Jaiphal Uses Listing

Reported Jaiphal uses as a home remedy are frequently cited in the Ayervedic literature.  The following are some of the more popular known Jaiphal uses as a home remedy.  As much as this spice is known to have many positive effects on the flavor of food, it can also help with things that ail you.  This powerful Ayurvedic cure may help you naturally and effectively rid yourself the symptoms in the following section.

Jaiphal Uses Listing

For gas and general stomach problems:

Powdered jaiphal mixes into warm water can help with stomach problems including gas.  If you also have nausea you might mix in some ginger and or honey and take it that way.  The jaiphal mixture should work quickly.  Repeat once if necessary, but if that is not enough your symptoms may be a sign of something more complicated or serious.

For diarrhea:

A mixture of the powdered jaiphal with some sugar can be sprinkled on an apple to help with this digestive upset.  This home remedy may actually work more quickly than many over the counter remedies, so you should know fairly quickly if it is allowing you to skip the over-the-counter remedies.

Anxiety and Depression:

Nutmeg oil as an inhalant, often spread on the chest, has been said to reduce anxiety and depression.  You do not need a high dose of Jaiphal for this purpose, and you also may not need to go through this routine daily.  For some this home remedy becomes a jump-start to a better mood and can be stopped fairly quickly.

For eczema:

A paste made simply of jaiphal and water can be applied to the affected area for a natural cure of this skin disorder.  This approach is mild and does not cause any side effects, and you should know fairly quickly if this method will work for you.

For mild scars, including acne scars:

Jaiphal mixed with honey has been known to reduce the look of acne scarring when applied to the affected area on repeated occasions.  This also laso with scars from childhood dieases like chicken pox, and also with mild scarring due to injury.

Joint pain:

Making a powerful extract from jaiphal and applying it to the affected area can reduce pain and swelling due to arthritis.  This may be the best known and longest running use of jaiphal as a home remedy and natural cure, and some would say most effective and proven.

Headache and other pains

The above extract has also been said to reduce headaches and other body pains when applied to the area that hurts, using the same mechanism of action.  It will likely depend on the reason for the pain, but if it is inflammation related, this may work well.

For acne:

Instead of mixing the powdered jaiphal with water, mix it with milk to form a paste and apply it to the skin for a reduction in acne.  Of course this is certainly cheaper than many of the over-the-counter preparations for this skin problem.

Jaiphal Uses Guide

It goes without saying that you should always check with your doctor before trying any of these Jaiphal uses if you have symptoms that are severe, do not get better, or you’ve never had before.  But assuming none of that is the case, how long should you use Jaiphal as a home remedy before stopping or at least taking a break.  The answer is complicated and has more to do with what you are using it for than anything else.  Here is a general rule, however: If you are taking nutmeg as a home remedy internally in amounts greater than what you’d naturally put in food, you should take a break here and there.  You do not want to rely on Japiphal uses that are internal for too long, and anything you are taking it for this way should get better over time or you need to have it assessed further.  But if you are using Jaiphal topically then it may be okay to keep using it day after day, just like you would use a skin cream daily or other topical medicine.

All of the above is quite general advice and the truth is that there are exceptions – there are certainly some internal ailments that can be controlled over longer periods of time with Jaiphal, and there are external issues that should be checked out if they worsen or do not respond to Jaiphal uses as a home remedy.  For example, bad breath can often be helped with nutmeg and so it’s okay to take a small amount of this home remedy for use a breath remedy whenever needed as long as you do not take too much.  And on the other hand, skin problems that seem to be worsening or are more than what is normal to begin with should not be treated with Jaiphal for too long, if at all, before they are checked out medically.

These are just some of the more popular known Jaiphal uses and it not a comprehensive listing. We welcome comments from those of you who have used nutmeg for another purpose or have tried any of the above.  Since our aim is to be fully honest and unbiased, we will publish your comment whether you had success or not.  The important thing is to let people know what actually works!

Be careful with those remedies that require ingestion of Jaiphal since there can be serious side effects if you take too much.  Also, if your medical problem is severe or does not resolve easily, make sure you are also checking in with your regular doctor.  Sometimes a symptom that seems relatively benign can be the sign of something more serious.

Jaiphal Use: A Well Rounded Approach

Above we covered many aspects of Jaiphal uses as a home remedy and natural cure for a wide variety of ailments and conditions. We’ve also touched on how jaiphal can be helpful to ward off some issues and generally promote good health. So is there an overall approach to using this powerful and effective tonic in your daily life? The answer is yes.

Jaiphal is easy to get, and we suggest you get as natural, fresh, and pure form as you can, preferably crushing he nutmeg seed yourself. Then we suggest you generally use his herb more frequently than you do now, putting it in more recipes and sprinkling it on more foods. You may even have to change what you eat for our major meals to include nutmeg. Searching for recipes that use jaiphal is not hard, just search for nutmeg + recipe on your search engine.

In addition to adding Jaiphal to your daily food intake, you might want to supplement with this powerful herbal remedy in the form of capsules, tea, or melt in your mouth tabs. This may not be necessary if you are merely looking for health benefits, but may be needed if you are looking to this natural and effective cure for a specific condition such as those we cover here.

Finally, you may want to look into related herbals that can augment the jaiphal uses as a home remedy. We think that nutmeg is powerful and effective, but that does not rule out looking for other natural cures that might help boost its power. Conversely, watch for foods and home remedies that might interesting with jaiphal, such as very high fiber meals that may rob you of its full benefits at least to a small degree.

A well-rounded approach can truly pay off and become part of your daily routine allowing you to benefit from many Jaiphal uses.

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    I am 78 years old and a diabetes taking insulin to keep my blood sugar level under control.

    Having insomnia for the past year and cannot sleep at night. Getting up in between for passing urine.

    Checked your website and it is mentioned that Jaiphal can be taken with honey to overcome insomnia.

    Can I take Jaiphal with honey is it safe for me, since I am a diabetic.

    Waiting for response

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