will be limited in this way varies according to the surgery itself and the speed at which you are healing.  Of course it also depends on the activity in question.
  6. Soon, however, you will be completely recovered from your butt implant surgery, whether you have fat injections or buttock implants, and ready to show off your new shape!  You may find that you have to buy new clothes to better fit your new figure.

As always, any information here is general, and you should consult with your doctor and a qualified plastic (cosmetic) surgeon before considering any cosmetic procedure.  Your recovery time may be simpler or more complicated than the above depending on your unique procedure, your health, and other factors.  You will want to make sure you have all possibilities covered after this cosmetic surgery – such as time off from work.  You should plan for the longest possibility, given that recovery from a butt implant can vary so much.

The cost of fat injection buttocks augmentation

For most people, a fat injection butt augmentation cost will run from $8,500-18,000.  The reason for the wide range is twofold.  First, if you need fewer injections to get to the shape you desire, then your procedure will be less expensive.  Second, most practitioners will perform some degree of body sculpting when they are removing your fat cells from other areas.  The degree to which you want them to truly shape other areas may guide how expensive the overall cosmetic procedure is.

Keep in mind that with a fat injection butt augmentation cost you are getting what you pay for.  A less expensive surgery may be the right one for you, but not just because it is less expensive but because your body shape and needs in the buttocks area allow for a lower cost butt augmentation.  A more expensive surgery may seem prohibitive, but if it shapes much more than your buttocks and saves you from having other cosmetic procedures down the line, it may very well be worth it.

Make sure that your provider is specific about what he or she thinks your butt augmentation fat injections will cost, and perhaps even shows you pictures of what each level of injection will look like and cost.  The provider may quote you a price based on what he or she thinks you want when meanwhile you want quite a bit more or less from your butt augmentation.  Unless you are on the same page, you will not get an accurate price.

The cost of buttocks implants

In some ways the cost of butt implant surgery is a bit more predictable.  Whether you need a larger butt implant or smaller one, the price is unlikely to vary too much.  In addition, other areas of the body are not addressed, so your needs elsewhere are not a factor.  The buttocks implant itself is one part of the cost, and the procedure to install it is another.  The former is much easier to predict than the latter.  The butt augmentation cost when using an implant is really a result of two factors: The cost of creating the perfect implant for you, and then the cost of inserting it where it belongs.  Comparing the butt augmentation cost when you are using an implant is easiest to figure when you break things up into these two categories.

Make sure you get an accurate range of cost for the surgery itself, and that you know what the top of the range will be should your buttock implant procedure end up being more complicated unexpectedly.  In addition, be sure that you are agreeing about the exact shape you are looking for, because the dimensions of the butt implant itself often guide the cost of the actual surgery.  Also, with buttock surgery you need to factor in any loss of work or other ways your personal finances might be affected.  And if you are taking out a loan, be sure to factor in the cost of the interest involved.

The cost of butt enlargement surgery

We separate out the cost of buttocks enlargement from butt fat injections on purpose given that fat injections usually refer to a more specific need for a certain shape.  Buttocks enlargement is usually easier since the goal is often just a general fullness and added size, with a bit less emphasis on exactly what the end shape will be.  As you may imagine, butt enlargement is less expensive.  That said, buttocks enlargement can become more expensive if you need a lot of injections to get the desired shape, and it also comes with slight more risk since there is a greater chance for infection and other problems when you increase the number of injection sites.

With buttock enlargement, the use of computer models so that your practitioner can show you exactly what to expect can be very helpful.  You will really want to know how much your will see an effect, and given that the whole purpose is for enlargement you want to be sure the practitioner is not

underestimating what you actually want from the procedure when giving you a price.  As a related aside, you may want to have the procedure done in several sessions so that the results are not too severe all at once, or so that you can make a more gradual decision.  In this case you may want to see if you will be charged any additional amount for repeated sittings.

Real Self provides a helpful graphic where people report what they paid for a butt implant, and there are other places online such as forums where you can get information and advice about butt implants or butt augmentation cost.

Real Self provides some good before and after pictures and plasticsurgery.org gives information about the cost of augmentation of the buttocks Please feel free to share your own experiences with buttock augmentation.  We will continue to update this information as we find out more about butt augmentation techniques and approaches.

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