Cornflower Tea can be a very effective way to get the health benefits of Cyani.  Of course this flower is sold in many forms, most typically as whole leaves or a powder.  The former provides a great way to make cornflower tea of course.  Many people leave it up to a herbalist, at least a first, to take this natural supplement and make it into the most effective type of substance.   On this page we go over how to make cornflower tea (sometimes called blue cornflower tea) and what it can help with.

Cornflower Tea Benefits

Cornflower Tea can be made if you are looking for a home remedy that will protect you against infection, make you less susceptible to stress, or to improve your digestion – or all three!  In this case you will buy Cyani Cornflower flower as either leaves or a powder, and pour about a cup of boiling water over ½ teaspoon of Cyani Cornflower powder or leaves. This will make a cup of tea, which should be consumed 2 times each day.  It is perfectly okay to add a sweetener or flavoring like honey and/or lemon – while some home remedies are affected by these additions, this one is not.

How Does Cornflower Tea Work

Some natural herbal remedies work more like placebos than anything else, while others work only minimally or for a very short time.  If we thought this herbal medicine was in either of these categories we would not have started this website and put so much time into providing information and advice.  Yet we do admit that Cyani does not have a wealth of solid scientific studies about its mechanism of action (yet), so one might wonder why we are so confident that it works.  The answer is in the science behind the chemicals that make up the Cyani plant, the ones that would be active in Cornflower Tea, have in fact been proven to have positive effects.

 The major chemical in Cyani plant that are of course also active in cornflower tea is apigenin.  Apigenin is a known antioxidant which is part of  a larger group called “flavonoids”.  It is this chemical, plus some of the specific carbohydrates also found in these flowers that have been linked to the positive medicinal effects of Cornflower tea.

Why Apigenin or the carbohydrate structure work to cure what ails you is not as important as the fact that scientific research has shown that it does have that potential.  In other words, we are not just writing about an herbal medicine with some anecdotal evidence or the possibility that the effects are due to placebo or secondary effects of other ingredients in preparations.  In general we suggest that people only take herbal medicines that either have had very specific and well-done scientific research, or where there is a proven mechanism of action.  While the former is ideal, Cornflower Tea at least has the latter.

Blue Cornflower Tea Preparation

Of course you can also have a herbalist prepare Cyani Cornflower Tea for you, or you can by these types of preparations already made, but some people find that they enjoy preparing their own home remedies from scratch, and Cyani Cornflower Leaves provide an opportunity to do this.

Please feel free to share your own recipes for Cornflower Tea, or the ways that Cornflower Tea helped you.


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