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Laser freckle removal and freckle removal cream are readily available, but can freckles be removed effectively by these processes?  The challenge is that either laser therapy or freckle removal cream are likely only going to be effective if you only get freckles temporarily.  For example, if you have freckles that are the result of sun exposure and/or sensitivity to the sun, laser freckle removal may be quite effective for you.  This form of laser skin resurfacing is relatively easy, but you do need to be sure that you are a good candidate for the procedure as far as skin type and type of freckle.  In short, laser freckle removal works by targeting the melanin in your skin.  Intense light breaks up the pigment that is causing the discoloration.  Almost anyone with blemishes caused by sun exposure is a good candidate for this procedure.  This procedure is not as effective on those spots that you’ve always had as part of your general look.  Freckle removal cream, on the other hand, is less intense and works in a slower fashion, but it can be effective for mild blemishes or temporary breakouts.


In this section we go over the cost for laser therapy and freckle removal cream.  These costs can vary depending on where you live, how much of each process you will need, and how quickly you want to see results.  The following is just a general guide.

Laser Freckle Removal Cost

The cost of laser freckle removal depends on the area to be treated and the depth that the laser must go.  Just like any laser skin resurfacing procedure, a wider surface is going to increase the cost, and the overall laser freckle removal cost will also be determined by the depth that the laser must go.  Of course the number of treatments will also affect your laser freckle removal cost as well.  It is quite hard for us to estimate a laser freckle removal cost given all of these variables.  It could be as little as $500 for a couple of treatments over a small area, or many times that for repeated treatments, treatments that take a long time, or therapy that involves many skin layers.

Freckle Removal Cream Cost

Freckle removal cream is, of course, less expensive than laser therapy, but it also takes longer and is only effective for shallow blemishes.  That said, if your goal is more to reduce the appearance of these blemishes, or you have shallow and transient issues with them, freckle removal cream can be a viable option given that the cost will likely only be $30-$100.  Even the best freckle bleaching cream is is mostly a skin lightening product, so it is not meant to actually remove individual blemishes as much as they are designed to lighten the skin altogether.  Freckle bleaching cream works better for a acquired blemishes, such as small sun spots, than those you’ve had for a long time, but they do work for both.  The ingredients you might find in the best freckle removal cream might include licorice extract, hydroquinone and oxybenzone.  The latter two work faster than more natural and gentle ingredients, but are acids and may also cause a little damage that will appear as redness or peeling.

A slightly more expensive option that it is a cousin of freckle removal cream is a chemical peel which works by peeling away the top layer of your skin.  Chemical peels often only work well for acquired freckles, especially the two types of peel called “superficial” and “medium”.  There are deeper peels, some of which you need to go to the doctor for, that may be better a freckle removal for blemishes you’ve had for a long time.  The latter come with a longer recovery time of course.  For a listing of the best cream to remove freckles you may want to turn to your dermatologist.


Depending on your skin, your budget, and you goals for how fast and thorough you want this process to be, you have several options for your freckle removal.  Here are three of the more common possibilities for your freckle removal:

Laser Freckle Removal Process

The laser freckle removal process is quite simple.  Each session will only take between 30-45 minutes and will be relatively painless and easy.  Depending on your sensitivity, the depth the laser will go, and the type of laser to be used you might be given an anesthetic.  Then your skin will be cooled with a gel and then the practitioner will apply the laser freckle removal treatment.  Afterwards a cream will be applied that will protect the area and speed healing.  Sunblock will either be part of the cream or applied separately.  The number of laser freckle removal treatments you will need depends on the total area to be treated and the density of your blemishes, but a good average is four to six, each one about a month apart.  You may experience some redness afterwards that feels a little like a sunburn.  Otherwise the actual process may be surprisingly simple and easy, and then it will be time to wait for the blemishes to disappear.

Freckle Removal Cream Process

As far as laser freckle removal cream, the instructions are simple of course, but we would suggest using the product on a small and

non-visible part of your skin first to make sure you can tolerate the ingredients, especially if you are choosing a freckle removal cream that contains an acid for an active ingredient.

Follow the instructions on the freckle removal cream closely – do not try to speed the process by using the freckle removal cream too often or in larger quantities.

Pulsed Light

Intense pulsed light can be used to remove some freckles.  While similar to laser therapy, pulsed light can be more targeted to certain areas and even individual freckles.  Pulsed light goes a little deeper meaning that pain and aftercare can be a bit more intense.  Cooling creams and serums often help with the pain.  You may need repeated sessions with pulsed light for freckle removal though they do not need to be spaced out too much.

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels are an option for those who want faster results that from creams but do not want to use pulsed light or laser therapy.  It is also an option for some who experience side effects from the more intensive processes or are told that this may happen.  Unlike chemical peels designed for overall rejuvenation, freckle removal chemical peels are used on smaller and specific areas of the skin.  There is often redness that can be significant.

Results and Aftercare

Wondering what the results might be, and what you’ll need to do after the procedure?  This section covers both topics

 Laser Freckle Removal results

Interestingly the first thing you will see after your laser freckle removal procedure is that your blemishes will actually get darker.  This is because they are coming closer to the surface of the skin, having been broken up by the procedure.  This in a way is actually good news because it means that your laser freckle removal process addressed the types of blemishes that would actually respond to the treatment.  As a few days pass they will actually fade as they move to the surface where you will naturally wash them off, often without knowing it.  The overall effect of laser freckle removal will depend on how many blemishes you have, how deep they are, and what caused them.  You may need to wait a few weeks until you get the full effect until you decide when you need to return for more treatment.

Freckle Removal Cream Results

As far as freckle removal cream, results will be much more gradual, and you will need to temper your expectations a bit especially if you have a large surface to treat and you’ve had the blemishes a long time.

Laser Freckle Removal Aftercare

You will not need much of any downtime after your laser freckle removal.  For example, most people can return to work right away.  You will need to take care of your skin to ensure that your blemishes do not return.  Using sunblock regularly is likely the most important step you can take.  Unfortunately most people do experience some return of the blemishes because you cannot avoid the sun altogether.  If you are also looking into other forms of laser skin resurfacing and rejuvenation covered here you can likely have those treatments in between or soon afterwards.

Laser freckle removal can be quite effective when used on the right type of skin blemishes and by a qualified and experienced practitioner.  The former issue is key, since not all freckles will respond to this type of cosmetic treatment.  You should know going in what the expected results will be so you can assess whether this or another skin resurfacing procedure is right for you.  Some practitioners will even use computer modeling to demonstrate this, while other may be able to describe how well the process worked on those with similar presenting concerns.  We invite anyone who has had laser freckle removal in the past to post your results in the comments section below.

Conclusion: Best Way to Remove Freckles

So what is the best way to remove freckles?  Above we talk about laser freckle removal and freckle removal cream and depending on your skin type and the kind of freckles you have one or both of these processes might work.  But to answer our original question of can freckles be removed you really would have to meet with a dermatologist who can assess things more comprehensively.

Best of luck if you choose these options, whether freckle removal cream or laser freckle removal!

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