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Trying to figire out where to buy Bacopa Monnieri?  This page may help you decide where to turn and how to choose the right product.  Bacopa Monnieri is becoming very popular as people are learning about its effects on memory and learning, and its potential positive effect on anxiety and depression.  Many like the idea that this particular supplement is backed by solid research, and that it works fairly quickly.  But as it has grown in popularity, more and more formulations have come to market and it can be hard to choose where to buy Bacopa.  Whether you choose to buy Bacopa Monnieri online or at a local health food store you will have to choose among different preparations and brands, and sometimes even types of administration.

In this section of our website we cover several different bacopa and brahmi products:

Bacopa Supplements: Pills that can be taken daily and give you an accurate dose

Brahmi Oil: An oil that can be used topically or internally

Bacopa Extract: Another non-pill form of this home remedy

Bacopa Buyer’s Guide

We provide this buyer’s guide that should help – note that as a fully independent site we cannot suggest any particular brand or product:

Purity: Look for a brand that uses 100% pure extract of the Bacopa plant.  A little lower is likely okay, but brands that use a lot of fillers or substitute in other ingredients may not have the same high quality as those that are ultra pure.  Make sure the product is not dodging the question of purity in some way.  This should be something that is clear and clearly shown and something you should know before you buy Bacopa Monnieri.

Other ingredients: As mentioned above, you do not want many if any other ingredients in your preparation.  This herbal supplement does a lot as is, and you do not want its effects muddled by the fact that your chosen product has other ingredients as well.  These ingredients may be fine but Bacopa is powerful and effective enough on its own.

Potency: To measure the potency of your Bacopa Extract, be sure it is standardized at around 20% Bacosides.  At this level you are getting the active ingredient that you need, and at the right dosage.  You will want to buy buy Bacopa Monnieri preparations that list this potency clearly.

Allergen-free: These preparations are also often higher quality because they have to be manufactured more carefully.  Whether or not you actually have allergies, this designation points to higher quality supplements that are manufactured well.

Quality: If your preparation was manufactured using cGMP guidelines you know it is high quality.  These guidelines are strict and provide some degree of standardization and were instituted to give consumers confidence in the companies that make supplements so this can provide a key fact as you decide where to buy Bacopa Monnieri.

Type of active ingredient: You want both Bocaside A and Bacoaside B in your preparation, made from the whole plant – though some would say that preparations using just the leaf are okay.  One way or another, your supplement should list these two active ingredients.

Dose: Most Bacopa preparations will be between 200-500mg per tablet.  This is not important except when comparing price, since most people take about 4-500mg per day.  At lower doses the product still will work but you may be paying too much.

These are just some of what to look for when you are thinking about where to buy Bacopa Monnieri.  In general, as with any home remedy, you can often rely on a trusted manufacturer that has a good reputation in general to provide an excellent product.  Beware preparations where the seller makes claims well beyond what we cover here, and companies that have not been around very long.  Also stay with those companies who have good overall ratings – whether for this particular supplement or for others.  Generally companies that do solid quality control and are concerned about their reputation for good products will be trustworthy across all of their products.

Best of luck as you choose where to buy Bacopa Monnieri.  We welcome additional advice in the comments section, though we cannot advise people toward a particular product or company.

Where you can Buy Bacopa Monnieri

When it comes to supplements it used to be easy.  There were supplement stores, bricks and mortar, where you could buy your chosen home remedy.  Pharmacies and drug stores only carried the most common supplements, and there was no internet.  Now, however, the list of places you can buy a supplement like Bacopa Monnieri is much longer, and each choice has its positives and drawbacks.  Doing a little research might point you in the right direction as far as where to buy Bacopa Monnieri at first and then on an ongoing basis.  The following is a general guide to the positives and drawbacks to each choice.

Buy Bacopa at your pharmacy

Popular pharmacy chains are a good place to get reputable pre-made formulas.  There is relatively good quality control because these pharmacies are generally buying from larger brands that have a stake in the quality of their product.  The prices may be a bit cheaper as well, since pharmacies can buy in bulk and reach good deals with distributors.  The drawbacks to choosing to buy Bacopa Monnieri from a pharmacy is that the formula you get may be more processed than something you could get in an herbal remedy store.  In addition, you will not find staff who are experts in choosing and preparing this or any other home remedy.  Finally, the most obvious drawback to choosing to buy Bacopa Monnieri from a pharmacy chain is that they may not carry it.

Buy Bacopa Monnieri at Healthfood Stores

Bricks and mortar health food and supplement stores are a great choice for your purchase if you want to see the product before you buy it, and if you want advice from an expert on how to use it.  In addition, if you eventually want to prepare your Bacopa Monnieri supplement at home, you can both get the advice you need on how to do that, and also buy the “whole” version at these stores.  The downside of this choice is that there are fewer retailers near you geographically than you can find online, so you are putting your faith in just one or two potential bricks and mortar places to buy Bacopa Monnieri.  On the other hand, unlike websites these stores really need to appeal to their customers since they cannot draw from a worldwide geography so they likely offer exceptional service and benefits.

