Brahmi Herb is the Ayurveda term for Bacopa. On this page we talk about the benefits of Brahmi oil as used in Ayurveda medicine. The following are the main uses of Brahmi supplement for positive effects.

Brahmi Benefits

The Brahmi health benefits are similar to those of Bacopa Monnieri in general, but this oil can also be used externally, such as with massage.  So some of the positives that are listed below are not as much from the fact that this natural home remedy is much different, but rather because it can be applied and used differently.  For example:

  • Brahmi Oil benefits include its use in massage in order to induce relaxation and stress reduction through the aroma and the transdermal effect.  By yourself you could use it as a bath oil for the same purpose.  Again, the same active ingredients that we discuss on other pages more specifically about Bacopa are at work, but the oil allows for topical usage and enhanced aroma.
  • Of course the best known of the Brahmi Herb benefits is its potential to boost your memory.  While it has not been studied extensively, some suggest using Brahmi oil as a scalp massage to get some of these benefits transdermally.  Some say that this method has a side benefit of improving the health of the scalp and hair.
  • Brahmi herb is also known to produce mental clarity and alertness, and to reduce anxiety and stress in general.  It can help reduce insomnia created by stress and anxiety, and generally create calm when you need it.  Again, you could use it transdermally on top of the skin when it is in the oil form
  • Mild inflammation and swelling of the joints may be helped by the use of Brahmi Oil massaged into the area.

Of course for any new medical condition or symptoms you should consult with your doctor first and make sure that she or he is comfortable with you taking a course that involves a naturally home remedy like Brahmi Oil.

Getting the Brahmi Oil Benefits You Want

As you can see from the above listing, there are many ways to use Brahmi Oil in order to get the benefits you want.  Unlike many Bacopa Monnieri formulations that are more general, Brahmi Oil comes in forms that can be used in aromatherapy, bath oils, massage oils, and topical applications.  For some conditions several different types of formulas might work, but you still might want to experiment a little to bet the Brahmi Oil benefits you are looking for.  We expect that this natural home remedy may get more research done as more people report positive benefits, and we also wonder whether newer uses will emerge.  For now you can expect that this home remedy should be able to give you the same positive effects as Bacopa, especially regarding those symptoms that respond to a topical and transdermal solution.   The website About Health covers these and other benefits of using this herb.  Here is more detail about some of the benefits of Brahmi Oil:

Brahmi and stress reduction

Many supplements and home remedies work to reduce stress after it has already occurred. You feel stressed or anxious and you take whatever supplement. That natural treatment of stress may work in some cases, but Brahmi has an advantage over that approach: this supplement actually seems to insulate people against stress thereby reducing the stress produced by events in the first place. Two animal studies help point this our scientifically:

– In one study the level of a hormone implicated is stress responses, known as “Hsp70” was lower in non-stressed animals after they were given Brahmi for only a week.
– A different study looked into enzymes that seem, in larger quantities, to help people manage stress better. These two hormones, called “P450s” were higher in rats who were taking Brahmi.

These two studies of Brahmi as a natural home remedy and supplement point out the power and reach of this herb. It works in two different ways to reduce stress or insulate people against stress, and this is only one of the many benefits of Brahmi. Medicinal herbs can be effective and in this case safe, and those where scientific studies have been conducted to prove their mechanism – how they work – are even more compelling.

Brahmi herb can insulate you against stress, and it appears that waiting until the stress has arrived is a mistake!

Brahmi Supplement and Memory

A recent study was performed to uncover the effects of Brahmi health benefits including effects on memory. Does Brahmi have the potential to be a memory booster as many have said, and can it prevent certain cognitive declines that occur with age? 76 adults between 40-65 years old took part in study which used a highly reliable double-blind randomized, placebo controlled approach – basically the most scientifically solid and unbiased way to conduct research.

This study of the effects of supplementation of Brahmi on memory function and anxiety, which not only tested participants right after their trial on Brahmi but also six weeks after, showed that Brahmi health benefits included a significant effect on helping these adults retain new information both immediately and in the medium term. The participants were matched with similar people taking a placebo, and neither group knew who was taking Brahmi and who was not.

This is just one study that showed that this simple and natural herbal supplement Brahmi, one that is available over the counter, could have very powerful effects on memory. It is fair to say that Brahmi  may indeed by the memory booster that many have claimed over the years.

Brahmi Herb and Anti Aging

The term “anti-aging” has gained in prominence over the past few years as people look to look and feel younger as they age. We therefore ask the question: Is Brahmi Extract an “anti aging” healing herbal remedy. The answer is more complicated than you might think, given that the term has become so broad and in many cases misleading. Let’s start with the obvious: We are all aging, and nothing can stop that process. There is no supplement and no medicine that can stop the overall aging process, or reverse all the aspects of aging. The fountain of youth has not been discovered.

But specific symptoms of aging are another story altogether. In some cases supplements like Brahmi Extract can stop or reverse symptoms of aging, even if other signs and symptoms unavoidably continue. So given that gradual memory declines and lessening abilities to learn novel information are normal and come with aging in some people, it is possible for a supplement that works to lessen these symptoms would have anti-aging effects. But again, we are only talking about the effects on specific measurable symptoms, not an overall effect. If we were describing an overall effect one would expect that all of at least a majority of symptoms of aging would be corrected, and no supplement can accomplish this.

