Microdermabrasion are actually exactly what you would think they are if you break down the name into its parts.  Dermabrasion uses an abrasive instrument that basically sands the outer layer off to reveal newer and fresher skin underneath.  The “micro” part merely describes a process that is less abrasive and easier to pinpoint.  This may sound like a painful process, but it actually is not, though some people do experience some redness and discomfort afterwards.  This page goes over the benefits and costs, and how to choose the best practitioner for this anti aging treatment.

Microdermabrasion Benefits

Microdermabrasion has been reported to help with a variety of issues including:

  • Reversing sun damage, including age spots.  This of course makes sense since you are removing a layer of skin that contains the discoloration
  • Lessening the look of acne scars.  This is a little less clear.  The results may be modest and the procedure will not necessarily provide complete relief.
  • Reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles.  This is the main reason people choose this particular cosmetic procedure.
  • Reducing the look of enlarged pores.  Many people are bothered by this skin condition and find some relief with this process
  • Generally providing skin rejuvenation.  Those who have had microdermabrasion report younger looking and revitalized skin.

Microdermabrasion benefits also include more general effects due to its reported effect on collagen production.  With a thicker layer of collagen your skin can appear smoother and more even.  Dermabrasion can lead to this effect

Microdermabrasion Side Effects

There are usually no serious side effects from microdermabrasion.  In some cases your practitioner can predict whether you might be more or less likely to experience certain side effects from the process.  For example, people with certain skin types, and people with darker skin, are more likely to experience side effects from dermabrasion.

The most common side effects people do experience from dermabrasion include:

  • Uneven skin coloration.  This side effects sometimes will go away quickly, but for some people it does persist.  This is most common in people with darker skin tones to begin with.
  • Formation of a mild scar.  The chances of this may be lessened if you use a highly experienced practitioner and if you go slow.
  • Infection of the skin.  This can happen after the procedure given that the skin is raw and bacteria can more easily enter.
  • Sunburn.  While this is not technically a side effects of microdermabrasion, it should be noted that your skin will be more susceptible to sunburn after your procedure.

Preventing Microdermabrasion side effects

The best way to prevent or at least predict the potential side effects from dermabrasion is to go slow.  Have the practitioner try the procedure on just one small part of your skin and see whether you are happy with the results.  Ask them to use a milder setting during your first procedure.  And make sure to relate your whole history of skin problems and sensitivity.

Microdermabrasion Costs

Not surprisingly one of the first questions people ask when thinking about pursuing microdermabrasion is how much it is going to cost.  It is vital to know this information before beginning the procedure because the costs can be complicated and can potentially grow if you are not careful.  Thus before we get into the specific dermabrasion cost, we want to list some questions you need to ask that are more general in nature:

1. How likely is it that the effect desired from microdermabrasion treatment will be achieved in just one sitting?  Put differently, what is the likelihood that the expected number of sessions needed will grow and what would cause that – how likely are you to fall into that category?

 2. What exactly is covered by the fee you are paying?  In some cases you are paying for a result with your microdermabrasion cost, and you will not be asked to pay more until the desired aesthetic result is achieved.  However, for most procedures you have to pay more if the initial procedure does not achieve the desired effect.

3. What are the peripheral microdermabrasion costs?  In other words, after your procedure will there be creams or medications you will need to purchase, and if so – and especially because insurance is unlikely to cover them – how expensive are they and for how long will they be needed.

4. What are the chances that something will go wrong and cause a problem that needs to be corrected at an additional cost?  Many dermabrasion practitioners will cover some necessary corrections for free, but you should know going in the extent that they will cover a fix.  For example, if you have skin discoloration, you need to know if that will be corrected for free or whether there will be an additional cost.

The dermabrasion cost can vary from provider to provider and region to region.  Of course it can also vary by exactly what your needs are – will it take a lot of visits to create the results you desire for example.  All of that said, we can give a general ballpark estimate here.

In general your microdermabrasion will cost around $500.  Only you practitioner can give you a highly accurate price or range given how many sessions you’ll need.  You’ll need to balance whether the desired result will give you the anti aging effects you were hoping for, and whether the price, especially when compared to other anti aging procedures you could pursue instead, makes sense.  Of course there will be other factors related to price that we did not list above, including how many choices of practitioner there are in your area (more practitioners increases competition and therefore brings the price down),  the overall cost of living where you live, and how popular your chosen practitioner is (does he or she need your business).

Best Microdermabrasion

So how do you choose the best microdermabrasion approach for you, and how do you make sure that dermabrasion is the best choice in the first place?

Microdermabrasion before and after pictures whether of others who have actually had the microdermabrasion procedures, or of you using computer generation, can provide the most effective way to determine whether the cost is worthwhile.  Spend some time here and elsewhere really getting to know your potential procedure well, and then you can truly determine whether the procedure is worth it.  Make sure that there is not another anti aging procedure you could choose for the same money or less that might give you better or the same results – you are not just comparing practitioners and procedures, but also different types of products and services to give you that anti-aging effect you want.

Choosing a Microdermabrasion Doctor:

One of the more complicated parts of the process, yet one that can be highly related to your final microdermabrasion cost is choosing the cosmetic surgery practitioner who will perform your procedure.  This step may be harder than it sounds, given that skin rejuvenation and microdermabrasion have become more popular recently, with more people doing them.  The process of finding the right doctor starts with knowing what questions to ask any prospective practitioner, and the list of what you’d want to know includes:

  • Start with asking whether the doctor is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  This certification suggests that the doctor has sufficient training and expertise in cosmetic surgery in general, and this is important to know for your specific microdermabrasion procedure.   Then ask if she or he has been specifically trained in dermabrasion.  This step is actually independent of your cost since this is basic highly important information.
  • Then ask about the facility she or he practices in – the pace where you will be getting your microdermabrasion – is it state and nationally accredited or licensed?  Note that a higher quality and larger facility may add to your laser skin resurfacing cost but could also mean better results.
  • Ask many questions about why you may be a good candidate for dermabrasion.  What will the results likely be, how long will they last, will additional microdermabrasion treatments be needed?  All of these questions relate to your laser skin resurfacing cost.
  • Make sure you know exactly who will be performing your microdermabrasion procedure, since it is often not the primary doctor at the practice who does this.  Make sure you know about that person’s experience and qualifications.  While your dermabrasion cost may be lower if they assign someone with less experience, you do not necessarily want to cut corners that way.
  • Ask about recovery from your microdermabrasion – not just general information like what is contained here, but more specific information such as how long will recovery from your unique procedure take, what are the risks specific to you, etc.
  • See whether the practice has before and after pictures of people coming in not only for a similar type of microdermabrasion, but also with a similar skin type and complexion as you.

Microdermabrasion.net has a great list of the benefits of this cosmetic process and “How Stuff Works” explains the skin resurfacing process in detail.

If you do decide that this process is best for you, look for the best dermabrasion practitioner through word of mouth, online reviews, and referrals from other professionals you trust.  Let us know how Microdermabrasion goes for you!

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