Special order from a bricks and mortar is a hybrid choice, where you actually go to a health food store and they order you a band and formula of Bacopa Monnieri that they trust and recommend.  They may not have every single formula ready to buy on their shelves, but in this choice they are able to get a specific choice for you from one of their distributors.  This way of choosing to buy Bacopa Monnieir can feel like it offers the options of buying online with the trustworthiness of buying from an established and reputable store.

Buying Bacopa Online

Online supplement retailers are perhaps the most common way to buy Bacopa Monnieri and a wide variety of other supplements these days.  Going online to buy Bacopa will give you the widest variety of options and will allow you to more fully compare price, formula, brand, and potency.  You will also be able to choose certain options such as automatic delivery of you next set of supplements.  Of course the drawback of choosing to buy Bacopa Monnieri online is that returns are not quite as easy and you cannot actually see the product in person before buying.  Also, of course, its hard to get a gut feeling about the quality of the retailer and it can be hard to know how long they’ve been in business.  All of that said, many people buy their supplements like Bacopa Monnieri online for the convenience and choice.

Buy Bacopa with Flexible Spending Accounts

Bacopa monnieri effectively helps with memory and learning, according to several studies.  Does this mean that you can use your flexible spending account to buy a whole bunch of Bacopa Monnieri and have it be counted as an eligible expense?  This is a question that many may be asking these days, given that some FSA plan years end on 12/31.  The answer to whether a supplement available over the counter like Bacopa is actually covered by FSAs used to be easy – almost anything that you could buy to potentially relieve a symptom was covered, so it was easy to buy things if you did not spend out your health spending account.  Those who took Bacopa Monnieri at that time could quite easily spend out by buying all of next year’s supplements.  But things have changed, and we wanted you to know.

Now flexible spending accounts only cover supplements that your doctor has specifically prescribed.  This does not necessarily mean that a supplement like Bacopa has to be only available by prescription.  The supplement can be available over the counter but it has to be one that your doctor has specifically told you to take, and in some way put that in writing.  Some flex spending accounts are more lenient than others when it comes to this, but it is quite clear that just going and buying supplements in order to spend out your FSA is not as easy.

Is all of this bad news?  We actually say not.  In many places on this site we recommend consulting with your doctor about Bacopa Monnieri, especially if your symptoms are new or increasing.  He or she may not agree that Bacopa Monnieri is the answer, but he or she can at least make sure it will not interact with other medications you are on or other medical issues you might have.  And if it is safe for you, they may be likely to recommend Bacopa so you can buy it as an eligible expense.

Buy Bacopa Monnieri that Fits Your Needs

As you can see, there are many choices as far as where you can buy Bacopa Monnieiri, and many formulas to choose from.  This natural home remedy comes in different forms and different doses, and of course there are a variety of manufacturers using different methods to make these supplements.  The difficult part is that there is no general right or wrong answer as far as where to buy Bacopa Monnieri, what strength to buy, and what form to buy.  The preparation that works for you may not work as well for someone else and vice versa.  That said, we’ve created this section of our website to provide some guidance and assistance that could help you in choosing and buying this natural home remedy.

Other pages and posts on our website also have information that will help you choose a good product:

Best Bacopa Preparations describes in detail the different types of product you can choose from when you buy Bacopa Monnieri.  There are preparations where this natural herb is the only active ingredient and there are those where it is one of many or at least several.  You should know which preparation to choose.

Growing Bacopa Plant goes over exactly what you need to know if instead of choosing to buy Bacopa Monnieri pre-made you want to grow the plant at home.

We hope to provide at least enough information to get you on the right track toward choosing a product that will work well for you when you want to buy Bacopa Monnieri, whether you have specific symptoms that you want addressed or just want the memory and brain boost that it can provide.  It usually does not take too many tries and too much experimentation to get it right; most of these preparations work and it’s just a matter of which one will work optimally not which one will work at all.

Our advice about buying Bacopa

As an independent and unbiased site we aim to provide a well-rounded approach to the choice of whether and where to buy Bacopa Monnieri extract.  We have no stake in what you decide and even whether you decide to take this natural home remedy at all.  Therefore we will give all the information we can, whether it supports or discounts your choice of this natural home remedy for memory, learning, depression, or anxiety.  And we also accept any unbiased comments, whether in support of and against the use of this home remedy, or merely pointing out risks and pitfalls.

You have already made a great choice in pursuing the possibility of buying Bacopa extract as a home remedy, natural cure, or booster, and we hope this section will help you buy the perfect formula for you!  As always, we cannot specifically recommend a formula or manufacturer here, and many of them are quite good anyway.  Your best bet is to find one that works for you and stick with it, using these pages to make the initial choice.  And when you do, please feel free to come back and let others know what works!

Large retailers provide a huge selection and also have unbiased customer reviews, like this well-known online store

Best of luck, and we hope you will check back and join us in giving others advice about this herbal home remedy and how to decide where to buy Bacopa Monnieri.

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