So where does this leave us as far as Brahmi? Basically we resist calling it an “anti-aging” herbal remedy because said like that we are claiming that it reverses an entire process that cannot be reversed. Instead we prefer to describe Brahmi as having effects that reverse or stop the effects of aging on particular signs. This is a much clearer and realistic definition, and may prevent some people from looking to Brahmi to do more than it can, or to cure symptoms that it cannot touch.

Tracking Brahmi Herb

Many people take supplements like Brahmi herb and feel strongly that they work. And in the case of Brahmi herb there is research that suggests that they are likely correct. However, is it possible that Brahmi herb does not work for everyone, or that an underlying problem might not respond to Brahmi? Yes. But how can a person using this home remedy really know whether it is working? A supplement journal is one possibility.

A supplement journal basically sets out to measure the effects of a home remedy that you are taking by noting changes and progress along the lines of the symptom that you are trying to address. In this case, if you are taking Brahmi herb for its memory-boosting powers you should note improvements in your immediate recall, short-term memory, and longer term recall. Notice when you seem to remember something that you previously might not have, or when you seem to be able to learn and recall new information easier than before.

Ideally you would start a supplement journal even before you start taking the home remedy, whether Brahmi herb or anything else, so you can establish a “baseline” of functioning before you started taking the natural cure. But if this is not possible, a journal that relies on anecdotal evidence is still a positive step. Just try as hard as you can to compare current memory abilities with those that are comparable in the past. You can even ask close family members and even friends to note when you seem to remember or learn more effectively if you want – or at least write down when someone comments that you showed a strong memory.

Brahmi herb is a powerful and in many cases effective memory and brain booster that has a lot of scientifically sound research surrounding it. But as with any natural home remedy (or even synthetics for that matter) its effects on you personally are best measured by you.

Magnifying Brahmi Effects

When you are taking Brahmi herb extract for any number of issues there are other things you can do to promote positive change.  In other words, certain activities can further your chances at success in taming any symptoms or issues, or making improvements.  This may be true of many different herbal remedies and supplements, but it is particularly true of Brahmi since the reasons people take it – memory and learning boosts and depression and anxiety relief – can be approached in many different ways.

Let’s start with memory issues.  It has been proven that certain exercises used to keep memory sharp as we age do work toward this goal.  Exercising our short and immediate memory does seem to strengthen our abilities to remember and recall in our everyday life.  Learning some simple memory tasks that can be practiced can increase the effect of the herbal remedy Brahmi herb, and can also be quite fun!  The same principle holds for learning: Many people report that if they challenge their learning ability as they age or even just during periods where they are not in any formal education, they keep their learning abilities sharp and focused.  This our suggestion with both learning and memory is to find a website, DIY book, or even a community class that focuses on keeping either memory or learning skills sharp.

Some people decide to try the memory exercises before taking Brahmi oil in the first place, choosing to either try to address the issue without taking a supplement, or wanting to get a baseline measure of memory to be able to tell whether Brahmi supplement is working.  Many are surprised by how much we can improve memory with practice – it is not a skill that just declines and gives us no chance for remediation, but instead is something that can be improved with practice at any age.  Of all of the opportunities to improve memory in conjunction with Bacopa Monnieri, the most popular and also the one we feel may be most effective is online memory games and challenges offered by several reputable companies.

Depression and anxiety can also be addressed through exercises that can augment the use of any home remedy like Bacopa extract.  There are many books, for example, that focus on something called “cognitive behavioral therapy” which helps a person tackle anxiety and depression through changing certain negative thought patterns.  And going beyond the use of books and using a therapist as a coach in using these cognitive techniques is known to be a powerful way to reduce these symptoms.  Again, you may try certain techniques before choosing to take Bacopa Monnieri in the first place, or you may just want to get a baseline feel so you know whether Bacopa worked for you once you start taking it.

Of course if your depression or anxiety is severe you should see a professional, but for milder depression and anxiety our first suggested step is to get a self-help program that has been around for a while and is either in book form or available on the internet and focuses on changing your thought patterns.  Try this for a month before taking Bacopa Monnieri, and then take the supplement when you need a boost.  It will be great to know that you worked on the depression or anxiety yourself before turning to Brahmi for that last boost, rather than that you sat back and hoped that the Bacopa would do all the work.  When it comes to psychological issues it is often fruitful to do some of the work yourself so you might learn something about your thinking and emotions, and that is why we suggest these adjunctive treatments before taking Brahmi supplements.

Brahmi Herb Summary

Brahmi Oil Benefits are wide-ranging and relatively well documented.  Brahmi oil itself is a specific type of Bacopa Extract, and thus we wanted to dedicate some of our website to this formula.  Like the more general bacopa monnieri, Brahmi Oil benefits generally include a reduction in anxiety, insomnia, memory and learning issues, and mild depression.  It may have other positives as well, given that it has not been extensively studied and that there are reports of wider ranging positive effects.  For now, on this page, we will focus on those Brahmi Oil benefits that seem a little more likely to be reported and discussed, but we welcome your own comments below if you have tried this natural herbal remedy and experienced other effects.

VeryWell covers the benefits of this supplement including alternatives.

Best of luck if you try Brahmi Herb as a home remedy.  We will continue to provide the latest information about Brahmi supplement or oil here in this blob.  Please share below if you have information from experience or that you have discovered elsewhere about the potential of Brahmi Oil.

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