Cheek Augmentation Cosmetic Surgery

Cheek Augmentation involves using either fat injections to change the shape of the cheek in certain areas, or actual implants that fill out the cheeks, this aesthetic cosmetic surgery procedure is becoming more popular (along with its cousin, chin implants). The drawback, of course, is that the facial area is quite exposed and the downtime after the surgery may be longer than for those areas you can cover up. In addition, because cheek augmentation is considered a more radical surgery than a mere laser skin resurfacing or other surface technique, you need to be absolutely sure you choose a highly skilled cosmetic surgeon.

The cheek augmentation (sometimes called cheek implant) surgery is generally simple, fast, and uncomplicated and can take as little as an hour to perform. Some facial plastic surgery practices will do it as a day surgery. However, because It is unlikely to be covered by standard HMO insurance (unless it is being done to correct a birth defect or injury) you may have to pay out-of-pocket.

Cheek augmentation surgery is performed by the cosmetic surgeon making an incision just inside your upper lip or sometimes below your lower eyelid. A pocket is then formed and the specially designed and uniquely shaped cheek implant is inserted. When cheek implants are being placed at the same time that another facial plastic (cosmetic) surgery is taking place, this can make the process even easier as the implants may be inserted through the same incisions made for the other procedure.

After cheek implant surgery, the area is dressed and ointments are applied that minimize discomfort and swelling. The duration of any pain, swelling or other side effects varies, but is usually not too long. Also, after cheek implant surgery there may be limitations in your activity especially anything where you could suffer even mild trauma to the face.

Cheek implant and fat injection plastic surgeries have become increasingly popular for many women, and lately even some men. They are simple, and even though regular managed insurance may not cover them, they are relatively inexpensive.  Afterwards you can assess whether a laser peel is still something that would further give you the appearance and results you want.  If so, you’ll have to wait a little while to let that area heal, but then it’s certainly a possibility.

As with any invasive plastic cosmetic surgery, you must consider many factors, such as your health, the short- and long-term issues related to the surgery, and the costs involved. Your general medical practitioner and a qualified facial plastic surgeon can discuss the costs and benefits of cheek augmentation surgery with you and your family.  If the answer is not obvious, perhaps having the laser peel first is actually a good idea – maybe that will be enough.

Cheek Augmentation Benefits

When done correctly, cheek augmentation has the following benefits:

– Have the perfect shape – high cheekbones if you so desire
– Become “fuller” and younger looking with a cosmetic cheek procedure
– Cheek augmentation plastic surgery is safe and the cost has come down
– Cosmetically correct flaws/unevenness in the cheek and surrounding area
– Cheek fat injections are usually less expensive and can help when the goal is to get a cosmetic procedure that will provide a general rounding or fullness to the cheeks.
– Cheek implants are indicated when the goal of your cosmetic procedure is to have a very specific shape to your cheek and facial profile after the surgery

You should be able to get the prospective cosmetic surgeon to use computer animation to show you what you will look like after cheek augmentation cosmetic surgery.  Be aware that there are many degrees as far as how much you can have done, and even a small change may have the desired effect.  You also, of course, need to rule out other possible approaches that may work well, including laser therapy, chin augmentation, wrinkle removal, etc.  It may be that cheek augmentation will be what you want, but it also could be that addressing another part of your look does the trick.

You can find some consumer reviews of cheek augmentation here:

Cheek Augmentation Cost

As with any potential cosmetic surgery it is not possible for us to give you an accurate estimate of your cheek augmentation cost without knowing exactly your needs and the approaches that the doctor will take.  Your unique risk factors and how much you are looking to change your facial shape need to be factored in.  Finally, the region you live in has to be factored in, as places with a higher cost of living will likely have higher costs here as well.  That said, we do know how important cheek augmentation cost will be as you decide whether to pursue this route, so we can at least give you some estimates that may help a little.

We start with the cost of the cheek augmentation itself, and depending on your region you will likely pay something between $2,000 and $3,500 for the actual procedure.  Of course if you are having the area changed in a bigger way you may find that the cost is even higher, and on the other hand if you are only making mild changes it may be lower.  There will be other fees as well, including everything from lab fees to x-rays, and follow-up costs as well.  You can expect to pay about $500-$1500 in associated costs during the course of your procedure.  Your total cost will likely range from $3000-$5000 from start to finish.  The initial consultation should be free.

Many practitioners work closely with financing companies so you may be able to get a favorable rate on a loan that will help you pay for the procedure.  You may also be able to pay back the practitioner in installments.  While neither of these options actually reduces the cheek augmentation cost, it may make it more affordable within your budget.

Best of luck if you do choose cheek augmentation!



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