Laser Skin Resurfacing in 2017

Laser skin resurfacing has become so advanced that it can be safely used to remove blemishes and imperfections that a person has had forever, even being effective for acne scar removal and the reduction in some birthmarks. Cosmetic surgeons can also improve the look of the skin overall with laser resurfacing, removing wrinkles and age spots and making skin smoother and younger looking. Whether you are calling a plastic or cosmetic surgery clinic for laser skin rejuvenation, chemical peel, or other resurfacing procedure that fixes a specific blemish or just provides anti-aging effects, you will be pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness as well as the reduced recovery time and low-cost.

Premature wrinkling of the skin is becoming more and more common now than ever before, as is the pursuit of anti-aging techniques. This is leading men and women to look to reverse the effects of aging and sun damage, age spots, or specific scars such as acne scars, through laser skin resurfacing and chemical peels.  Laser skin rejuvenation procedures are exactly what they sound like – processes to make the skin look younger and refreshed.

Laser skin resurfacing and related laser skin rejuvenation procedures can be done on anyone in relatively good general and dermatological (skin) health but who have wrinkles, age spots, or acne scars. If you have skin issues such as skin allergies, previous deep burns, or deep acne scars you may need additional evaluation to determine if you are able to have the laser therapy procedure, and if the laser therapy will end up meeting your acne scar, age spot, or wrinkle removal needs.

Facial plastic surgery like laser resurfacing changes how you look, and this can help change how you feel about yourself and improve your self-esteem. However, insurance from HMOs does not generally cover laser skin rejuvenation that is done purely for beautifying (even to remove acne scars), but surgery to correct or improve major deformities or accidental skin injuries may be reimbursable. You should consult with your insurance provider before the procedure.

Choosing Laser Skin Resurfacing

The first decision that you will need to make when it comes to the possibility of a laser therapy is whether it will effectively eliminate or at least reduce the blemish you wish to target, or whether it will otherwise produce the effects you are after.  Laser skin resurfacing does not work for every blemish, and some people are unrealistic about the anti-aging or general rejuvenating effects of the procedure.  This section aims to give you the information and advice you need to decide whether laser resurfacing is a good choice.

While it remains vitally important that you consult with a qualified professional, and also with your own medical practitioner especially if you have any pre-existing problems, this sections should help you decide whether to begin pursuing the possible laser skin resurfacing choice for the blemish of skin issue that is troubling you.  Later sections will go over the actual procedures to help you decide which specific approach might work, but here we focus on whether or not the overall laser rejuvenation decision is for you.

Choosing whether or not to have laser skin resurfacing, or any cosmetic skin procedure, is not one to be taken lightly even if you are desperate to create a change in your appearance.  We hope this section provides balanced information to help with the choice.  We can only provide general information and not advice about your unique situation or blemish.  For unique advice we suggest you visit a qualified and reputable cosmetic practitioner, and you may also want to visit a dermatologist who is independent of that person to get an assessment of your skin and the possible risks and benefits specific to you.

Whether you have age spots (“dark spots”), acne scars, chicken pox scarring, a birthmark, or just skin you think needs to be rejuvenated, a laser skin resurfacing procedure may be for you.  Hopefully we can get you started on that journey, and this section should help.  We hope you might consider coming back and leaving a comment that would help others who are facing a similar choice.

Types of Laser Resurfacing

There are many ways that laser skin resurfacing treatment can be used to eliminate or reduce the look of blemishes on the face and body.  Of course the most widely known uses are in reducing age spots, wrinkles, and dark spots.  And for these blemishes laser peels truly are an effective approach.  However, there are other uses for laser peels as well, and we thought it would be helpful to provide a comprehensive listing of the many uses for laser skin resurfacing and other laser skin treatments:

Scars from chickenpox and other diseases that affect the skin and leave blemishes are candidates for laser skin resurfacing.  These blemishes do not respond well to other approaches such as chemical peels and skin creams, so laser peels have emerged as the treatment of choice.

Warts can be removed with laser skin resurfacing.  Sometimes the wart removal is just a side procedure when something else is being done through laser therapy, though for those with many warts it can be the primary purpose.  The great thing about laser peels for warts is that the skin around them gets refreshed as well.

Skin that generally looks aged often responds to laser peels in the category of laser skin rejuvenation.  This is because the laser therapy approach truly removes the less good-looking skin and reveals younger looking skin underneath.

