Knowing how to compare anti aging products is important since there are so many possibilities available.  You will need to make these comparisons on several levels, including the ingredients involved, the place where you buy them, and the customer comments and reviews.  Each of these steps is quite important, and we go through each below in order to help you compare anti aging products.

Compare Anti Aging products by Ingredients

The first way you can compare anti aging products is by looking at the ingredients involved.  Of course this type of comparison only works for products such as anti aging creams, serums, peels, and the like.  In these cases you can look to see what ingredients each one has.  Make sure you note not only the list of ingredients but also, when possible, how much of each and how pure each ingredient is.  This way you can make sure you are comparing apples to apples when you do this comparison.  In other words, if one product has half as much of an active ingredient as another, that is important to note if the prices are the same.

In addition to comparing the types and amounts of ingredients you want, you also need to to decide whether there are ingredients you do not want also involved.  In other words, you may have had an allergic reaction to one or more ingredients, or you may want to get more potency from one ingredient or two and do not want others interfering with the purity of your approach.  And finally, you may want to hold prices down by not paying for active ingredients you do not need.  Sometimes it can be helpful to see if additional ingredients may have a positive effect, but in a lot of cases you just want to get the ones you are specifically looking for, at least at first, when comparing anti aging products.

Compare Anti Aging Products by Method

You may also want to compare anti aging products by method of administration.  Some products are used topically, while others are supplements to be taken.  Even within those major categories there are differences, such as the difference between a gel that stays on the skin for longer than a cream, or a supplement that needs to be taken three times each day vs. one that can be taken once.  For several reasons the method of administration may make a difference to you.  For example:

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– You may want certain nutrients directly administered to your skin, as is the case with various anti-aging creams and serums.  Or on the other hand sometimes you want to take a supplement instead because a topical formula irritates your skin or you cannot get enough of the active ingredient that way.  You may even want to do both, but in that case you want to watch the eventual dosage of the active ingredient you will get in combination.

– You may not like taking supplements, and in that case you may completely opt for something that can be taken transdermally, or at least something that only has to be taken once each day.  You might also choose a product, if the amount of the active ingredient is standard, that is smaller and easier to take.

– For a localized issue you may decide that an external application of some sort makes the most sense, while for a general issue taking a supplement may be better.  It may be easier to concentrate an amount of an anti aging serum or cream on one spot, and not easy to use it all over.

– Finally, when choosing between various serums and creams you may want to decide among factors such as whether the ingredients have to remain on top of the skin for some time, or whether the cream can be rubbed in completely, and whether the product has to be used multiple times each day.

Comparing Anti Aging Products by Name

There are many anti aging products available and it can be hard to know where to start.  It does not help that even choosing the type of product you might want in general can be tough – do you want a “serum”, a “cream”, or a “moisturizer” for you own unique anti agin needs.  In some cases there is actually no difference between these products, and it is just whatever the marketing department thought would resonate with consumers that guided the name.  But sometimes there is a basic difference and that is what we cover here.

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Basically, the difference between these anti aging products may boil down to usage, consistency, and ingredients, as follows:

– Anti aging serums are often used once per day, can have thicker consistency, may use more expensive ingredients, and might be used only on a portion on your skin.  An anti aging serum is used very specifically for your rejuvenation needs and may have the constituency of a gel.  An anti aging serum may be specifically designed to address age spots, fine lines, or dull skin.

– Anti aging moisturizers are often designed to be used more liberally and have uses beyond just providing skin rejuvenation.  As the name suggests, these products bring daily moisture to the skin and may have other general benefits.  These products may be less expensive though you may go through them more quickly.

– Anti aging creams are somewhere is between the prior two products.  These creams may have very specific uses, such as tackling age spots or wrinkles, but they are often a bit general as well.  Creams are very popular for their combination of helpful anti aging ingredients and general use nutrients.

Your own anti aging needs – are you looking to reduce the look of dark spots, eliminate fine lines, address dark circles around you eyes, etc. – may guide your choice among these anti aging products.

When you are faced with many choices, these are two ways to compare anti aging products.

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