Cyani Cornflower has a long history as an herbal medicine and natural cure.  It has not developed a widespread following so there has been little comprehensive scientific testing of its effects or effectiveness as a home remedy.  The following information is either anecdotal or from sources that have gathered information from those in the herbal field.  The fact that many independent sources have reported the same effects does make a compelling case for the power of this herbal remedy

Benefits of Cyani

The reported uses of Cyani Cornflower as a home remedy include:

– It has anti-inflammatory properties when taken internally, a use that has been reported for centuries.  Make sure with this or any home remedy that is an herbal that you get your preparation from a qualified herbalist so you have the right potency and dose

– It may relieve some kinds of itching when used topically, usually in the form of a paste.  This is another use of cornflower that has been passed along for years and is known to many hikers and campers.

– Cyani cornflower may reduce the pain and stiffness caused by rheumatoid arthritis since it is also know as an antirheumatic agent.  Of course you should not use CYani or any herbal for a serious medical condition without checking with your doctor.

– Cyani cornflower may help reduce bleeding of minor cuts and wounds since it is known as an astringent.  It should only be used on mild to moderate wounds, and not on any serious open cuts without medical supervision.

– This flower may be a home remedy for bloating and excess water retention.
This was a finding of some people who took it for other reasons and found this side effect to be true.

– Cornflower may work as a natural laxative for some people

– Of course the most well-known effect of Cyani cornflower is its effect on tired eyes including dark circles and “bags” under the eyes.

These are just some of the reported positive effects of the home remedy Cyani.  As with any natural approach, your results may differ, but each of the above was reported by multiple sources so this remedy is worth a try if you suffer from any of those ailments.

Preparing Cyani

Cyani Cornflower Powder, for use in reducing swelling around the eyes:

Cynai is one of the few herbal home remedies that can work both internally (as above) and externally, in this case to reduce swelling (“bags”) under the eyes.  To do this, take Cyani Cornflower leaves, the blue parts of the plant, and dry them out (not too much, just to the point where they can be crushed) and crush them into a powdery substance.  THis substance can either be put on the skin as is, or mixed with a small amount of water to make a paste.

Juice from the stem for treating cuts and wounds

One thing that many avid hikers know is that it is important to immediately treat cuts and wounds when hiking and when professional medical help may be miles and hours away.  Luckily in many parts of the world where hiking is popular, Cyani Cornflower can also be found.  And one of the easiest ways to use this plant as a natural home remedy is by extracting the juices from the stem and spreading them on the abrasion until medical assistance can be found.

General skin treatment using steam

Using a specially designed herbal pot where Cyani Cornflower leaves are boiled in water, a person can expose their facial skin to steam that can relax and rejuvenate.  This one takes practice and instruction from an herbalist so that you do not risk burning yourself when you first try.

Conclusion and Disclaimer about Cyani Cornflower:

We must again caution you to make sure you are getting your Cyani preparation from an experienced herbalist, and if you do decide to make preparations yourself, you should still make sure an herbalist guides you as far as the strength you use and how you prepare it.  Our overall suggestion is that you do not prepare cornflower at home for internal use – in that case buy it premade because it is harder to control the strength of the preparation when you are doing it yourself.

While some of the uses may be completely safe, especially the topical ones, when you have symptoms that cannot be easily explained you should always visit your doctor first to rule out more serious causes.  In addition, if you have other medical conditions and/or are taking medication for anything, your doctor should weigh in before you take this herbal medicine internally in case there might be an interaction effect.

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