Scars from acne can be addressed with laser skin resurfacing, and like the scars above this is the most effective and fastest treatment when compared to chemical peels and blemish removing skin creams.  You still may need multiple treatments, but the results may be powerful.

– Some people do not have a specific blemish, but rather have complexion issues that involve gray skin tone.  Laser therapy can often be used to fix these skin complexion issues, though there is some risk for side effects when people have an off-skin tone so you should explore this further.

Enlarged oil glands, usually appearing on the nose, can be addressed with laser skin resurfacing.  These blemishes are unsightly and can appear at any age, and the laser therapy can almost completely fix them.

– Skin that does not respond after a facelift procedure may respond to laser therapy that does what the skin did not do naturally.

These are some of the slightly less common reasons people pursue laser peels and laser skin resurfacing procedures.  There are new uses found all the time, so we may be updating this page often.  Also, if you had laser therapy for any of these issues or even something else, we hope you will share your experience in the comments section.  Our aim is to present all the background information anyone might need, and your help in this regard is always welcome!  Of course everyone is different and how your blemish will respond can only be assessed by a qualified laser therapy practitioner. Some of the above may require multiple treatments, most commonly birthmarks, more severe wrinkles, and deeper acne scars. Some are easier and often need only one skin rejuvenation treatment such as age spots, warts, mild acne scars and fine lines. And you should ask whether a chemical peel is a better choice – in the case of some surface blemishes it may be a more inexpensive choice.

It is vital that you follow the aftercare instructions after your laser therapy or other skin rejuvenation procedure because some of the above can and will return if you don’t. For example, age spots will reappear if you spend too much time in the sun, and wrinkles can be a product of poor nutrition and sun exposure.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation FAQ:

The following are frequently asked questions about the best laser skin rejuvenation anti aging skin procedures.  Please feel free to use our comments form to submit other questions.  These tend to be the most common questions asked about laser resurfacing, but you should also ask your cosmetic practitioner as well:

What is the difference between a laser peel and a chemical peel?

A chemical peel uses a fruit acid to strip away the top layers of skin while a laser peel uses a laser to do the same thing.  Chemical peels may be more destructive to the skin than a laser since it cannot pinpoint the exact layer of skin that is being targeted.

What is the difference between dermabrasion and laser skin resurfacing?

Dermabrasion treats blemishes such as scars and wrinkles through  gentle sanding technique – a high-speed rotating sander is used.  Again, laser skin resurfacing uses beams of light to basically get rid of troublesome top layers of skin.  Dermabrasion is better for skin problems that are only on the surface, while laser resurfacing takes care of problems that are both on the surface and deeper.

Can any of these laser resurfacing procedures help with deeper problems, such as deep acne scars?

With deeper skin problems such as acne scars, sometimes a combination approach is needed, such as using fillers first to cover the scars and then laser skin resurfacing is performed

Can any of the anti aging skin care processes like laser skin rejuvenation help with skin that is saggy?

There are few products that can help with sagging skin, so often a cosmetic procedure is necessary

Benefits of Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing and other forms of laser skin rejuvenation are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s no accident.  The benefits of these procedures have increased as technology has improved and practitioners have refined their skills. In addition, the popularity of

Laser rejuvenation is becoming increasingly popular, and it’s no accident.  The benefits of these procedures have increased as technology has improved and practitioners have refined their skills. In addition, the popularity of laser skin resurfacing, like most cosmetic and plastic surgeries, feeds on itself, since word or mouth increases every time a person finds out why a friend, colleague, or family member looks so good.

There are many reasons why these cosmetic procedures are being sought by many people with many different presenting concerns that they hope to address with laser skin resurfacing, and here we aim to cover the reasons to get laser therapy, in no particular order:

Laser Skin Resurfacing Eliminates Age Spots

Laser skin resurfacing is probably the most effective way to completely eliminate age spots.  They do not just fade age spots, but rather completely break up the pigment that is causing them.  Skin creams take a very long time and can be quickly reversed with time in the sun, but laser skin resurfacing eliminates the age spot.  Of course age spots may recur if you spend time in the sun without sunblock, so you may need additional treatments.  Regardless, they are certainly the quickest and easiest way to address age spots when they do appear.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation can Reduce Wrinkles

Laser skin resurfacing can reduce the look of wrinkles by a noticeable amount.  There are many facial skin creams that claim to do the same thing, but only this cosmetic procedure can do it quickly and in a lasting way.  Note that this is likely only true a smaller fine wrinkles.  When you go to your cosmetic professional, ask how much the laser resurfacing will affect the wrinkles you have.

