Cnidium Benefits: The Many Uses

Cnidium benefits are clear and have been proven, though like many other natural home remedies there has not been too many solid scientific studies that say with certainty that it will work for everyone or under every condition, Cnidium Monnieri benefits have been known to include treating a wide range of common ailments safely and naturally.  We present that main symptoms and illnesses that this natural herbal remedy has been said to help with or even cure,with the caveat, as always, that you should check with your doctor or other medical practitioner first, because despite these know Cnidium benefits your own medical condition or predisposition may suggest that you do not try them.

Cnidium Monnieri Benefits Listing:

Cnidium Benefits for low intimate drive, erectile dysfunction and impotency.

This is probably the most well-known of the Cnidium benefits, one of the most widely known positive effects of this natural supplement.  It  may work for both men and women with low intimate drive.  The cnidium monnieri benefits in this area are wide-ranging, from reducing ED in men to improving interest in women.  Whether you will get this particular  benefit right away, the first time, or whether you need an “additive” effect by taking it regularly is something you’ll have to experiment with.

It is likely that one of the related Cnidium Monnieri benefits is that it improves mood for those experiencing those symptoms, given how frustrating they can be, and how they can affect intimacy.

Cnidium Monnieri benefits for Skin Rashes and infections

Some rashes seem to go away with this herbal remedy, so this is another benefit that has become well-known.  For those who are prone to harmless but unsightly rashes this herbal remedy may help prevent them.  In this case the flower is made into a paste with inactive ingredients.  You should probably have a herbalist walk you through how to do this the first time if you are not familiar with the process.  Also, this herbal remedy will not work in all cases so you may want to get the rash diagnosed to understand what the best approach should be.

Cnidium Monnieri benefits include reducing the chances of infection and also help heal those that are there already.  Some hikers seek out this plant when they get a cut or other abrasion.  Again, we suggest that this herbal remedy only be used as a temporary measure if you have a deep or serious cut, and more traditional ointments should be applied when possible.  As with many natural supplements this one of our listing of cnidium benefits has been passed on for generations and was originally the reason for this particular plant’s popularity.

Eczema seems to go away for some who use this natural healing home remedy, and recurrences may be less frequent or severe if it is used as a preventative.  This of course would be a very welcome use of this natural home remedy for many who suffer from this harmless but unsightly skin disorder.  And like some of the above, we feel that this benefit could be one that is more heavily researched in the future given how important the problem is.

Cnidium Monnieri benefits on muscle and bone mass.

We are not referring to any problems caused by an ongoing illness because in this case you need to work with an MD.  We are referring to the fact that those who have wanted to build strength for sports or just generally have noted this range of Cnidium benefits.  In other words, this herbal remedy may help augment the effects of a good workout designed to build or tone muscles, but of course it will not work alone.  And again, if you feel that your muscle mass has dropped more than usual, consult with a doctor.

Again, make sure you check with your doctor first, but assuming she or he is okay with you giving this herbal remedy a shot, you may find that it helps augment other approaches.  It may be a good way to head off problems in those who may be prone.  This is one area where perhaps there will end up being some sort of scientific exploration or research, given how widespread the problem is.  In other words, it may be worth looking into this effect given how robust sales could be if it was proven.

Cnidium benefits on energy

Cnidium Monnieri benefits have been said to include an increase a feeling of vitality.  It may increase overall energy for many who take it regularly or even perhaps just on those occasions when energy is low and a boost is needed.  This may be a much more natural approach than an energy drink.  Again, this particular entry in our listing of cnidium benefits is one that has been passed down given that it likely worked for a few who did not have today’s comfort and had to live more squarely off the land.

For some, an increase in energy can also improve mood, and thus we would not be surprised if one of the other reported Cnidium monnieri benefits is a reduction in depression and anxiety.  In fact, perhaps there is a nice cycle here, where Cnidium benefits may include improving mood, and that in turn increases energy, or Cnidium improves energy and that in turn improves mood, or even that this supplement does a little of both and the two separate effects become greater when taken as a whole.

Getting the best Cnidium Benefits

The above listing are potential Cnidium benefits that have been reported.  There are no guarantees that you will experience the same Cnidium Monnieri benefits but you do want to give yourself the best possible chance.  To that end, be sure to buy the highest quality product you can, and follow dosing recommendations carefully.  Make sure you are doing other things to help augment your supplement, such as keeping skin dry and clean in the case of using it for skin issues, or making sure to eat healthy if your purpose it to gain energy.  This herbal remedy will not work if other choices you are making work against it, so keep a holistic approach in mind.

You might also want to switch brands of this herbal remedy if you find that one is not working, especially if a different brand offers a new way to take the supplement or uses different ingredients.  For example, if you are taking a brand that lists this herbal ingredient, you might look for one that uses the whole flower.  Or if you are using an oil for skin problems, you might try a cream for better results.  In some cases you may just find that for you the Cnidium benefits will be low and you’d need to move on to something else, where in other cases it may just be a case of choosing another product or method of delivery.  Give any change at least two weeks before you give up.

The science behind Cnidium Monnieri Benefits

One of the reasons we are so excited about this herbal remedy is that some of the benefits that have been reported have been backed by solid scientific research.  The main mechanism of action is an inhibitory effect that prevents or at least slows DNA damage.  This is also described as the supplement being able to destroy free radicals.  In other words, this herbal remedy has both antioxidant and inhibitory effects, and is therefore similar to other supplements known as anti-aging home remedies.  This type of general action could explain a wide variety of the more specific cnidium benefits that we find in the literature.

Similar to many herbal supplements and home remedies, we do not find many studies of the more specific cnidium Monnieri benefits.  There is no a lot of research money dedicated to any supplement that  a larger company cannot patent and therefore be able to sell in a proprietary way.  Yet the above mechanisms that have been scientifically shown would explain many of the more unique positives.

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Other Cnidium Benefits:

There have been other less frequent reports of Cnidium benefits, but we are only including those that are more commonly reported.  We welcome the input of those readers who have tried this natural healing home remedy for any of the above reasons or as a home remedy for anything else.  As new Cnidium Monnieri benefits seem to gain traction, we will of course begin to include them here.  We will continually update this page a, and we hope that as excitement builds we will see more formal scientific studies that prove the mechanisms of action of this healing herb and the many known and to be discovered Cnidium Monnieri benefits!  Please feel free to share your own experience with this herbal remedy below and we will of course also update with the latest information on Cnidium Benefits.

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