Cnidium extract is actually a relative of the carrot, though it looks completely different from that plant and has no edible underground part.  Most people are not familiar with this plant, though at this point it does grow in many parts of the world.  Cnidium plant is an annual that is dense with leaves and flowers and is considered an annual. It is actually not a bad-looking plant though often it is found growing in less than desirable locations.  You could conceivably grow this plant at home without too much effort, though it is not the easiest herbal to process so unless you enjoy growing your own remedies as a hobby or otherwise have an interest in botany, you may want to stick to buying the plant already in a form ready for use – especially if you want to use Cnidium Extract which would be harder to make at home.

Cnidium Extract History

As a natural healing herbal remedy, cnidium extract has been popular for at least 2000 or so years.  Different parts are used, including the yellowish seeds which have a sweet smell.  Cnidium plant also bears a small fruit which is not usually consumed as a food but is used in herbal remedies.  One challenge when it comes to this particular natural herbal is that different parts can be used leading to differing effects and potencies, so it is a challenging plant to manage without some expertise.  Ideally you will want to have your supplement standardized for the amount of active ingredients it contains.

Cnidium Extract Roots

Cnidium plant is native to China, where it is very hearty.  It tends to grow everywhere from the edge of fields to waste areas.  It also appears to be natural to other areas in the East including Korea and Russia.  Now it is also found in the United States, especially the upper west coast and some places in Europe.  As we mentioned, it is not a difficult plant to grow at home if you live in a climate that supports this plant – it is quite strong.  Learning how to spot Cnidium plant is somewhat fun, and can lead to a little more adventure when it comes to the use of this herbal remedy and natural cure.

Cnidium Extract as a Home Remedy

There are many ways to prepare Cnidium extract as an herbal remedy, from the parts used to the ways it will be ingested or used externally.  We will be going over all of this on this website.  Suffice to say for now that the most important thing to know is whether you are looking to buy the leaves, fruits, or seeds, or just the whole plant cnidium monnieri extract.  You also need to know what form you want this herbal remedy in – are you using it topically or internally?  And if internally, would you do well taking it under the tongue, through the skin, or in more traditional pill form?

There are many related herbs and flowers that may have similar effects, and we will cover this elsewhere as well.  This plant is quite unique, but some of its active ingredients are shared with other plants.  Of course there are other plants that can augment the effects of this remedy as well.  As you will see, our strong suggestion is to use herbal on its own, in a pure supplement with no other active ingredients, so that you know for sure whether it works and how well it works, before mixing in other ingredients.  If you find that cnidium extract turns out to not be for you, you may want to turn to something related and if you took a formula with lots of ingredients you may not know which one(s) caused the problem.

Purchasing Cnidium Extract

The quality and purity of different Cnidium Extract supplements varies considerably, so be diligent in which one you ultimately choose.  Look for a brand that you have trusted for other herbal remedies in the past, and also see a qualified herbalist for advice.  Make sure you know how much actual Cnidium extract is in the supplement and also what parts of the plant were used.  We provide more information elsewhere, but for now suffice to say that while there are many very well made Cnidium extract supplements out there, there are also many that are not as pure or effective.

The best way to choose a store or distributor is to look for unbiased comments and reviews on websites such as forums and larger stores which appear to publish even the negative reviews.  Don’t necessarily jump to get the cheapest cnidium extract product, but you don’t also need to buy the most expensive.  Make sure that the potential store you choose is clear about the ingredients used in their cnidium extract product, and also lists heir return policy.  Finally, beware of products that combine cnidium extract with other active ingredients.  These products may work and those active ingredients may be helpful, but at the same time you want to be sure you know exactly what is working for you and you ant to avoid any side effects that have nothing to do with the actual cnidium monnieri extract.

Cnidium Extract Side Effects

Cnidium extract has a relatively low side effect and interaction effect profile but it is still good to check with your doctor before beginning.  And don’t dismiss side effects too quickly; while they might actually go away or be tolerable and mild, they can also get worse or be signs that something more serious is going on.  If you experience anything but the most mild side effect, discontinue use until you have received a medical opinion.  Also, if you have any existing medical issues or are on any prescription medication, make sure Cnidium extract will not interfere or interact.

You are unlikely to experience any side effects from cnidium extract itself, as long as you buy formulas that are pure and so not have other active ingredients.  You should start with a low dose if the product gives a range of doses.  Keep track of any changes in your sleep, appetite, concentration, and energy level so that you can be sure that this home remedy is not causing any difficulties.  And if you do experience side effects that are more than very mild or get worse over time, make sure you talk to your doctor and that she or he gives you the okay to continue taking it.

Cnidium Extract Precautions

Cnidium Extract is not for everyone, and while it tends to be quite safe you should still let your health care provider know you are planning to take it.  Usually the most significant precaution with Cnidium extract is not what the actual home remedy will cause as far as side effects and other problems, but rather the fact that whatever the medical problem you are trying to address needs further medical attention.  In other words, you need to tell your doctor about the symptoms you are having not merely to get permission to try to use cnidium extract to solve the issues, but also so she or he knows you are having the issues in the first place in case they worsen or are signs of something that needs to be treated.

If you are on any medications already or have any pre-existing medical condition you need to be particularly cautious with cnidium extract or any home remedy, and in these cases the same doctor who is treating you or prescribing medication needs to know about this home remedy approach.

Cnidum Extract Summary

So if you are looking for a powerful and natural home remedy that involves a plant that is common and well-known in many parts of the world, you’ve come to the right place.  And if you are merely just wondering about the plant behind the remedy you’re already taking, you’ve come to right page!  We provide completely unbiased and independent information about cnidium extract and we have no stake in what you eventually choose – if this herbal remedy is not for you that is fine – as excited as we are about it we do not profit from our readers’ choices when it comes to cnidium extract or anything related.

Thank you for your interest in Cnidium extract.  We hope that this herbal remedy might bring you the relief you are looking for!  And if not, we hope that some of the more general information contained here proves helpful to you in some way.  We welcome your questions and suggestions for our site.

Your input

If you know other facts and information about Cnidium extract that we have left out, from the amusing to the important and everything in between, please let us know either through contacting us or leaving a comment.  We appreciate the feedback from our readers and look forward to sharing all of the information that is out there about this potential herbal remedy and natural cure.

Acupuncture Today has a nice concise overview of the extract from cnidium and although he is an affiliate for certain brands, Ray Sahelian provides great information about the extract from Cnidium plant.  Let us know below if you try this herbal remedy and how Cnidium Extract worked for you.

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