Laser Resurfacing is not expensive

Laser skin rejuvenation has come down in price – significantly.  What used to be only for the rich or semi-rich can now be for almost anyone with just a little savings.  The key is asking how many treatments will be needed – each treatment may be affordable but you don’t want the number to begin to add up.  There are two parts to this question sometimes: How many treatments will you need to address the skin problem that exists now, and how likely is it that that skin problem will recur even after it is cured.  Birthmarks can sometimes be eliminated forever, but age spots can recur.

Laser Skin Resurfacing Can Help with Longstanding problems

Laser skin rejuvenation can resurface skin that has blemishes such as acne scars that have been around for a very long time.  Many people have learned to live with the blemish in question and don’t even realize the potential of laser peels.

Laser resurfacing is Safe and fast

Laser skin resurfacing is safe – when done by an experienced cosmetic surgeon or practitioner you can expect that the procedure will be simple and easy and relatively painless.  Of course there are risks elated to how your skin reacts and whether recovery might be complicated which we cover on our pros and cons of skin resurfacing procedures page.  Laser skin resurfacing is a fast cosmetic procedure – as effective as it is, it is not a procedure that requires you to be in the doctor’s office very long.  Some people are comforted by how elegant and simple a laser peel truly is.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation works on some birthmarks

Laser resurfacing can even reduce the look of some birthmarks.  Ask your doctor whether your particular type of birthmark could be reduced or eliminated with a laser treatment – in some cases the answer is not simple, since perhaps the skin rejuvenation can at least reduce the look of a birthmark even if it can’t eliminate it.

Laser skin resurfacing is not just for the face

Laser skin rejuvenation is not just for the face, and many people use them to eliminate age spots on the arms, blemishes on the legs, etc.  In fact, when done on areas that are not visible a person can return to work and other normal activity almost immediately in some cases because any resulting irritation and outward signs will not be visible.

Recovery from Laser Resurfacing can be quick

Recovery from laser skin resurfacing is not complicated or difficult, and does not require as much down time as you might think for a cosmetic procedure this powerful and effective.  If you do have a procedure done on your face you will just need to wait until you can use makeup to cover up any redness that persists more than a few days.  Laser resurfacing doesn’t change your skin, but merely break up the problematic layers of skin to allow the naturally healthy and unblemished skin to show through.  That said, there is a fraction of people for whom the laser therapy does set off a reaction that can produce a color change – your doctor can tell you if you are at high risk for this.

This is not an exhaustive list of the benefits of laser skin resurfacing, but it certainly is a start and should show you how effective, safe, and relatively inexpensive these cosmetic procedures are.  Of course nothing can substitute for your own consultation with a cosmetic surgery provider who specializes in skin rejuvenation and also your own healthcare provider, but this list should give you an idea of the potential benefits should you pursue this course.

In general laser skin resurfacing can address many skin blemishes that involve shallow and deep layers of skin.  These procedures are growing in popularity and there is no question why given the broad range of uses from the above to the better known wrinkle, age spot, and other dark spot removal.  As you can see, laser therapy has tremendous promise and a wide range of uses.  Ask your cosmetic surgeon or laser therapy practitioner if your particular blemish can be safely treated.

Massachusetts General Hospital has a good page describing their laser procedures

Here are laser rejuvenation techniques before and after pictures and the government site Medline covers laser techniques for resurfacing

Laser Skin Resurfacing Disclaimer

Of course everyone is different and how your blemish will respond can only be assessed by a qualified laser skin resurfacing practitioner. Some of the above may require multiple treatments and some are easier, but they all come with some risks and potential complications. Our website cannot possibly assess your unique situation, and issues such as your specific blemish, skin tone and type, and likelihood that laser therapy will produce the desired improvements. Please make sure to get independent medical advice before deciding to undergo laser skin rejuvenation of any type. We are quite excited about the potential of laser resurfacing but it is not meant for everyone.

Best of luck with whatever laser skin rejuvenation procedure you choose!  Please feel free to come back and let others know how your laser resurfacing went and whether you would suggest laser skin resurfacing to others.

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