Interactions and Side effects of Cyani

What to be cautious about when taking this herbal remedy

Cyani is a safe, natural, and effective herbal remedy for most people suffering from certain skin conditions, tired eyes, stomach issues, and inflammatory conditions.  However, Cyani is not for everyone and every condition.  It is important that you know the cautions and side effects of this home remedy before you begin taking it.  We break things down as follows:

1. Do not use Cyani for more than it is capable of.  This home remedy provides relief for a variety of conditions but it is not a supplement with a huge range of effects.  You need to understand the limits of what this remedy can do, and don’t try to use it beyond its reach.  For example, while Cyani helps with certain skin conditions that cause itching, it is not an effective remedy for many skin rashes that are moderately severe.  Many people get excited about herbal remedies given how they can powerfully yet naturally cure a wide range of issue, but that does not mean that they can do everything.

2. Watch for side effects if you take Cyani internally.  Like any other remedy that is powerful and usually effective, Cyani can cause some side effects ranging from stomach upset to headaches to fatigue.  Stop taking this remedy if your side effects are moderate to severe, and see a doctor if they do not subside quickly.  Do not assume that these problems have some other cause or that they will go away.  Some side effects worsen over time and others persist long after you stop taking the herbal remedy.  You need to be diligent to ensure that you are not experiencing side effects that could present a larger problem.

3. Cyani may interact with certain medications and supplements.  This caution is not one to wait and see about.  If you are taking other herbal remedies or prescription medications, you need to check whether there will be any interaction.  You may end up with Cyani interfering with the mechanism of action of the other remedy, or even causing a side effect due to the combination.  This can be difficult because unlike more established and traditional medications, Cyani has not been thoroughly researched and studied as far as potential interactions.

4. Cyani may cause a worsening of other issues.  Again, if you have a medical condition of any kind you should check with your healthcare provider before taking any herbal remedy to be sure the new chemicals will be safe and not make the condition worse.  This caution is actually the least common issue people do experience with this natural herbal remedy, but still something to be aware of and ask an herbalist for information about.

5. Finally, Cyani should not be used when symptoms are severe to begin with.  This herbal remedy works to reduce mild symptoms and is not a cure for more serious medical issues.  Do not jump in with Cyani at the expense of seeing a medical practitioner if you have a problem that is severe or worsening fast.

These are the major cautions involving the use of Cyani as an herbal remedy for a variety of internal and external issues.  In general we suggest that you check with your medical provider first, especially if your symptoms are moderate to severe or completely new to you.  In addition, see an herbalist to make sure that you are preparing, dosing, and taking Cyani exactly the right way for your conditions and symptoms.

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