There are many herbs for ED including yagara that are available today. We want to provide you the information and advice you need to decide whether yagara or any other one of the herbs for ED may be for you.  On this page we provide an overview to the benefits and side effects of various herbs for ED.

Herbs for ED benefits

Of course the major potential benefit to herbs for ED is a reduction in erectile dysfunction.  However, the benefits do not necessarily end there.  There are secondary effects that have been reported such as a reduction in anxiety and depression, an increase in libido, and a general increase in energy.  It is interesting to note that sometimes it is unclear whether these improvements are direct effects of the herbs for ED themselves, or whether perhaps their effect on ED makes people less anxious and depressed, and more excited.  Then again, for many people it doesn’t really matter what is a direct effect and what is indirect – they are happy with the effects no matter what!

Herbs for ED Side Effects

The question about side effects of herbs for ED like yagara is actually a complicated one.  Most people who take herbs for ED report no side effects, and in fact it is often a great solution for those who have had side effects to prescriptions for erectile dysfunction and potency.  Best of all, there are no reports that we could find of side effect profiles of yagara and other herbs for ED, but we should qualify by saying that it is not yet widely used in the western world.

One particular word of advice is that if you are taking other prescriptions you should always alter your medical practitioner before taking any herbal supplement, given that the med and the herbal could interact.  Even if you are not taking medications your practitioner should know the natural herbals you are considering – first because he or she might appreciate the effects of something like certain herbs for ED and recommend it to others, and second so that he or she can be aware of it should you call with complaints that may or may not be side effects of your herbs for ED.

As with any herbal remedy, do not hesitate to seek immediate attention for side effects that seem severe or do not seem to be going away.  We have not heard of or come across any reports of severe side effects of ED herbs like yagara, yet it is a powerful herbal remedy and the possibility cannot be ruled out.

Avoiding Side Effects from Herbs for ED

Most natural herbs for ED have a very low side effect profile if taken at the correct dose and if purchased by a reputable distributor.  You will likely not experience any problems, but there are still several factors you should keep in mind.

– If your erectile dysfunction is caused by a more serious medical condition, herbs for Ed are unlikely to help.  While they are not going to make things worse, the time that you spend using herbs for ED if you are also delaying getting checked out by a physician puts you at risk for worsening symptoms.  This is why we suggest that if you are suddenly experiencing erectile dysfunction and the cause is not yet determined and your doctor is unaware, you should have a physical before trying any herbal or alternative medicine.

– If you have other medical issues and especially if you are taking any prescription drugs you should check with your doctor to see whether a herb for ED such as yagara might interact with those medications.  Yagara is a strong herbal remedy and can have interaction effects with medications.

– Many risks associated with Ed herbs often have to do with the quality of the product you receive.  Be sure to order your herbal remedy from a trusted company with a strong reputation for safety and careful manufacturing and processing.  Look for a company that has been around for a while and has few or no complaints against it.

– Beware preparations of ED herbs that contain other ingredients.  While these other supplements may be known to also help with erectile dysfunction, they open the door to potential risks and side effects related to them.  The more active ingredients in any supplement, the more chances that you could experience a side effect and have no idea which ingredient caused it.

Watch the potency of the preparation you get.  Don’t judge anything by the size of the pill or even the recommendation from the manufacturer, but instead look to take the right dose based on the potency of the herb for ED you receive.  In most cases it is not a huge problem of you take a higher dose than you need, but if you are going to have side effects you increase the likelihood with higher doses.

– Make sure you are healthy enough for the activity you will now pursue.  Many people who take ED herbs as a cure for their erectile dysfunction have not pursued intimacy in some time because of the ED.  Hopefully by adding a natural supplement and cure you will be able to.  Make sure you are healthy enough to pursue that increase in activity.

– Side Effects of ED herbs may be different for different people.  The side effects you might experience when taking an ED herb may be quite unique to you.  Be careful not to ignore any change that might indicate a side effect.  We are purposely not being specific about the side effects of ED herbs here since they can be very different for different people.

These are just some of the benefits and side effects of herbs for ED.  Some ED herbs are potent and powerful and have the potential to cure your erectile dysfunction and potency issues.  However, they can have some drawbacks for some people.  Make sure you pay attention to any adverse effects, and keep assessing the cost-benefit of taking herbs for ED.

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