Natural herbs for erections have been around for centuries.  These so-called erection supplements predated all of the prescription remedies you’ve likely heard of.  For many people, Cnidium is the only erection supplement they need. Whether for erectile dysfunction, skin rashes, or am energy boost, Cnidium Monnieri does the trick.  But for others Cnidium either does not work well enough, side effects of Cnidium occur, or this natural herb for erections does not work at all. You may very likely be lucky enough to not fall into one of those categories, and in that case you may be at this page out of curiosity rather than need, but if you pressed this tab because you need an alternative, we have some ideas for you as far as the best supplements for erections.

Before Trying Other Natural Herbs for Erections

We hope that before you go with an alternative natural supplement for erection support you have given Cnidium time to work, looked at changing the time of day you take it, or raised the dose if you started low.  Then again, if you are turning toward another home remedy for erectile dysfunction of any one of the other problems that Cnidium Monnieri cures because of side effects and not ineffectiveness, you may not want to experiment with it any longer.

Natural Erection Supplements

The following are four natural herbs for erections that each work in a different way.  You should only try one erection herbal remedy at a time to see if that approach works.  Beware of combination formulas because you will not know exactly what is doing the trick.

Yagara: Direct Natural Erection Supplement

We start with Yagara, a natural herbal remedy that like Cnidium Monnieri helps treat erectile dysfunction and low intimate drive in men, and low intimate drive in women. Yagara is available from many online distributors and since it has a completely different mechanism of action than Cnidium and a different side effect profile, it may be a powerful alternative. Yagara can also be used to boost Cnidium.  This particular herbal remedy, like Cnidium, is natural, has been used for centuries, and is considered safe.  Like any other herbal remedy, however, you do need to watch for side effects and concern yourself with potential interaction effects as well.  Yagara may be the best, or at least the first, alternative if your primary concern is erectile dysfunction.

Jaiphal: Indirect Natural Erection Remedy

Another powerful herbal remedy that can augment your Cnidium regimen or replace it for some issues is Jaiphal. More commonly known as nutmeg, Jaiphal works on symptoms such as skin problems and stress that Cnidium works on, but as with Jaiphal it does so with a different mechanism of action and with different side effects. So if you have a sensitivity to Cnidium and those are your symptoms, you may get some relief from Jaiphal whether you take it internally to lower your stress or externally for skin issues.  And of course, as we stated above, even when you are using a home remedy like this topically, you still need to watch for side effects and even interaction effects with other medications and home remedies.

Catuba: Natural Erection Herbal Cousin of Cnidium

Catuba, usually sold in the form of Catuba Bark, is a close cousin of Cnidium as far as what it is used for and reported to help with.  Some who do not find the results they are looking for might turn to Catuba Bark Extract for the same symptoms.  Catuba Extract, again like Cnidium, has its benefits but also potential side effects, so we go over all of that, and also cover dosage and related information here.  The benefits of Catuba have actually been studied empirically, so unlike some other herbal remedies these positives have actually been tested under controlled situations.

Catuba Benefits as a natural herb for erections

The benefits of Catuba include:

  • Heightening intimate arousal (unclear from the literature whether this is true for men and women or just men)
  • Helping reduce the symptoms of ED and other performance problems in men.
  • Reducing anxiety and stress – with some reports that it might reduce blood pressure
  • Catuba Extract may also help with insomnia
  • Some have reported a positive effect on memory, especially short-term memory

 Catuba side effects and cautions

There are potential side effects of Catuba and this is why you should make sure your doctor knows that you are considering this herbal remedy.  This is particularly true if you have other medical conditions or are taking any prescriptions, given that your Catuba side effects in those cases may include interaction effects of different kinds.

Catuba dosage as an erection supplement

We hesitate to mention the optimal Catuba dosage since it could vary from person to person.  In addition, many people will skip to a higher Catuba bark dosage than they actually need if we publish an average.  In other words, some people may get the positive effects they are looking for with a small Catuba dosage, and in doing so save money and reduce the chances of side effects in the process.

These are just three possibilities if you need something to replace Cnidium Monnieri due to side effects, interaction effects, or a lack of effectiveness.  They may even be supplements that can be taken along with Cnidium.  But no matter what, all of the disclaimers and warnings we state here still stand – most importantly checking with your doctor before introducing a powerful herbal remedy into your daily routine.

Taking Erection Supplements

First we want to offer some advice about potentially taking any of these herbs for erections:

  1. If possible, do not take both Cnidium and one of these top male enhancement supplements at the same time from the beginning.  While you may get the performance results you are looking for you will not know exactly which one worked.  And should you experience side effects you will not know which of the male performance supplements caused them.
  2. Start with the lowest dose.  It may be tempting to start with the very highest dose but this will give you a higher chance for side effects and it could also lead to a higher expense over time when you might have had the same effects from a lower dose.
  3. Note when you take any of these male enhancement pills.  For some, taking them right before certain activities is the best method, while for others taking them in the morning or early afternoon gives them a chance to be metabolized.  Side effects may also guide this decision – if you get insomnia from your male performance supplement you may want to switch to morning, for example.

Other Natural Herbs for Erections

We could not possibly list all of the best supplements for erections above.  There are many more, highlighted by the following:

  • Muira puama
  • Tribulus
  • Terrestris
  • Rhodiola rosea
  • Tongkat ali

As we get more information about any of these natural herbs for erections we will add it in this section.  Please let us know how you did with erection supplements you’ve tried.

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