Laser Hair Removal Procedures

Laser hair removal can be used to effectively remove undesired hair from the face, legs and arms, bikini line, and many areas for men.  Laser hair removal is very precise in targeting only the hair and not the surrounding skin, and is also quite effective.  Laser hair removal is also quite fast, with times varying from 5 minutes to an hour depending on how much area needs to be addressed.  There is little pain and almost no downtime.  You do need to be sure that you are not someone likely to be prone to side effects, and there are instructions you will receive beforehand regarding sun exposure and other methods of controlling the hair that you will need to adhere to.  Laser hair removal works most effectively with dark hair, coarse hair, and light skin.

Laser hair removal is often not a total long-term solution, with many people reporting that some hair does grow back in time, though many report that the new hairs may be finer and less dense than before.  For a while though laser hair removal can lead to less hair in the affected area, and for a relatively moderate cost this can be a positive result.

The Laser Hair Removal Process

The first step in many laser hair removal procedures is to cut back the hair with a small scissors so the laser has the best chance to get at the roots.  Then the practitioner will carefully assess the hair to be removed and our surrounding skin tone.  Knowing how thick the hair is, the color of the hair, and some of the qualities of the surrounding skin can help the practitioner set the lasers correctly.  Then the practitioner will protect your skin with a gel that feels cool, or sometimes a device that helps your skin feel cool.  While this sensation may feel nice, it is also designed to help the laser get to the roots of the hairs.Depending on your risk of skin discoloration the practitioner may try a few small treatments at first to make sure everything is okay and to get to the optimal settings.  After the laser pulses she or he will wait a few minutes to see if there are any reactions.  The the actual laser hair removal process begins.

Afterwards you will be given anything from simple ice packs to anti-inflammatory creams, depending on your level of discomfort.   In most cases you’ll return 4-8 weeks later, most commonly somewhere in the middle, for your next treatment.The reason why you will need multiple sessions has to do with the nature of growing body hair.  Given that hair grows in several steps, and that laser hair removal can only affect the hair that has already started to grow, you’ll need to come back to address the hair that was not grown when you first had the procedure.  How many sessions are usually needed?  That is hard to estimate, but it could be as few as five and as many as ten sessions that are necessary to get the full effect.  Factors that may affect this number include where on your body you are receiving treatment, the make-up of your hair there, and sometimes gender.

Laser hair removal dos not lead to hair coming out right away, and instead most people report that hairs begin to fall out about two weeks later.

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Most of what you will experience after laser hair removal may be slightly uncomfortable but is quite normal.  For example, for up to 48 hours after the laser hair removal procedure most people feel like they’ve had a sunburn, and the area can look red.  Depending on the extent of this effect, some people are able to cover it up, but for others, especially those who get minor blisters, taking a few days out of normal activities makes sense.  You’ll want to keep the area cool and moisturized during this time.  You may also be instructed to wear sunscreen during this period and a little longer because your skin is sensitive where the procedure has been done.The only common side effects and risks of laser hair removal are blistering and swelling.  While it is rare that there will be any permanent side effects from laser hair removal, you should make sure that you go to an experienced and highly qualified practitioner and that you do not try to move too fast with the procedure.  Follow all aftercare instructions closely and for as long as they are prescribed.
The factors that will affect your after-effects from laser hair removal include your skin tone and color, the coarseness of the airs being treated, and the area on your body that the hairs are growing.  Experienced practitioners should be able to give you a general idea of what to expect afterward given all of these factors, but you should still be prepared for other possibilities.

Laser Hair Removal Cost

The general cost of a laser hair removal session will vary from $200-275 dollars generally, depending on where you live and whether the practitioner is offering any specials or discounts.  That does not necessarily tell you how much your laser hair removal will cost overall because you may not know going in how many sessions you’ll need.  The number of sessions depends on predictable factors such as: the total area being treated, the skill of the practitioner, and any susceptibility you have to side effects that affects the speed of the process.  Generally laser hair removal might cost around $2000-25000 in total, unless you are treating a small area or respond quite quickly to the treatment.  As we mentioned above, laser hair removal may not be a permanent solution and you may need to return after a while for more, but these follow-up treatments may not be expensive if the regrowing hair is less dense than before.

Laser hair removal cost estimates

If you are still wondering how much is laser hair removal you should seek a few different estimates, but be wary of those that come on particularly low.  You should also be wary of those where you are not asked a lot of questions about what you are hoping for and how thick the hair is that needs to be removed.  Your cost of laser hair removal will depend on many factors that need to be described, including the size of the area to be covered, the thickness of the hair, how well established it is, and where it is.  An accurate laser hair removal cost can be garnered over the phone but only if the practitioner takes the time to ask all the important questions.

Cost of laser hair removal factors

There are factors beyond the physical that will affect your laser hair removal cost.  These factors including the cost of living in your area, how experienced your practitioner is, whether you go to a larger clinic or an individual practitioner, and in some cases the quality of the instruments to be used.

Discover Health goes over the cost of hair removal with lasers

Laser Peels vs. Laser Hair Removal

Laser peels and laser hair removal are often confused, so we thought it important to clarify the similarities and differences.  Too often people mistakenly read the side, effects, risks, and benefits of laser peels and laser hair removal as similar, and this can lead to decisions that are ill-informed.  Basically the similarities are easy to explain, both laser peels and laser hair removal uses that power of a laser to remove something through disintegration, in one case a problematic skin layer, and in another the root of hair.  Thus in both cases something disappears through the power of the laser to do a pinpoint job of damaging something that you want removed anyway.

The differences between these two treatments are much more substantive.  In the case of the resurfacving, a large area of skin is being treated, and it is in fact skin that is the target of the cosmetic treatment.  Thus the risks as well as the benefits have to do with skin, and your cosmetic doctor should be assessing things along the lines of your type of skin, history of skin issues, and overall quality of the skin area.  Some types of skin may respond differently and this can be assessed beforehand.

With laser hair removal there is much less risk based on skin tone, skin issues, or the quality of skin.  However, this treatment does not completely spare the skin, so some of these issues may need to be assessed, especially if a large area is being addressed.  Generally, however, laser removal is less likely to produce an untoward effect on the surface of the skin.  This is, of course, not surprising given that laser skin resurfacing is addressed deeply set, in many case long-held blemishes that require a more pronounced treatment, while ongoing and milder issues with hair growth an be addressed with laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal Summary

Laser hair removal may be a relatively inexpensive and effective way to remove unsightly hair that makes you look older.  Many factors will go into the cost of laser hair removal and these factors may also guide whether this process is feasible for you.  Please feel free to share your own experience with laser hair removal in our comments section.

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