The Correct Cnidium Dosage

The correct Cnidium dosage is vitally important.  This herbal renedy can be taken both internally or externally, depending on what you want addressed.  For external uses, such as for itchy skin, certain rashes, and eczema this herbal home remedy is usually taken by grinding up the seeds and making a paste that is applied.  For internal uses such as reduction in erectile dysfunction, impotence, and low drive Cnidium seeds are ground into a powder and swallowed.  In both cases this natural home remedy has been known to have powerful and effective results – but the in all cases Cnidium dosage is key.

How to Decide on a Cnidium Dosage

So how do you dose this particular herbal home remedy?  The short answer is that it may be safest and easiest to buy supplements from an herbalist who knows exactly how much of this herbal remedy to take and how to prepare it.  Of course there is less risk of taking too much Cnidium dosage if you are merely using it externally, and more if you will ingest it.  For the latter purposes, you should take between 6-12 grams of Cnidium seeds at each dose, starting with lower doses at the beginning.  Again, a good herbalist can prepare this herbal remedy for you, and in many cases they will do so in a way that will allow you to adjust your Cnidium dose.

Cnidium dose not take long to work.  For skin rashes and the like you may see improvement in just a day, and continued improvement thereafter.  For internal uses you may notice a difference the first time the opportunity arises after you start taking it and certainly after a few days.  In both cases your Cnidium dosage may have an additive effect – getting more powerful and effective the longer you stick with it.  Whether this herbal remedy is also a preventative measure after the problem goes away is open for debate.

Herba Wiki has some information about taking Cnidium.

Cnidium Dosage and Mixed Preparations

Cnidium for internal use often comes in a form where it is mixed with other herbal remedies, most commonly cuscuta.  These combinations work together to treat impotence and erectile dysfunction. Though these approaches can be very effective, we do not suggest starting with a combination approach because then it can be hard to know what is actually working and what your actual Cnidium dosage even is.  But after a while when you know what the effect of a certain Cnidium dosage actually is, then mixing in another herbal remedy or taking a premade mix that contains them both ingredients in clear doses can be very effective.

Cnidium Dose for ED

What about dosing for a specific issue such as ED?  Like many other home remedies and natural cures, even those that have been used for centuries, there has been little formal research into the ways to take Cnidium and its effects, but it has been reported to help with ED.  Dosing cnidium for ED is difficult, though it is tempered by the fact that it is hard to take too much, at least within reason.  Thus our suggestion is to start with a controlled low dose of cnidium for erectile dysfunction, at the lower end of whatever is printed on the label.  Like other home remedies and some prescriptions, Cnidium dose and its effect of erectile dysfunction may not have a lot to do with your size, so this may not be a factor.

If you are planning to prepare cnidium yourself from the plant or seeds of the actual flower, we strongly suggest that you go to an herbalist first and have that person guide you as to how to dose the home remedy correctly for ED.  Also have the cnidium supplement prepared in small doses that can be taken in multiple parts so that, once again, you can start with a low dose.  Then the next time either you or the herbalist prepares the home remedy for erectile dysfunction you or s/he can make a larger and more optimal dose.

Cnidium Monnieri Dose General

While cnidium is not necessarily harmful if taken in a too-high dose, it can get expensive to take more than is necessary, and most people would agree that with any natural supplement and home remedy it is good to take only what is necessary.  The side benefit of taking a low dose is that you may be able to generally see if this home remedy will work for you before investing more money and time into it – it may work a little, enough to prove it has an effect, even if you end up needing a higher dose.

It can be tempting for the potential user of a natural home remedy to want to start with a high dose.  Often the symptoms or issues that are the cause of the interest in the home remedy have become quite frustrating and thus there is a rush to get them resolved.  A website like this may get you excited about the possibilities and rightly so.  But that does not mean you should start with a high dose or take Cnidium at the high-end of frequency.  Keep in mind that taking any natural home remedy is an investment, both in terms of money and in terms of your health.  Start slow and be diligent in learning your unique reaction to Cnidium, and this will pay off in the long run.

Many people find that a lower dose of Cnidium is enough, and often their own body size, past experience with other supplements, or extent of symptoms do not necessarily point in the direction of how much to take.  But often these are the reasons people will give for taking a high dose.  In reality, everyone is different in how they metabolize the active ingredients in Cnidium and it is much easier to start low and slowly work up to a higher dose than to start high and work downward.  In the latter scenario you may be so excited about the effects that you do not want to lower the dose, or you may experience a brief disruption in effects as you lower the dose that would have been transient but motivates you to stop lowering.

Keep in mind that many of the symptoms that you are hoping to address with Cnidium are quite measurable, such as in the case of erectile dysfunction, so you will know when it is working.  And if you are taking Cnidium for a less measurable reason you should still know when you are getting an effect.


Please make sure that if you have a problem that seems to be worsening over time or is severe you should talk to your healthcare professional before using any Cnidium dosage at all or any other natural herbal remedy.  In addition, if you are taking a prescription for a problem you should check to be sure there would be no interaction effects with this herbal remedy.  And if a moderate Cnidium dosage does not work, again it may be worthwhile to check to see whether there is another medical approach that would be beneficial.

Do your homework before taking any Cnidium dose internally (e.g. for erectile dysfunction) or externally (e.g. for skin issues) because this is a powerful herbal remedy and you want to be sure you get the dose and approach correct.  Again, even if you have a little experience with making herbal remedies at home, you may want to get a tutorial on Cnidium from an herbalist before doing it yourself the first time.  And keep track of the dosing and approach that works well for you – you may only need a small Cnidium dosage in spurts so you’ll want to remember exactly the right dose for the next time you need it.

Best of luck with this powerful and effective herbal home remedy!  But please do your homework about the dose and approach, and make sure you get some guidance if you are not sure of your optimal Cnidium dosage.

One thought on “Cnidium Dosage

  • November 21, 2014 at 12:26 am

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    A client of mine wants to produce an oral liquid (will be filled into 35 ml small glass bottles) that to be used as a male enhancement.

    -This oral liquid should have an effect in the 2-3 hours (onset time)
    and following herbal extracts will be used for the preparation of this oral liquid blend:

    a) cnidium fruit extract(20:1) =300 mg
    b) maca 10:1=100 mg
    c) s.cuscuta 10.1=200mg
    d) wolfberry 10:1=300mg
    e) K.ginseng %80 ginsenosides=100mg
    of) Eucommia bark 10:1=150 mg.

    Here are the questions we want you to send us your comments;
    1-) Does this formula works well and properly for this purpose?
    2-) How can he eliminate the bitter tase of cnidium in this oral liquid?
    3-) Where can we buy high quality water soluble cnidium extracts?

    If you help us on the above subjects, We will be grateful to you..

    Thank you in advance for your considerations

    Best Regards


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