Cnidium Side Effects are relatively rare, and since this herbal remedy is helpful in treating a variety of ailments, including external issues such as skin rashes, and internal issues such impotency and erectile dysfunction they may not be stong enough to suggest that you stop its use.  In other words, many people are quite satisfied with the help that this herbal home remedy provides, but there are some precautions you should be aware of, including cnidium monnieri side effects and improper use.

Cnidium Monnieri Side Effects Categories

These precautions fall into four general categories: Cnidium Monnieri side effects, use when conditions are severe, misuse, overuse, and use by those with risk factors.  We will go over each category with a focus on Cnidium side effects, but in the end the most important thing you can do, especially if you belong to a high risk group of some sort or otherwise are concerned about using this home remedy is check with your doctor to be sure addressing your problem in this way is safe.  In addition, for any condition that is novel and does not respond to traditional therapies you should check with your doctor first.  We cannot possible cover every one of the cnidium monnieri side effects and precautions that may uniquely affect people with wide ranges of presenting issues and makeups.

Though there is not so much about Cnidium side effects, WebMD does a nice job covering the side effects of this herbal remedy

Side Effects of Cnidium

Cnidium side effects have not been extensively studied in humans which means that much of the scientific data available has to do with its effects on animals that are presumed to be the same in humans.  It’s hard to predict, therefore, what the cnidium monnieri side effects might be, so you should be aware of any unwanted symptoms after you take this remedy.

Side effects of Cnidium List

Look for any changes in sleep, appetite, energy level, or of course any pain or discomfort that seems to start after you start this home remedy.  If these side effects are anything more than mild and relatively fleeting, stop taking this herbal remedy and see a doctor if they don’t go away right away.    Some of the reported cnidium side effects include nausea, vomiting and muscle contractions.

How to Manage Cnidium Side Effects

It is advisable, like with many herbal remedies, that you start with a lower dose to test to see whether you may be probe to cnidium side effects or not.  In addition, given the lack of research and the potential for different people to react differently to the chemical makeup of this herbal remedy, do not dismiss any reaction that you have after taking it, given that cnidium monnieri side effects have not been widely studied so your reaction may be related.

Cnidium Monnieri side effects when conditions are severe

While not directly in the category of cnidium side effects, when the problem to be treated is severe and has progressed a long way it may be too late for this herbal remedy to have a beneficial effect, at least without some sort of adjunctive therapy.  For example, a skin rash that is hot and sore, and especially one that is raw and exposed, should be looked at medically and not initially treated with this or any herbal remedy until this is done.  This particular natural home remedy can be very effective in the initial stages of some rashes and internal inflammation for example, but it is not for more severe conditions.  Anything more complicated or severe than a condition you have previously treated at home or might otherwise let heal on its own should be checked out medically.

Misuse of Cnidium Monnieri

Again while not really part of cnidium monnieri side effects directly, some people have difficulties because they misuse this herbal remedy.  This herbal has many forms and can be used both externally and internally.  Thus it can be confusing as far as which form should be used in which instance.  For example, the seeds are the main ingredient in many home remedies taken internally, but these remedies that use seeds should not be confused with the essential oil that can be created from the seeds.  This oil should not be ingested, even though logic might suggest that it should be safe if it is derived from a safe part of the plant.  You should only take this (or any) home remedy in a form that is known and often used, and if you do not have experience creating your own natural remedies get expert guidance at least at first.

This herbal remedy has been used for years as a treatment for certain skin rashes and intimate problems.  It has also gained a reputation as potentially working on more severe conditions such as asthma and osteoporosis.  There are of course also rumors of other things that this herbal remedy can do, and sometimes people who get one effect can be tempted to try to use it more generally.  Or perhaps there is a desire to use it for related problems.  Be very cautious about using the home remedy for conditions you do not see covered here and in other places.

Cnidium Side Effects in high risk people

Given the lack of knowledge, we suggest that anyone with a high risk for problems related to medications, such as children, women who are pregnant or breast-feeding, and those with existing serious illness seek a doctor’s advice before trying this remedy.  If you fall into one of these categories you could be at risk for interaction effects with other medications you are on, or unwanted effects related to your medical condition.  Your likelihood for developing cnidium monnieri side effects is greater, and also the need to check out any symptom is more important.  You may be able to proceed without worry of cnidium side effects, but it is worth being just a little more sure if you fall into these categories.

This is generally a safe and effective natural home remedy.  However, it is quite powerful and therefore you need to be aware of all of the above as far as potential side effects, general precautions, and potential unwanted effects.  And at any point if your condition worsens or unwanted effects do not subside, you should see your doctor right away.

Cnidium Interactions

As with many lesser known but potentially powerful home remedies, it is not easy to describe all the potential interaction effects between Cnidium Monnieri and other supplements and prescriptions you might take.  Our best advice is to ask your own primary care physician if there could be any potential interaction between it and anything else you take.  It can be helpful to look at our page about mechanisms of action first so that you can describe them to the doctor in case she or he is not specifically familiar with this herbal remedy.

We can offer some general guidance about Cnidium side effects due to interactions as follows:

Cnidium Monnieri Side Effects and Multiple Supplements/Prescriptions

Be wary about taking more than one supplement for the same issue.  For example, if you are taking a prescription or another supplement for erectile dysfunction, the two supplements are likely working at least somewhat on the same systems and thus a full dose – and even in some cases any dose – of both can lead to problems.  Of course our advice in this area is not just because of Cnidium side effects due to interactions anyway, since you really want to limit how many supplements you take and if you take a bunch for one problem it may become difficult over time to know which one is actually working.

Be extra cautious if you are on any prescription medication at all.  We often make assumptions that a prescription medication for something completely different couldn’t possibly have an interaction effect with Cnidium Monnieri, but keep in mind that even if they do two different things supplements may be metabolized in the same place or may share some of the same pathways.  In other words, despite our first point there could be some issues even if the two supplements are for two different issues.

Cnidium Monnieri Side Effects and Medical Conditions

Also be cautious if you have any medical condition, even if mild.  We say this for two reasons.  First, a medical condition could respond negatively to the introduction of a supplement like Cnidium.  Your existing condition could get worse by the introduction of this natural remedy.  Second, this herbal remedy could mask your symptoms of your pre-existing condition, making it difficult to track how you are doing and when you need to see your doctor.  This is not to say that you can’t take it if you have a pre-existing condition, but merely that you need to talk to your doctor about any potential interactions.

Side Effects of Cnidium Monnieri and Diet

Finally, if you are on a particular diet prescribed by your doctor you may want to make sure Cnidium Monnieri will not have any effect on what that diet is supposed to do.  This last Cnidium side effects due to interactions is highly unlikely since this herbal remedy is not likely to have any interaction in this way, but this is generally good advice when you are starting to supplement with any herbal.  Know the effects this home remedy could have on your diet and be prepared to respond if there are any problems.

Cnidium Side Effects Conclusion

This herbal remedy and natural cure is unlikely to have any of the interactions listed above, but as with any supplement it is important to know what to look for as far as potential interaction effects and side effects.  You may not even have to stop taking it if any of the above happens, but you may need to take less, take it at a different time, or even take a different formula.  This is an active ingredient supplement that works well, and interactions come with that territory.

This page from Examine goes over many aspects of Cnidium including side effects.  Also remember to see our page about benefits of Cnidium Monnieri.

If you have had any Cnidium Monnieri side effects, please use the comments section to let us and others know.  Also, as we get more information we will keep this page updated about Cnidium Side Effects.

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